6 June 2012

What the fuck was BBC doing? The sound mix was unbalanced, poor quality
sound - totally, totally amateurish. Ok, most of the singers couldn't sing. Off
pitch, rubbish tone - wince-making - the drummers missed beats, the piano was
tinny and poorly miked -  but FGS the lack of technical expertise was so bloody
outrageous. Every aspect was so unprofessional. Who is responsible exactly?
And - what was that camera work - utter crap. Unexciting acts - so pathetic that
Grace Jones was a relief. Unfunny comedians; when Lee Mack isn't funny,
things are seriously wrong. At least Stevie Wonder brought his own musicians.
The visuals for Madness' Our House were worth sitting through the tedium - so
beyond brilliant, but then no one does visuals and lighting and pyrotechnics
better.  Constantly experimenting with the sound
while musicians were
performing - not a good move.   Did someone lose the instructions? Oh.

Now I understand; it was a comedy routine. Peter Kay was very funny. Watch
Sky next Jubilee - and that isn't easy to suggest - I switched over too late. After
yesterday's pathetic coverage of the Thames event. Stephen Fry led the
criticism on Twitter, accusing the BBC of putting out the most 'mind-numbingly
tedious programme in its history' as the Corporation faced a backlash from
viewers. Those responsible must be hiding somewhere in Manchester - another
stupid decision. I want my licence fee refunded before they make a total mess
of the Olympics. I dread to even imagine.
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