10 March 2012
Tits Up

The US terrorist, anti-terrorist - who knows - 12 episode TV programme
Homeland has shown 3 episodes - or is it 4 - who knows.

Created by Michael Cuesta who is responsible for
Six Feet Under, True Blood
Dexter. So what are we watching. Way beyond gratuitous nakedness. "Do
you like anal sex?" "Book her in for a - sigh - Brazilian will ya."

In the first three episodes we have seen every actress' breasts (except for
Claire Danes - so far) once, twice and hands et cetera on privates three times.
Must be the theme as I can only assume it will continue in each and every
episode.  And why? We haven't seen a hint of a male ankle.

Each character is repetitiously, monotonously one-dimensional: the hysterical
woman, the boring wife, the avuncular figure, the jokey agent and the American
who possibly has been 'turned' by Islamic fundamentalists - ie; terrorists.

Brit Damian Lewis plays the tortured possibly turned American 'hero'. He is
brilliant in the first episode where he uses subtle gestures and grimaces that
shout American. There is no other subtly in this mind-numbing seemingly
endless dross. Un-bloody-watchable.

A second series is already planned. Was that a presidential order as it is
apparently Obama's favourite show. Says more than we need to know about
him. Oh Mormon Mitt where are you?


The McCartney family was out in force to support 'designer' Stella's Paris show
including the normally hidden musician son James.

Sir Paul spoke in an interview about how much he dislikes being in the public
eye. "I've known from an early age that for the public I am an exciting figure -
and I have had time to get used to it. (Paul. You're everybody's least favourite
Beatle). But even for me nowadays it sometimes gets it too much [sic]...At the
end of the day I was a member of the best band in the universe and is [sic] not
many people that can say that. So anything I moan about has to be put into
perspective." So do it, Paul.

Sir Paul, Mrs Sir Paul and Stella were caught up in the 9 hour Eurostar chaos
where "He passed the time chatting to people and signing autographs."

Meanwhile, mother of 4 under 7, Stella has revealed that the term 'nanny'  
makes her 'uncomfortable'. She prefers 'friend'. "I have a housekeeper and a
nanny though I find that word jarring. I tell her, 'I just want to call you a friend."
Is that like calling the cook, 'cook'... as you do if you're terribly posh. Does
Stella take her to The Ivy? Do they share a bottle of wine at the end of their
exhausting day? Do they watch EastEnders together?

"My parents were first generation [wealthy], they earned their money, they
didn't inherit it. (All £500m for Sir P) I never felt entitled, and I do not feel
entitled. (Her derivative 'talent' got her where she is then....) I'm a worker, and I
let me kids know that you work for money, and that if you take them out for
pizza, it costs money." What a load of rubbish. All a bit too 'Gwynnie'.

Linda Eastman's New York family was terribly rich and terribly privileged. Stella
also said that she didn't want any more children in the annoying interview, but
was over-heard to say she wanted another one at her Paris show. Now what
are we to believe....

Not Sir P. He has changed Beatle's history by previously announcing he was
middle class while John was working class. Not so.

My god they are all so pretentious.


March 8 was International Women's Day. Afghan President Hamid Karzai
celebrated it by declaring women to be classed as non-existent citizens; not as
valuable as a goat...or a pre-teenage boy.

3.2% are allowed into European boardrooms, particularly if they are carrying a
tray of coffees. The EU wants quotas, PM "Calm down dear" CallMeDave
doesn't. He's thrilled with the 15% of female directors in the UK. Possibly he
thinks that will be enough to get his bespoke shoe in the door of No 10 come
next election.

10% of City corporations are willing to entertain the idea that women exist other
than in lap dancing clubs.

A clothing retailer I won't name has chosen to explain washing instructions for
their beige chinos (not a good look) to their male customers: do a routine wash
'or give to your woman. It's her job.' "It's only a bit of fun...." Oh that typical
response is so predictable, tiresome, stupid and used for every chauvinistic,
sexist situation.

1 in 4 women in the UK suffer from domestic violence. 2 women in the UK are
murdered every week. World-wide female infanticide is now available in the UK.
Women outside the West are literally fed the least and the last, deprived of all
rights and education and fresh air, are routinely genitally mutilated in childhood,
die every minute in childbirth, are stoned to death to save male honour, are
consistently sold into slavery. On the positive side women won't be able to wash
those silly beige chinos because at this rate of elimination they won't exist.

It all changed 11,000 years ago when an agrarian culture developed and
women were forced on their knees all day - to grind grains. And lest we forget
the role of male-revered religion. Now women are merely massive silicone
breasts carrying £1,500 handbags and teetering on £2,000 stilettos (or what
used to be referred to a 'fuck-me' shoes) seeking male approval.  Despair. Do

Strange that women are the mother's of men and who doesn't love their mother?
So why universal misogyny? Little girls are forced into gag-making-pink
princess roles. Now why would you want to be a princess when you could be a
queen? "So that a handsome prince can save me." From what exactly? If a little
girl was brought up to be a person rather than a servant, sexual object,
submissive shoe-obsessive consumer and little boys personally responsible
rather than blaming, self-absorbed, superior. I suppose there has been
progress. Women can have their own credit cards...to buy those essential
fashion items.

Everybody from EastEnders' characters to Jeremy Paxman use the word '
pejoratively: "Oh. You're such a
girl...." "Does that make me a girl?" Perhaps a
start would be to stop using the 'p----' word or the 'c---' word. "It's a man's
world" and it's never going to change...even though women make up half the
population. It's all so illogical, bordering on the surreal...so let me off.

After research and interviews a retired Pakistani army officer has stated that
Bin Laden's eldest wife, Khairiah Saber, grassed him to the CIA out of sheer
jealousy of his latest younger bride. Brigadier Shaukat Qadir: "I'm absolutely
sure of it. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Be warned.
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