20 November 2011
I'll Be Watching You

Clearly the entire country have entered a somnambulist state. Is it in the over-
priced water, the effect of secret Monsanto GM crops, a Derren Brown massive
stage stunt, a prank? Shouldn’t someone wake up the peasants soon? Doesn’t
anybody read history anymore? Fascism...sound familiar?

Perhaps this fashion trend should have been a warning. Men have sent all their
lovely even gorgeous plaid, stripey, colourful shirts to the charity shops and
have replaced them with white. White shirts. All the men-in-suits are wearing
white shirts. How did this happen? It’s uniform. It’s a uniform. Is it in the
collective unconscious to surrender to authority or it is that the authority is the

Women looking so, so silly teetering in agony on those so, so silly homage to
Lady Gaga 8” platform heels, while men in power are quietly, subversively

Call the fashion police: “Insubordinate! We’ve got an insubordinate here. A pink
shirt. Take him away. Get him a white shirt.”  “But I thought we were the new
Blackshirts.” “We are. White is the new black!”

But back to the subject at hand, ignoring the push for no smoking in your own
car or in your own house, the US taking over security at the Olympics with 500
FBI plus at least another 500 armed agents to protect their own, we’ve accepted
that every step we take, every move we make, they’ll be watching us...on CCTV
and now they’ll be listening. They mean to trade lip-reading for the more
efficient audio tapes. Oxford City Council wants you to get in a taxi and reveal
all – verbally that is. All those evil bomb plots and suicide plans you have been
devising. ‘Public safety’ you know. In

CCTV and public safety? Not working. 3% improvement in public spaces,
£20,000 spent on equipment for every crime it has aided in solving. Next will
each public toilet, bus stop, tube platform, your own kitchen – bedroom be
wired for private conversation? Probably.

Adding insult to injury, cabbies are demanding a 20% fare rise to celebrate the
Paralympics and the Olympics. Half of London’s 25,000 cabbies will be on
holiday, pulling a sickie, hiding, pouting because Transport for London have
denied them access to priority ‘zil’ lanes – which originated in Communist
Moscow with more than 250 miles reserved for VIPs travelling in their ‘zil’ limos.

But no worries. If you’ve become paranoid with constant surveillance of your
every move and conversation, you’ll choose to be home watching the games
from your comfy sofa as CCTV watches you to avoid being obliterated by
ground to air missiles, 5000 extra soldiers, 21,000 security guards, snipers on
military helicopters who can kill from over a mile away at 2,800 feet per second.
US cold war ‘duck and cover’ suggestion will be pointless as snipers’ rifles are
powerful enough to destroy engine blocks and go through concrete from a long
range. Yikes.

Positively no protesting...any place, any time. They know where you live. They
know what you are saying. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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