10 August 2019
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Too Sad for Words

Ohhhh nooooo. Mikey is sad. Mr no-deal Brexit who is in charge of no-deal
preparations, has said he was “
deeply saddened” by the EU position, which was
“not in Europe’s interests”.

"We stand ready to engage, to negotiate in good faith... it's the EU that seems to
be saying they're not interested". Mikey calls the EU's approach to Brexit talks
wrong and sad". Ohhhhh nooooo. It’s all their fault.

And in Brussels? The European Commission insisted it was open to talks but
made clear Theresa’s Brexit agreement was “the best possible deal” Britain was
going to get. Get it Mikey? How many times do they have to say this, eh Mikey?
And the Irish premier? Leo Varadkar, insists that the Withdrawal Agreement –
including the Northern Ireland backstop –
could not be re-opened, again. How
many times does he have to say this, eh Mikey? However, speaking on a visit to
Northern Ireland, Varadkar re-iterated his invitation to Boris to go to Dublin for
talks on the basis of “no pre-conditions”.

And the latest exchanges? EU officials had concluded that Boris’ government
had no intention of negotiating and that its “central scenario” was a no-deal
break on October 31. David Frost, Al’s top Europe adviser, was sent to Brussels
to deliver the message that the UK will be leaving on October 31 “
whatever the
”. Aughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Spitting Image

Sky News asked Dominic Cummings about his reported arrogance. DC’’s
response: “I don’t think I’m arrogant.
I don’t know very much.” Indeed. But we
do know Cummings’ father-in-law is Sir Humphry Wakefield, whose extended
family includes the 1st Viscount De L’Isle, the 1st Baron Howick of Glendale or
the 5th Earl Grey whose ancestral home is Chillingham Castle. Arrogant? Oh
surely not.

The FT reports: “Someone put Grieve’s idea to Cummings on Friday that if we
lose a vote of no confidence the PM will have to resign —
he spat his drink out
,” said a senior No. 10 official. Ew. “The former attorney general is
about to get taught a harsh lesson in constitutional law, by me.” Scary.

Remember when DC told all the government’s special advisors that if they leaked
anything, anything to the newspapers, he would personally, personally intervene
to find out who they are and then sack, sack them. Even scarier.

“The idea we will hand over to a new government rather than leave with an
election after October 31
is laughable.”

Another aide tells
the FT: “I think the Vote Leave people in here will do literally
anything to win. Cummings is already planning the Facebook campaign for a
‘people versus the politicians’ election.”
If you were in any doubt before — this
autumn is going to get seriously messy. Spitting, not laughing are we….

John Curtice polling guru told Iain Dale at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Thursday that
it’s now “too late for us to leave the European Union on October
31 with any kind of deal. There isn’t time. Even if the government were wanting
to put Theresa May’s deal through, we’ve run out of time.” YouGov poll out the
same day put the Conservatives 9 points ahead of Labour. Oh and the ONS
revealed the UK economy shrank by 0.2 per cent in the second quarter of this
year. This is the first contraction since 2012. Spitting isn’t helping is it?

Gravy Train

So where is one of our favourite idiots? Why Dominic Raab is in Washington.
Donny has expressed, again,
his “huge appetite” for – money? power? young
women? – yes, but also for that free-trade deal. Right. Dom said the Don was
“effusive in his warmth” toward the UK. Yes. He had to explain what ‘effusive’
meant. “There is a huge appetite on both sides to achieve this.” Oh that
chlorinated chicken and anti-biotic filled beef again….

Oh look, there’s Moggy on the gravy train. He is in line to stuff his ill-fitting
bespoke suit pockets with £1 million. As the new leader of the Commons, Rees-
Mogg will financially benefit from the profits of Somerset Capital Management.
As you do – when you are hiding your cash. Remember Moggy and his sudden
Irish transfers.

‘Dark Blue’ Wall of Silence

Oh dear oh dear. Time to review Chancellor Sajid Javid’s time at Deutsche
Bank. Shadow chancellor John McDonnell sent ‘an explosive letter’ to Al/Boris
whether Javid was suitable for high public office. Javid held several
senior executive positions including a role selling collateralised debt obligations
(CDOs), a type of complex and risky financial product responsible for
turbocharging the financial crisis. Oh dear oh dear me.

