2 February 2019
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We're Watching You

Just when you thought it couldn’t get more insane, voters have been sent Ukip
branded leaflets that label supporters of Theresa’s Brexit deal as ‘national
traitors’. I know, not those Ukip certifiable idiots again.

Any ‘traitors’ in Chichester were targeted. The leaflets describe people
supporting Theresa’s agreement as a “state enemy”. Not fascistic enough? They
inform voters “
WE’RE WATCHING YOU!” YES! Written in purple capital letters.
No. Really.

Why Chichester? Ukip came fifth in the Chichester constituency at the 2017
general election, winning 2.8 percent of the vote.

Other than threats, the flyer states that the UK’s law, security and trade would all
be “destroyed” by the deal. And what planet are they on exactly? At the bottom it
says: “We would classify anyone prepared to vote for this agreement as a
national traitor, or state enemy – and we’re watching you.” Clearly shared
collective brain disorder.

Well, we are watching them and they could be accused of breaking public order
laws for being threatening, abusive or insulting.

Look away now. Ukip head office has denied the leaflet was sanctioned. Oh right.

Idiots Unite

Not finished with those idiots. Sorry. UKIP leader Gerard Batten has proved it
once again. He has petitioned the Queen to
suspend the parliament until after
Brexit day on March 29, because MPs are “using the current session to attempt
to delay or stop Brexit entirely.”

"It is evident that these same members of parliament are attempting by all and
any means to thwart this result. They are accordingly in breach of their pledges
to you and us, your citizens.”

Best when Batten argued “the House of Commons’ ratification of the Maastricht
Treaty in 1992 was “treasonous.”

Oh goodness me. Not the prospect of - The Tower? Enemies, traitors, treachery,
treason. “
Get me the Queen. Tell her Ukip is calling with evidence of high

Hmm. Surely we remember when he appointed fanatical far-right racist activist
Tommy Robinson as an adviser.

No word from the Queen so far….surely she is being prepared to go into hiding
when we do no-deal Brexit. All those forecast riots. Evacuation plans.
Ohforgodssake! They live in fortified castle/palaces if Whitehall hasn’t noticed,
but the royals will be sent to ‘safe houses’.

Life of the Party

And Nige? Farage’s new party, called The Brexit Party, so clever that, has
received pledges of support worth £1m with more than 200 potential candidates
on standby for elections. No. Really.

Catherine Blaiklock, a former City trader and former Ukip activist told the Daily
Telegraph: “an amazing number of people who have never been in the political
process including QCs, directors, business people, all sorts of highly
professional people had come forward.”

“If we did go for the European Parliament elections and we would be looking for
70 candidates, I think we would triple that already.” And - the new party could
also put up candidates against the Conservative in a general election if Britain
has a “soft Brexit”. Doesn’t bear contemplating does it?

Nige: “Now we are putting them on notice that if Brexit doesn’t happen on 29
March we are not prepared to stand by and do nothing.”  Oh not riots, Nige! You
leading the pack surely.

Men for All Men

Icons of the 20th century? The BBC Icons series asked viewers to choose
inspirational characters in a variety of fields. Why now? Who knows. However
we have been given the chance to choose from several categories before the
final vote for the final icon.

Sports, scientists, activists, arts & writers (huh? art plus writers?), leaders,
entertainers, explorers. And the contenders for the final prize? Picasso,
Mandela, Shackleton, Turin, Bowie, Martin Luther King and of course
Muhammad Ali.

Notice anything blatantly obvious? No winning women. That 51% of the
population? It passes all belief really. But surely we should be so grateful to the
BBC for adding twelve women in the list of 28. Fantastic!

Women included were Helen Keller, Marie Curie, Margaret Thatcher (really?),
Emmeline Pankhurst, Jane Goodall, Virginia Woolf, Billy Jean King, Billy
Holiday and oh dear – really? Marilyn Monroe. These were selected by ‘a panel
of experts who presented the series. Hmm. ‘
Experts’? In what exactly? And the
gender voting? No hint of that either.

We were treated to the Icons episodes to familiarise ourselves with the cast.
Perhaps using model Lily Cole to argue for the artists & writers was – erm –
misguided having seen her talk about art previously; result, ludicrous.

Cole tried to convince with: “Pablo Picasso was a pioneer of modern art.
(Nooooo!!! Really???). He wasn’t afraid to use his status to shout loudly about
the horror of war (Guernica, and?), and his iconic work is as relevant today as it
was then.”
Um. Not quite. And assuming she wrote the copy herself.

The winner will be revealed at the end of the BBC2 final after a further public
vote. Have women been given the vote then?

Your Secret is Safe

They’re here again. Again? Not quite. Just adding to. Not referencing all the
mind-numbing ways the US has infiltrated the UK via privatisations, oh and of
course the fast food infiltration, but of course by stealth.

But before we poison ourselves with toxicity, a reminder of
what the hell they are
doing here
. Clue: £200 billion of London projects. Come on now. £200 billion in
London alone. The joke that is Crossrail, High Speed Two, new Thames Barrier,
the Lower Thames Crossing, the super sewer, Palace of Westminster
restoration and lest we forget Heathrow’s new runway plans, Gatwick’s
investment projects…enough yet? And 69 other London projects. Annnnd…more
US firms are coming to rip off Britain, as they do with gleeful gratification. You
know they bid low and then up the costs. Ah, the sycophantic ‘poodle-effect’. “All
are welcome to rip us off. We love the attention.”

How did we get here? The scoring necessary to acquire these was rigged
against UK firms. All brought to you with massive over-budgets by a Dallas-
based company who have been here since their involvement in the 2012

Now let’s eat. US lobbies set out their demands for trade deal with post-Brexit UK:
* hormones in beef
* GMOs in agriculture
* US not EU pharma standards
* lower tariffs
* no digital tax
* free to do its own trade deals

Let’s not forget the chickens and the inhumane and shocking way they are
‘raised’. If you endorse the idea of animal suffering, just pop into KFC or
McDonalds and indulge..

Bog Standard

Lowered standards when we leave the EU? Of course they will Transparency
International UK warns. We’re slipping. Oh in so many ways, but focusing on
corruption, the UK has slipped three places and is now out of the top ten. And
this is the first time. I know you are surprised at that considering all the Tory

180 countries are on the list. The US fell six places to 22nd on the Corruption
Perceptions Index, the UK to 11th. Surely you want to know who’s on top.
Denmark followed by New Zealand and ending with Somalia.

OK OK. Who is ahead of us? Singapore, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland,
Norway, the Netherlands, Canada, Luxembourg and Germany. So proud.
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