27 October 2018
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The i newspaper: According to the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), the
UK has licensed almost £5 billion worth of arms to Saudi Arabia since the
Yemen war began in March 2015. From 2008 it is estimated that the
UK arms
deal to Saudi is £10 billion.

£10 billion – eh. I know, I know, but considering the money other countries have
splashed out on arms, it is ‘impressive’ in total. I know, I know, no surprise there.

So, let’s start with the US. Since 2009 the US Saudi arms bill is estimated at
£17.72 billion. 2001-2016 France is estimated to have licensed £8.66 billion,
Germany £3.27 billion, Sweden a mere £551.68 million. 2013-14 Canada
brokered a Saudi deal for £8.7 billion which accounted for more than 95 per
cent of their total military exports for that fiscal year. Last year Russia agreed to
sell them £2.3 billion worth of arms. There are no accurate figures for China
obviously, but it is estimated that 2012-2016, 0.16 per cent of their arms sales
went to Saudi Arabia. Not terribly helpful, but it is gratifying to know they are all
in it together.

While CEOs boycotted ‘Davos in the Desert’ investment conference in Riyadh,
companies sent ‘representatives to negotiate’. Deals worth $34 billion were
agreed to. Money talks. Men, women, children, babies die – yes, in Yemen.
10,000 so far and counting. Did I say money talks? Death doesn’t.

Aid experts warn that the famine threatening Yemen could be the very
worst – in
modern times
. Half the population - 14 million could face ‘pre-famine conditions.
Saudis are targeting Yemen’s food system so as to starve the Houthi into
submission. Evidently there is compelling evidence that the Saudis are
calculatingly targeting fishermen, farmers, food transportation, facilities and the
water supply. Putting their money where their mouths are. All right. Not quite
right, but it can make sense.

Knife or Noose

“Oh. Is this a dagger which I see before me? Ouch!” Sigh. Those knife wielding
misogynist Tories. The Tory gang that feels so entitled to express those just
horrid, violent, hopes and wishes against a female prime minister is seriously

“Assassination is in the air” warned one MP. “The moment is coming when the
knife gets heated, stuck in her front and twisted. She’ll be dead soon” from
another. It’s OK to talk about assassination and Theresa
entering the “killing
. For a minute I thought I could be watching BBC’s Killing Eve – but at least
that is brilliantly clever and quite witty.

‘Heated knife’? A butcher’s knife? A hunting knife? Heated? Really?! Clearly the
imagery was given calculated considered. Beggars belief really. Who is this
knife-wielding idiot speaking for others in the party? He could have suggested a
bone saw to cut her into small pieces that could then fit into a suitcase. You
know the reference, but wish you didn’t. And the stabbing of Jo Cox….?

But wait. If knifing her in the gut and twisting it would be too messy, another
suggestion was made. “She should bring her own noose to the ’22’ – the
backbench 1922 Committee meeting. The 1922 Committee meets every week
and its main function is to keep the leadership of the party informed of the mood
of Conservative backbenchers. Has anyone noticed that most Brexiteers are
clinically insane driven by obsessive emotional-fundamentalism? Evidently, it is
far worse behind the closed doors. Worse than knifing, hanging and
assassination of the PM? Who knew these idiots were so inspired and
imaginative in regards to murder? However. Not dead yet.

Nothing new though. Remember when Georgie-Boy (Osborne) had a creative
suggestion in regards to Theresa? “…chopped up in bags in my freezer”…
which he is reported to have said on more than one occasion. Hmm. Wondering
what G-B actually keeps in his freezer….

There is clear evidence that the attitude towards women is increasingly more
dismissive to hateful world-wide, endemic. What is going on exactly?

Bang to Rights

The BBC seems to be racing to the right almost daily in the race to secure their
position on the far-right. This time it was Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon
who noticed. Wait. We are paying for these - British Broadcasting Conservative
values? Of course you got that BBC bit. Still. The question remains.

