10 October 2013
Sex Bomb

Mariella Frostrup has been ‘an agony aunt for the last ten years’ so she felt
qualified to be all cheeky and cheery with a smile – or was that a smirk? I know
her (not personally) via her voice over ads and as the presenter on the now
defunct The Book Show.

Famous for her ‘sexy’ voice – which I find quite irritating – she surely has lost
credibility she had accrued with the silly Sex Box on Channel 4.

The panel of 3 international ‘sexperts’ told us that very good information was
available online (and in every woman’s magazine), so the point of the
programme exactly? Surely not ratings....

The box, the panel, the presenter, the live audience. “Sex is different for
everybody isn’t it?”  Thank you Mariella. Her comments were so inane, the
programme could have been a comedy. 10 minutes in (sorry) I was so bored I
had to hide the remote from myself.  One sex expert asked: “Does sex make
you feel closer?” Yawn.

Why would these couples – gay, straight, disabled - go on TV to have sex in a
box and then be questioned in detail about their sexual activities within? There
is so much exhibitionism online, why did they want to be ‘live on TV’? Mariella
said to one couple: “It’s
incredibly (her emphasis) gutsy of you to do this.” Gag
reflex. She reminded them there were no cameras in the box. Really? One gay
participant said: “Anal sex. It’s like having chocolate cake; you don’t want it
every day.” Oh dear. Not the best analogy. Should I have taken notes?

And the panel’s conclusion: we are all the same, work on it and communicate.
What shocking revelations. I felt so enlightened.

Outside the box, gay refugees are being forced to perform filmed sex acts to
prove they are in fact gay to gain asylum in the UK. What?

Asked if they had attended a gay pride march, visited ‘gay establishments’,
watched gay films, read gay magazines and to name famous gay people. Not
joking here.

76 countries in the world criminalise any form of same-sex relations. 7 where
homosexuality is punishable by death. Obviously many suffer torture and often
death. Filming their sex act is clearly degrading. But The Home Office said it
will "continue to monitor performance to ensure that standards are met".
Standards? What sort of standards exactly? Now this is a bit prurient....

Perhaps they could go on the Sex Box to be questioned. Channel 4 ‘s
Campaign for Real Sex Season continues.
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