McDonnell demanding that Javid publish his tax returns. McDonnell ‘suggested’
the chancellor benefited from a tax avoidance scheme. In 2014 the
Mail on
reported that Javid opted into a scheme known as “dark blue” that
channelled bankers’ bonus payments through the Cayman Islands.

Hmm. In the past decade Deutsche Bank has spent more than $18bn (£15bn)
on fines and to settle legal disputes. Oh dear oh dear.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Larry Summers, economist, former Vice President of Development Economics
and Chief Economist of the World Bank (1991-93), senior US Treasury
Department official throughout Clinton's administration, Treasury Secretary 1999-
2001, former director of the National Economic Council for Obama – impressive
enough? -  said Britain would have “no leverage” in trade talks. Ah. Now doesn’t
that put a smile on your face or possibly an enormous grin?

On BBC Radio 4′s Today programme Tuesday morning he said: “I’m not sure
what Britain wants from the United States that it can plausibly imagine the United
States will give.
Look at it from America’s point of view. A: Britain has much less
to give than Europe as a whole did, therefore less reason for the United States to
make concessions. You make more concessions dealing with a wealthy man
than you do dealing with a poor man.”

Britain has no leverage. Britain is desperate. Britain has nothing else.
It needs an agreement very soon. When you have a desperate partner, that’s
when you strike the hardest bargain. The last thing you do is quit a job before
you look for your new one.”

“If Britain thinks that the American financial regulators who have great difficulty
coming together on anything are going to come together to give greater
permissions and less regulation of UK firms,
I would call that belief close to

“Delusional”? Evidently Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is. Quelle surprise.
Wednesday, with Dominic Raab in Washington salivating at those massive trade
deals, Pompeo said: “The United States will be on Britain’s doorstep, pen in
hand to sign a trade deal as soon as possible after the UK leaves the European
Not a major player in Donny’s administration when it comes to striking
trade deals. Yes. Delusional. Keep smiling.


A survey of 5,000 people by an influential Tory think-tank Onward revealed in
65% of Brits now want a society that focuses on giving people more security,
less freedom echoed across every age group, ethnicity and social background
with more than a third of young voters now believe the
UK should be ruled by the
instead of parliament, according to new research.  WTF!!! This needs
repeating surely. WTF!!! 36% of voters aged 25 to 34 said they would be in
favour of the army running the country, two-thirds said they supported strong
leaders “who do not have to bother with parliament” in favour of authoritarian
models of government. 26% said they thought
democracy was a bad way to run
the country Hmm. Well, possibly they should move to Poland, Hungary, Russia,
China, North Korea, Brazil, Romania, ad inf… Oh, there’s Jezza, holidaying in

In comparison, only 3% of older voters said democracy was bad, with just one in
10 people aged 65 to 74 supporting the idea of a military state. Less than half
said they backed strongman leaders. Oh dear me.
Not looking good for the
future is it

If you think this is shocking, wait, there is more. 71% of people think more
people living in cities has made society worse…61% of voters believe jobs and
wages have been made worse by technological change…59% said increases in
immigration have had a negative effect on the economy, compared to 41% who
said they have had a positive impact…two-thirds of voters said that more people
going to university instead of getting technical qualifications has been a bad
thing for the country overall.

A Troy peer, Lord James O’Shaughnessy, said the results showed a “sea
change in British politics. This marks a break with 60 years of liberal consensus.”

In Rare Form

According to Popbitch: “US gossip site BlindGossip published a very thinly
veiled item last week suggesting that the
Duchess of Sussex had thrown an
almighty diva tantrum
because she had wanted a very rare and hard-to-procure
delicacy known as "an avocado" – and apparently got mad when no-one on her
staff was prepared to fly one over from America for her.”

“British readers took to the comments below the article to point out that avocados
are readily available in the UK and Meghan would have had precisely zero
problem in sourcing one here. What happened to all those comments? You'd
have to ask the moderators at BlindGossip to know for sure, but it looks as
they've been deleted.” Quite.

Hmm. 6,000 avocadoes are sold every hour in the UK resulting in illegal
deforestation of mature pine trees and environmental degradation in Mexico and
hence, the term ‘
blood avocadoes’… and controlled by? Drug cartels of course.
The US obsession has forced Mexican taco stalls to make guacamole from – you’
ll never guess – courgettes. No, really. And meanwhile in California? 272 litres of
water to grow – ready? – two to three medium-sized avocadoes. Over to you

No comment necessary.
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