23 June 2012

PM CallMeDave, aka Mr Wisteria (have we forgotten he charged us £7,000 to
enhance his environment?), lectures us on morals; it was 'morally wrong' that
Jimmie Carr paid 1% tax on his millions. The same morally wrong he learned
from his stockbroker father, Ian, who was one of the first to hide his money in
Jersey, Geneva and Panama City - and avoid death duties. Still having memory
problems, Dave?

Chancellor George added it was 'morally repugnant' to avoid taxes. Were these
idiots joking? Their own ministers do it - Defence Secretary Philip Hammond,
International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell, Tory donors do it -
former party co-chairman Lord Ashcroft (worth £1.1bn). Responsible for the
Coalition's efficiency review, Sir Philip Green (worth £3.3bn) denies handing
over £285bn to his wife conveniently domiciled in Monaco. And lest we forget,
all those MPs expenses scams....

All multi-national corporations do it - Vodafone and Goldman Sachs for example
failed to pay £25.5bn. Tory supporter Gary (We don't Want You Back) Barlow
does it and he received an OBE for that embarrassingly dreadful Jubilee
concert. When questioned about GB's avoidance, CMD said: "I am not going to
give a running commentary on different people’s tax affairs. I don’t think that
would be right." Right.

Avoidance accounts for a loss of £7bn annually, individuals keep back £4.5bn.
When the greedy rich pay less tax than their cleaners, isn't it time to revolt, as it
is truly revolting. We are so not 'all in this together' are we CallMeDave, but you
are all in it together.

"You alright George?"

"My fortune is ring-fenced in a trust-fund. £1.6 million in inheritance tax saved.

"SamCam has the £30 million. I told the press I'd reveal my tax returns -

"Clever. We're going to protect our friends and donors surely."

"Indeed. We're only going after the Labour leaning little people."

"And the pathetic poor."


"Isn't moral outrage amusing."

And I thought K2 was a vitamin....

For all the ridicule (Black Eyed Peas frontman/The Voice judge) Will.i.am has
been receiving, he just handed over a cheque for £500,000 to the Prince's
Trust. "My mission is to transform the lives of young people who need extra
support and structure in their lives" via technology. Shouldn't Gary hand over
his OBE to Will.i.am?

Another William, Prince William received a lovely thirtieth birthday present -
£10m from his mother. Hmmm. Hopefully the new 'normal' Wills and wife will be
able to go to the cinema other than 2 for 1 Wednesdays.
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