22 July 2017
Twisting the Knife

The Mirror reports that one Tory minister is convinced all the back stabbing of
Chancellor, Philip “even a woman can do it” Hammond is being done by Boris
and Michael Gove.

“They are so obsessed with a hard Brexit that they’re prepared to run the
economy off a cliff - and they don’t like the fact that Philip is pointing out that we
will deservedly lose the next election if we do that. They are dangerous and
deranged,” the minister said. Not exactly subtle.

The boys accuse Phil of attempting to thwart their personal Brexit. Well, Phil
backed Remain. That may be the only positive thing to say about him.

Surely you already know that PH claimed the public sector staff, including
hospital cleaners, nurses, teachers and 999 crews are paid too much, despite
his cap of 1 per cent on wage rises. Public sector workers have had frozen
wages for the past seven years. Phil declared “there isn’t a free lunch”. Except
for him surely.

Suggestion Phil: shut up. Not the only one with that suggestion. Former Tory
leader Iain Duncan Smith told Cabinet members engaged in such behaviour to
“just for once shut up for God’s sake” as there is “no mood” among backbench
Tories for a leadership contest.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: “He is living on a different planet.”
His planet has two homes he doesn’t pay for. A grace and favour house at 11
Downing Street, another grace and favour house the gorgeous Dorneywood in
the Buckinghamshire countryside, plus a luxury house in Belgravia he is making
£2,500 per week on, bought in 2007 for £1.07m now worth up to £6.7million.
That adds up to three. He has the potential to blind us with noughts when the
land he owns is sold via developer Martin Grant Holdings, a deal he has made –
erm– ‘privately’. PH is worth more than £8m. And his salary? Phil earns £67,505
as Chancellor on top of his MP salary of £74,000.

Ha Ha Ha

Amusing? Ha. Funny? Ha.  Comical? Ha. National Interest? Hahahahaha. The
Prime Minister told the MPs to “go away and have a proper break and come
back ready for serious business.” Does she expect elaborate plans for Brexit
from their happy holidays? Ha. Of course not. What’s a plan?

At the end of the second week of talks, Britons living in the European Union may
lose their right to move to other EU member states post-Brexit as well as
European Health Insurance which allows Brits to free or low-cost European
health care. Are we having fun yet?  

Leave an Impression

Oh look there’s David Davis in Brussels. Oh look, there’s David Davis leaving
Brussels. Oh. Sorry. You missed him. Who knew he could move about so
quickly? Here one minute, gone the next, after the photos with EU chief
negotiator Michel Barnier.  The Eurostar paused in the station?

DD sat at the Brussels’ table with ever so casual body language. With two other
clever Brexit negotiators. Everybody in relaxed mode. Oh it’s just the total end of
Britain as we know it. Centre of culture, science, finance, innovation, idiocy.
Quell problem?

And opposite? The European negotiators. Everybody sitting properly and clearly
ready for talks. Why they even came prepared, with stacks of documents. And
the boys’ briefing papers? Oops. Don’t have any.

“We’re certain to win if we don’t reveal our plans. Do we have any?
Theresa…Theresa…are there any plans? Any? Oh.”

Davey sat with that ridiculous smug smile on his pudding face for less than an
hour. They blinked and he was gone after announcing his commitment to making
“good progress”. Oh right. To the Eurostar.

We all surely know about Davey being called “thick as mince, lazy as a toad and
vain as Narcissus”. What does Cummings really think of him? And how much
did we like that? Lots. This according to Dominic Cummings who directed the
Vote Leave campaign and was special adviser to another favourite, Michael
Gove. Cummings revealed that Davey “spent the campaign boozing with Nigel
predicting defeat and briefing [against] Vote Leave.” He added no one in the
government has a clue about the implications of Clause 9 of the EU (withdrawal)
Bill. Really. This is not a comedy. But it isn’t it?

And it is “a disgrace” and “farcical” according to German politicians who had
“deep concerns” over the total ineptitude and casual attitude of the boys in
Brussels. Oh right. They left.

Thursday, Liam Fox said striking a trade deal with the EU should be "one of the
easiest in human history." You could for just a minute think the man is: thick,
manipulative, a liar, demented. Or all. Seriously. This is serious.

How many women on the EU negotiating nine-member team? Your guess. One.
One single woman as a token. 56 female Labour MPs signed a letter requesting
Theresa to review the typical gender imbalance. Hahahaha. Oh right.

Pay Up

And now everyone has appeared from under a rock to go onandon about the
obvious BBC male preference for big male salaries. Our BBC? The one we pay
for? That one? Lying about salaries?  No. 81 BBC sub-standard women have
complained en masse demanding equal pay.

One question: should Letitia Dean – Sharon on EastEnders - be paid possibly
£199,999 – or get paid at all? Or the writers really? The acting has become so
appalling, the plots so pathetic we should be paid to watch it. It’s all about false-
hope. Be resigned; it isn’t ever going to get better is it? The trick of bringing
every actor back from the dead is – embarrassing. We know what you are doing
and it is dire.

But I digress. It will be interesting to see how long it takes the patriarchal BBC to
actual pay proper salaries. Hmmm. I wonder where all the extra money to pay
those under-paid women will come from. Hmmm.

Better Safe Than Sorry

“We’re sorry, so sorry, truly sorry” that we lost money. “Stop the boycott. We
give in.” The controversy in regards to the morning-after pill sold at US owned
Boots has revealed their demeaning, infantilising attitude towards women– or
their possible religious ‘persuasion'.

Boots charges £28.25 for Levonelle emergency contraceptive and £26.75 for its
own version, Tesco charges £13.50 for the same and Superdrug £13.49 for a
generic product. The BPAS said Boot’s decision was "patronising and insulting".
The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) launched the campaign calling
on Boots to reduce the price which can cost up to five times more in the UK than
other parts of Europe. And why is that exactly?

Boots said its price tag was based on the cost of the medicine and the
consultation the pharmacists carries out with women, but it is “committed” to
finding less expensive versions of the tablet. So women are charged for
consultations by stealth. “Take one at night and one in the morning” I’m thinking.
That will be an additional £15.

US has abortion availability so limited it is possible in only a few of the 50 states
and god only knows and lest we forget, with the mention of God - creationism is
taught in schools. Surely not part of the decision to make possible foetal life
unquestionable by the owner Walgreens?  Just saying.

Boots say they receive "frequent" complaints from people who "voice their
disapproval" that the company sells the morning-after pill at all Really? Well, how
many is ‘frequent’ then? Two every nine months – sorry. So how many morning-
after pills have been sold in comparison to those ‘frequent’ complaints?  
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