8 September 2012
The Toff's For Turning

PM CallMeDave is turning sharply to the right with his cabinet shuffle; deluded
dreams of the next election. Dream on Dave.

Environment: Owen Paterson says no to wind farms, yes to fracking. A climate
change sceptic, let's pray he's not a religious fundamentalist waiting for 'the
rapture' like in the US. Disaster threatens.

Culture: Sir Peter Bazalgette brought us crap TV: the smarmy
Big Brother as
an example of the dumbing down to the dumbest level. His
great-great-grandfather was responsible for the public sewer system. Must be
in the genes.

Transport: Justine Greening has been hit by a bus or was it a plane? Do I hear
a third runway coming our way. Heads down.

Justice: Good-bye Ken Clarke hello Chris Grayling. Hello to homophobia and a
hard-line approach to law and order. Grayling supported the B&B owners who
refused a gay couple a bed for the night. Nice.

Health: Andrew Lansley's health and safety is guaranteed despite the Levenson
inquiry but that of the NHS isn't. The odious, oily Jeremy Hunt will be
unwavering in his determination to sell it to the least competent private
companies - after he's terminated the possibility of abortions. Hunt him down.

All senior ministers are still safe. OTG. More men, fewer women. The
government is moving forward a campaign to block the European Commission
proposal for a 40% quota for women on large corporation boards. Unfortunately
Theresa May has clung on.

Going for Gold

In the athletics stadium filled with an 80,000 ardently cheering audience,
Osborne drew boos when he was there to present medals. A pity they didn't
create an audible Mexican wave effect. With his plan to slash £10bn from
welfare - which includes those suffering from disabilities - his signing the hated
Atos as a major sponsor,  he's fortunate he wasn't flogged with T43 or T44 leg
blades or those heavy gold medals. Although his rather stunned expression was
quite rewarding.

Avoid the closing Paralympics ceremony. Cold Play is 'playing'.

Pippa alert. Pippa alert. Hourly reports from New York.
The Daily Mail is
obsessed with her every move and outfit towards fame and money. Look.
Here's Pippa in eye-watering red and bilious yellow. Look at me. They're
convinced she's there to buy a flat and climb the social ladder - going for posh
rather than the more familiar nouveau riche. Perhaps a few tips in American
style celebrity seeking status from those pointless Kardashians. Who are they
again? Or why....
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