9 March 2019
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On a Knife's Edge

Youth workers, youth clubs, youth services, mentors, school involvement,
expanding their experiences, police interaction with the community, community
a plan you idiots! But lest we forget, utter under-funding!

The country’s councils have been forced by the Tories to sell off – well –
everything: libraries, community centres, playgrounds, ad inf, cuts in education,
benefits and social housing. Anything else? Glasgow had a major problem, but
god forbid anyone in the government would investigate that. Clue: it’s their Public
Health Approach. Gavin Williamson has reassured us that
The Armed Forces
are at the ready
to deal with 11 year-olds. Oh we are so relieved aren’t we?

Christine Goodall, who co-founded Medics against Violence in Scotland: “You
can arrest as many people as you like. You can search as many people as you
like. You can throw away the key if you want to. It just won’t solve the problem.”
Collective “duh” here. Glasgow was once the knife crime capital of Britain.

Accused of “grandstanding”, no really, Sajid Javid, current Home Secretary,
instructed people to lock up their bread knives to thwart the epidemic. “Only take
them out when you have the bread on the bread board and then use a lock to
keep them locked up immediately. I am so clever. I deserve to be the next PM.”
OK not really. He didn’t say that, but PM? Ha.

“Bone-headed thugs”!!!??? Oh Boris! Really? Kids carrying knives are “Bone-
headed thugs”!!!??? Perhaps time to get out that Latin phrase book again, Boris.
Only an idiot – ‘fatuo’ - would say anything that idiotic. Fatuo. Sounds just

And Philip Hammond? Well, he said police must use money and officers from
other parts of their forces to deal with the problem. Earlier, he told LBC: "If your
house is on fire, you stop painting it and you go and get a bucket and start
pouring water on the fire." Did you write that down?

Stop and search – take the knife away and simply get another one. Pointless
police? Right, Theresa. There is “no direct correlation between certain crimes
and police numbers”. More shared moments in
Theresa’s fantasy world.

On BBC Newsnight the former chief crown prosecutor for the north west of
England, Nazir Afzal, having had direct experience losing a family member lost
to knife crime recently: “I’m aghast at what the prime minister had to say about
police numbers today, that there is no correlation between police numbers and
the amount of crime. Of course there is, otherwise
why would you have police at
When you reduce police numbers by 21,000, you don’t have the intelligence
anymore, you don’t have the neighbourhood policing anymore. People don’t
know where to go.” Oh here’s Theresa, repeating it again and again and again:
There is “no direct correlation”. Nothing new there.

Pupils are being taught in school
how to treat the stab wounds of their friends.
Evidently under the Street Doctors scheme, children in areas where knife crime
is common are learning how to stem bleeding and deliver first aid. It operates in
16 cities.

The Little Woman

Friday was International Women’s Day…Wednesday was Woman’s Pay Day
the day when women can finally put cash in their pockets (if they had pockets)
after working for free the last two months.

The theme of this year is: "a balanced world is a better world". And the good
news? OK. Joking.
Britain is one of the worst: gender pay gap not to be equal
for another 60 years – if then of course. Doubt it. Oh the usual: women in low
part-time work, less chance of progression, discrimination against women. Fact:
when women have power within a company, it is more successful. End of.

And the rest of the world. Dire. No toilets lead to inevitable (group) rape, then
there is the inhuman insanity of FGM, women/female children paid nearly non-
existent wages, ad inf. Ready? 603 million women live where domestic violence
against them is not a crime. 1-3 women will experience physical and/or sexual
violence in their life time. 2.7 billion women are restricted legally from having the
same jobs as men.

Oh let’s not stop there. Drug trials, medicines, mobiles, 13% of non-human
characters on children’s telly are female, seat belts – huh? Even seat belts?
Yesss. 47% of women are more likely to be seriously injured in a car crash as a
result. And Google’s voice recognition? Oh yes! Oh no!
Their software voice
recognition is 70%!!!
more to recognise a male voice rather than a female voice.
Jaw dropping? I could go on and on and on and on – bored yet? – and on and
on –since every aspect of life is male dominated from animal testing to female
menial drudgery. It’s clearly ‘a man’s world’ and made for them alone. Lovely.

Around the world, increasingly coordinated alliances of conservative,
fundamentalist and far right groups are working to block and/or roll back
progress on sexual and reproductive rights.

Since men run/rule the world – and are
still making a right mess of it – they need
to grow up and become proper feminists - humanists really by seeing women as
human, equal. Seriously. More than half the population – is true insanity. Oh and
yes. Those men wouldn’t exist without women…”Hi Mum”, but with advancements
in society, women don’t need men. Oh oops.
Celebrating Suffrage? More

On March 8 in Turkey, police opened fire on thousands of women marching
peacefully in the centre of Istanbul. Police fired rubber bullets, used tear gas
and pepper spray on the crowds. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose….

