24 April 2013

'Look at royal me. Look at my royal baby bump.'  Must we yet again? This is
becoming a daily event.

In a second-skin-tight £1,650 Canadian designer Erdem dress, Ex-Waity
launched a new schools counselling programme combating the effects of drug
and alcohol addiction on the 'Shameless' sink estate. Wrong in so many ways.

The last 6 months have shown Ex-W flaunting her pregnancy by displaying the
bump with hands strategically placed, form-fitting clothing, tummy touching... if
you've missed the relentless front-page coverage due to a self-induced coma.

Wearing such an outrageously pricey dress was putting up two fingers to the
children of addicts she is there to 'support' surely.

During her two-hour visit to the backdrop for the
Shameless TV programme the
Duchess was given a large book written by the children called “What do
princesses do?” Fitting the bill for its requirements, not being a princess she
jumped right in: “Eat bananas? Yes, I certainly do that. Dancing? Yes, that too.
Eat sweets? Yes. I like all those!” Shameless. But you know that.

BBC should be forced to watch their new 'comedy',
The Wright Way, until they
beg for mercy - and are refused. Admittedly their idea of what's laugh-out-loud
funny, amusing, witty, humorous is aimed at the mentally challenged, those who
speak no english or are totally wasted. But this was the lowest of the low. It
could be used as a torture technique - and for those who watched it to the end -
it was. Auggghhhh. Shameless. Seriously shameless.

Clearly anomalous is the shockingly clever, banter-based
Bluestone 42 on
BBC3. A second series is promised. Ironically the bomb disposal unit set in
Afghanistan would have been annihilated if they had relied on the bogus bomb
detectors sold by James McCormick.

McCormick sold £13 plastic 'detectors' based on novelty 'golf-ball finders' for
£27,000 - each to the UN, Saudi Arabia, China, South Africa, Mexico, Iraqi
government, Egyptian army, Kenyan police, Hong Kong prison service and
Thailand's border control.

The ex-probationary officer claimed his devices could detect minuscule traces
of explosives, class A drugs, ivory and human beings at a distance of up to 1km
at ground level and from a plane flying 5km high and impressively could also
pick up substances up to 30 metres underwater or 10 metres underground and
through walls.

He said: "I never had any negative results from customers." Quite. They're all
dead. He has been labelled a fraud, but murderer is closer to the truth. He's to
get 10 years...not life? Life for a life - or hundreds really. Sinister and

Tax avoiding Google executive chairman Eric "You're lucky to have us" Schmidt
claims Goggle's employees pay the taxes. The conscience-driven ethical Eric,
who holds a position on PM CallMeDave's Business Advisory Group, revelled in
the £6 million paid in tax on £2.6 billion in 2011. Collusion? Surely not.

"We are investing heavily in Britain" - no we are and in Goggle by paying our
taxes investing in broad-band-internet infrastructure allowing Goggle growth.

Their slogan 'Don't be evil' surpasses shameless.
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