30 June 2017
Sold to the Highest Briber

SOLD! So basically the Tory government is for sale. Ha. We already knew that –
donors et al – but that’s always done under the table, this DUP purchase was on
the table. Hmm. How is this legal? Cash in suitcases slid across the long table.
“There’s more where that came from you creationists. We’ll just take it from our
NHS and our schools. No problem.”

Didn’t the DUP leaders reassure us that they would be directly involved in British
legislation? Or was I having a nightmare? I’m panicked even thinking what that
could mean. More medieval regression. If this is Theresa’s brilliant deal making,
be afraid, be very afraid – 27 countries to come. Can’t wait.

Now we do know Northern Ireland would never, ever, ever allow Jeremy to
replace Theresa, so that bribe wasn’t really necessary, was it?
The Sun – erm –
I know, quoting from
The Sun and all – says it’s at least £24 billion! If that’s true,
why don’t we simply move into the parks with our tents, children, grans and dogs
because we won’t have any money to spend on mortgages, rents, loans will we?
It’s my bloody money. I don’t want to hand it over to hideous, vile, covert,
corrupt, evil, duplicitous parties – both of them, so why do you? Not hearing any
proper dissent. Pathetic.

And what’s going on with Labour? Jeremy sacks three frontbenchers, one
surrenders over a hard Brexit? Oh no. NO HARD BREXIT! END OF! How many
times must we review this?  Ultimately the EU and all those 27 countries will
make the final decisions. Reality – remember? So stop it. Nevertheless, Corbyn
is 2017’s must-have baby name. Yes, not Jeremy as you would assume, but
Corbyn. And why not? In a survey, more than half of U.K. parents questioned in
regards to popular baby names considered calling their child Corbyn. Only four
percent would consider Theresa. Well, really. Imagine a darling baby answering
to “Theresa”? See. Who wants to be called Theresa anyway?

Put to the Sword

Finally. Heads roll, swords in backs. The head of Kensington and Chelsea
council, Nicholas Paget-Brown, has been forced to quit, presumably by the
government to deflect any responsibility. Totally arrogantly inept, the entire
council needs to fall on their swords literally, OK, perhaps not to the point of
death, although…. And that’s not all who should.

Such disdain, contempt, mismanagement, intentionally ignoring the tenants’
desperate pleas. Paget-Brown insisted in holding the first cabinet gathering
since the disaster - in private. No, really. No public, no press the day were
permitted, this on the day he stepped down. Come on: tut tut.

Tories voted to prevent any pay rises for those heroic firefighters and police
officers they applauded endlessly after seven years without one. Aren’t the toffs
off for their 12 week holidays? Sensitive.

Clean Bill of Health

Oh dear. Tell me it isn’t true. 80 per cent of the 3,000 people asked said they
were willing to pay more into the NHS. Higher taxes? Are they mad? In the 2010
survey only 32 per cent interviewed thought they should pay more. There seems
to be a general acceptance of this proposal. Must we spell it out again? D U P!
£1.5 b i l l  o n!?

Do these people not know about the list of multi-national corporations who pay a
pittance? And on the subject of reality-testing, do they really believe the extra
money collected by the government would go to the NHS? Really? Oh please….

Perhaps they will notice the NHS falling apart when they try to get an
appointment with their local surgery. One in 10 are not sustainable. A record
number were forced to close last year, one in three actually unable to fill GP
vacancies. At a conference, Dr Nagpaul, BMA council chairman said: “General
practice remains on the brink of collapse, since fundamentally demand totally
outstrips our impoverished capacity.” Well, not very reassuring is it?

And even less so is the fact that 700,00 NHS records have been hidden – or
right –‘mislaid’: i.e. confidential medical correspondence that is. 200,000 more
it's said. No mea culpa from Jeremy Hunt – ha. As if you thought there would
be. ‘You have incurable cancer and will die within two weeks’ – so why bother
sending the letter?

More Insult to Injury

For starters, let’s give a little think about finger prints. Not for criminals, although
clearly it could be interpreted as such. It’s for those who would even want to live
here now. Finger prints. Oh for god’s sake! Hints (ha) of fascism? Second class
citizens? Not trustworthy? To be feared? Oh surely not. What country are we
living in? No, really. Theresa fired all the border guards when she was home
secretary – remember? This is insane. Well, she can ship them in containers to
Northern Ireland where they need ‘workers’.

EU nationals filled out the 85-page document and paid £65 to gain assurances
and secure permanent residency documents, as well as legal costs. But under
plans set out in the UK Government’s positioning papers, EU citizens will have to
apply for that “settled status” even if they have permanent residency. Ministers
are denying they will become second-class citizens. Well, they would, wouldn’t
they? Their documents would amount to an ID card for EU citizens. "It is not an
ID card," David Davis announced in the House of Commons. Davey did resign
his seat and caused a by-election because he was ‘disgusted’ by the assault on
civil liberties by the then Labour government. Oh look. Are his pants on fire?

Tell Me Something Good

Sing along if you want to. Let’s have a respite or two. Amazing there are two.
Actress of The Hour (yes, intentional), Romola Garai, said: “The universe has
already done its worst. Michael Gove exists.”  So good.

And London Mayor, Sadiq Khan has asked his mayoral team, Amy Lamé night
tsar and Justine Simons deputy mayor for culture not to appear on any speaking
panels if they were the only woman. He wants a gender balance.  Now if only he
could decree the same for every ‘entertainment’ panel mentioned many times I
might add: six men, one token woman…. So, hugs and kisses all round.

That Sinking Feeling

We have Harry doing all-American: “Let me tell you every thought and feeling
I've ever had, again, but this time in depth. I missed a few details the last few
magazine interviews. Oh Meghan, give me some ideas? You know how much I
loved your blog.”

Yes, we all, yes all, empathise deeply with anyone who has lost their mother
(and or father) at any age, particularly when young, but… perhaps it’s time to
stop, Harry. With babies, children, mothers being maimed, blown up daily –
sorry but, how relevant is this?

And then all that stuff about the royals not wanting to be royal. Yawn. OK. He
essentially said they didn’t want the duties, just the perks. Best to take up acting,
Harry. Meghan can surely suggest a good voice coach – like fer sherrr.

Lest we ignore Ex-Waity, with the fear of life in the tower, who has felt compelled
to share her Wimbledon stories, memories, ruminations. I’m not going to even
go there. I would have to be revived if I did.
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