Nicola pulled out of a BBC co-hosted conference, News Xchange 2018, which
included the American white supremacist strategist we are all familiar with,
unfortunately, Steve Bannon.

Lest we forget – oh how could we really? In July 2018 Bannon told a meeting of
the National Front in France that attendees
should wear accusations of racism
as a “badge of honour”
. Only a matter of time before they take that literally…the
badge bit. However, Bannon’s anti-elite movement has been shunned by every
large European radical right movement – curiously.

And you know that under Bannon, the far-right media site Breitbart said:
“Political correctness protects Muslim rape culture”, the confederate flag isn’t
racist, thus suggested being Black is an ‘advantage’ and argued: “gay rights
have made us dumber”. Now surely this is a man the BBC would want to include
anywhere, any time…right? Right. Ah the right BBC.

The BBC emailed Nicola’s office to convince her to attend. Surely she wouldn’t
want to miss the chance to be included with a racist, anti-semitic would she?
Who would, eh BBC? Well, he has spent much of his     time in the UK where
he was discovered ‘assisting’ the Tories in their ‘decision-making’
…euphemistically: fundamentalist ideology implementation.

According to Nicola: “The email the BBC sent to my office justifying Bannon’s
inclusion described him as a ‘powerful and influential figure…promoting an anti-
elite movement.’ This kind of language to describe views that many would
describe as fascist does seem to me to run the risk of normalisation.”

So what will the pathetically sycophantic BBC do next week? Stay tuned? Hmm.

Don’t Lie in Wait or Therein Lies the Rub

Well, there’s me thinking we could leave it to the obsessed media to cover every
nanosecond of Meghan’s exciting life, but it is not easy is it? Firstly we have ‘the
bump’…the appearing bump…the overnight appearing bump. We’ve had
‘experts’ filling pages on the answer as to why MM was not pregnant one day
and quite pregnant the next. OK. It was the fabric…oh pleeeeaaaseee…or it is
‘normal’ in pregnancy to have no bump and then a bump when you wake up…oh

So what can we imagine then? She changed her underwear. OK. She stopped
wearing those tummy flattening knickers. No? Once the bump was revealed
miraculously, MM hasn’t moved her hand from it. We get the point here. You’re
pregnant, MM. According to the Evening Standard, The Mail, the Telegraph, ad
inf, she is the only one on the planet.

So moving on to – goodness me - not duplicity? That makes for a change. But
actually, we were already aware of the claim weren’t we? In MM’s first speech
on her royal tour at the University of the South Pacific, she claimed she had
paid for her own tuition and got some help from financial grants. Oops. Financial
grants via her Hollywood lighting director father that is?

He worked in Hollywood for years as a television lighting director and
photography director on sets like Married with Children and General Hospital. He
won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Design Excellence for a
Daytime Drama Series. And – he won $750,000 (£580,000) on the lottery.
has claimed
that he paid MM’s £23,000-a-year tuition - after that impressive
llottery win. Not short of a bob or two then?

Now from MM’s father: “When Meghan was 11, she moved again in with me up
till she was 17 and went to school. I used to be having my good years then,
making good cash, and will afford to provide her the perfect, with an excellent
college, good schooling, good dwelling.”

And now from MM: “I am also fully aware of the challenges of being able to
afford this level of schooling for many people around the world, myself included.
It was with scholarships, financial aid programs, and work study from my
earnings from a job on campus that went directly towards my tuition that I was
able to attend university, and without question it was worth every effort.”

And now from MM’s half-sister, Samantha – after MM’s speech to the
mesmerised: “Dad paid her college tuition! She forgot the most important part of
her speech and there are receipts to prove it.” And he paid when MM lived with
him and attended The Little Red School House and Immaculate Heart.
Gosh! Receipts. Not looking good here, MM. Not that it will make the slightest
difference in the sycophantic coverage of the – actress.
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