Going Green

“You kids save the environment, I certainly don’t have to. Ha.” Hypocritical
Indeed. But he’s a prince. He doesn’t have to deal with our reality. Thick
Harry? Indeed. The Sun happily reviews all his – erm – mishaps. OK. Utter
stupidity. Utter disregard.

This time he and MM had his staff hire a private helicopter just two days before
he told kids to take action on climate change as you do. They flew from London
to Birmingham to carry out two engagements on Monday.

Wednesday at Wembley Arena “he leapt on the stage at a ‘star-studded’ event
rather like a rock star” - urging 12,000 screaming school children to
“wake up
and act”
on the damaging impact our ways of living are having on the world”,
saying that climate change was an “humanitarian issue” and urging them to act
on our “damaging ways of living”. His green visit added up to three hours.

“I’ve gotta fly…see ya.” All right, he didn’t say the last but he could have.

Hmm. Now if Harry had made his trip by train it would have taken him 80
minutes from London Euston to Birmingham New Street. The service runs every
10-20 minutes and a first-class advance ticket is £34. Meanwhile helicopters
take 45 minutes and cost around £6,000. £34 - £6,000.

“Well, plebs. It wasn’t a private jet now was it? Get a life, while you can. The little
wife and I have.” Research by Eurostar shows going by rail reduces each
passenger’s carbon footprint by at least 90 per cent compared with flying.

Harry went on. Prepare for gag reflex. “Climate change is a humanitarian issue
and one where we’ve been far too slow in waking up to the issues and acting on
the damaging impact our ways of living are having on the world.

“We now have the facts, the science, the technology and the ability to save not
just our planet, but ourselves. Our world’s greatest assets are threatened every
day . . . every forest, every river, every ocean, every coastline, every insect,
every wild animal.
Every blade of grass, every ray of sun is crucial to our
survival.” Warned you.

We don’t really have to mention the vulgar, gauche, desperate display of MM’s
baby shower do we? Of course we don’t. But the lack of class, taste, humility
lingers in the air like the jet fumes doesn’t it?

Harry and MM were due to use a chopper to get to Bristol last month but snow
forced them to get the train. Ah. What a shame. They actually travelled by –
gasp! Train!

Quit While Ahead

Oh not another one! Not another member of MM’s staff quitting!? Not another
"right-hand woman".

Amy Pickerill
had been handpicked to be MM’s assistant private secretary last
year. She also accompanied her at official engagements and big events.

A royal source said: "Amy is leaving. It's very sad for her colleagues, as she is a
really popular member of staff." Hmm. Before joining Meghan's team, she
worked for Wills and Ex-Waity as their senior communications officer. Clearly
experienced in the ways of the royals.

Ms Pickerill is the third member of MM's close team to step down from their roles
in the past few months, “leading to many rumours that the mum-to-be is
to work for”
. No. Really!

And we do recall that last month as patron of Smart Works - a charity which
uses donated clothes to help vulnerable and long-term unemployed women find
jobs - MM wore an outfit fit for a royal that cost £5,600. Sensitive.

Down for the Count

More Theresa. I know. Glazing over. Clearly Theresa thinks we can’t count.
Seven years!!???

But she can talk – endlessly: “For too long in our country prosperity has been
unfairly spread”. Labour was saying this was a bribe to get MPs in northern and
midlands areas to back her Brexit deal. Really? Shameless manipulation? Never.

So let’s do the maths, eh Theresa? Evidently the EU spends £4bn every year in
the UK in deprived areas and on projects
the government won’t fund. They would
have spent £28bn by the time the Tories have spent £1.6bn. Not so hard, was it,

A word: watch your back, Theresa. Boris has gone ‘look at me’ with his
leadership haircut. Oh dear me.

Made of Money

Annoyed? Outraged? Surely not. But this could make you livid if you so choose.

The vast swathes of land in England and Wales are controlled by British
The same billionaires living in tax havens are revealed by The Times
tax investigation.

Remind me again. More than 8,000 plots, 120,000 acres visited very
occasionally or even lived in that also include ports and airports, Premier
League football stadiums and London landmarks.

Nearly a third of the 93 British billionaires have moved to tax havens. There are
now 6,800 Britons controlling 12,000 UK companies from low-tax jurisdictions.
They and their UK companies have made political donations worth £5.5 million
since 2009. Not quite enough? Naturally honours or titles have been granted with
at least one viscount, one baron, six knights and one dame among the
billionaires. All right for some… those greedy gits.
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