21 June 2013
Special Relationships

Call Me Jeff

Gideon clearly was not giddy; he was ‘visibly embarrassed’. Aka George was
called Jeff and more formally, Jeffrey, by Obama when world leaders gathered
to show their preference for ‘smart casual’ at the G8. Wrong. So wrong...the
dress code.

The ignorance and total lack of interest in the name of the second most
important man in UK government clearly demonstrates the ‘special relationship’
between the two countries. There isn’t one.

Obama confused the 42 year old multi-millionaire posh boy with the American
65 year old black R&B singer not once, but three times. The PR excuse is that
Obama was demonstrating his affection and reverence for his favourite
On the
Wings of Love
singer. Right. Separated at birth then.

George Osborne was lucky; Obama could have called him Sharon – or Ozzy –
although once he was made aware of his major faux pas, he called him ‘man’...
classy. Although he could have called him boy (George).

Adding insult to injury regarding the utterly deluded ‘special relationship’,
Obama, or ‘Mr President’ as he referred to himself, let it be known that he
thought Nick Clegg, whomever he thought he was, “better looking” than PM
CallMeDave. To be honest, I have never thought Obama was a master of
oratory and communication.

Smother the Mother

If strangle holds and nose squeezing are acceptable behaviour, then what could
be happening when the public isn’t watching and recording? Scary.

I am sorry to say that Nigella has never been a favourite of mine. I find all that
‘shag me after starters” embarrassingly silly – oh all right – stupid. If you want
sex + food, watch the adaptation of Henry Fielding's
The History of Tom
, a Foundling - the 1963 Tom Jones film. Nigella has admitted Saatchi
refuses to eat her meals. Sweet.

Everybody has an opinion on Charles Saatchi literally choking Nigella four
times at one of their preferred Mayfair restaurants (where he can smoke al
fresco). It was his happy birthday. He turned 70.

Allison Pearson in the
Daily Telegraph writes: “If the rumour that he was so
besotted with Nigella he brushed her teeth for her (ew, ew, ew) was a bit icky, it
was evidence of a grand passion.” Tooth paste = passion. I think not. It was
intrusively controlling and undeniably creepy.

John Walsh in the
i newspaper: “Well I met him once. It was a memorable
experience...about seven years ago...in the HMV record store. I remember him
being amazingly charming – smiling, nodding, full of instant sympathy and
apparent amusement. I introduced my son to Nigella’s son...each carrying a
pile of CDs. Charles took his step-son’s. “What’s this? You’re not having that.”
He flicked through my son’s CDs...”Why d’you want this? I don’t think so.”
Nigella was smiling delightedly. “Isn’t he marvellous?” she whispered. Well
yeah...a marvellous display of causal tyranny over something small that spoke
volumes about his power of manipulation in larger arenas. Max (Walsh) said.
“Who exactly does Charles Saatchi think he is?” Exactly the point.

Interesting that someone with a massive brand to protect would be so unself-
conscious in displaying his need to convey his personal power. Not pretty even
for an uber rich sociopath.

Interesting that someone left the marital home only after the photos were
released a week later. Sad and disturbing for a successful and troubled woman.
The World Health Organization has just revealed that 1in 3 women around the
world have been raped or physically abused with 80 percent of this abuse
happening in the home at the hands of an intimate partner or spouse. Well
some are doing it outside the home.

Mothers and Babies

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has suggested the three bosses at the Care
Quality Commission, the NHS watchdog, just may lose their pensions – not their
lives like the 16 babies and 2 mothers at the Barrow-in-Furness hospital.

The three now named: former chief executive Cynthia Bower, her deputy Jill
Finney and media manager Anna Jefferson said to be present when the
decision was made to delete a report that had uncovered the poor care at the
maternity unit (ie; deaths) in its inspections of University Hospitals of
Morecambe Bay Foundation Trust.

Poor Cynthia. Until her name was finally revealed, she was secure in her £1.5
million pension pot after four and a half years in her £204,000 salaried job.

Finney clearly didn’t know the significance of George Bush Sr’s infamous
“Read my lips” during their meeting when she added it to her instructions to
hide the information.

Jefferson warned of the damage its existence could do to the organisation's
reputation. It’s reported she said: "Are you kidding me? This can never be in
the public domain nor subject to FOI [a Freedom of Information request]."

All three are claiming amnesia on the day of the meeting. Not quite as easy for
the grieving parents, families, friends.
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