6 July 2019
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Pass the - What? Money?

Let’s just start off with “huh”? Trust me here. You will be saying “huh” – audibly.
Your other choice is WTF!? And it isn’t even politics – well, as yet. Mega-star,
super-rich, enormously famous
Ed Sheeran - pushing ketchup? Ketchup!!!???
No worse, Heinz ketchup!!! Not a small bespoke local entrepreneurial company.
But – Heinz! Off my Xmas list, Ed. Mr “I am a really nice, normal, one of you
guys”. How much was Ed paid then? Or why? Possibly as he is planning to
install a large pizza oven that bakes three large pizzas simultaneously as well as
two barbecues on his estate. As you do. Pass the Heinz….

Clever Like a Fox

Back to pathetic political happy hunting. Oh make it all stop!!!  Each day brings
another new moment of utter stupidity, another promise the idiots know they
can't deliver, another strategic gaffe. As we all know, Hunt wants hunting –
restored by repealing the fox hunting ban. You know,
it’s “part of our heritage”.
Oh that is just so sad as his rationale. The hunting ban that hasn’t really stopped
all fox hunting is universally unpopular. Rabid feral dogs bred to race to scare to
death to shred to death hiding foxes. Lovely, Jeremy. Getting desperate? Surely
not. Clever like a fox? Clearly not. We are
waiting for the next major fox-inspired
faux pas
(I know), Jeremy. This one lasted less than forty-five minutes before he
had to ‘clarify’. Ha. Right. The country is a humiliating world-wide
embarrassment, a total chaotic shambolic mess and the solution? Slaughtering
foxes. Just brilliant.

And our boy, bumbling Boris? As mayor of London Boris urged citizens to set
up hunts to cull urban foxes. Only joking? “This will cause massive unpopularity
and I don’t care. I’m pro liberty and individual freedom. If people want to get
together to
form the fox hounds of Islington, I’m all for it.” He voted against the
hunting ban in the 2000s as MP for Henley, but – and there is always a ‘but’ isn’t
there? - this year Boris accepted a £16,000 donation from the master of the Isle
of Wight hunt. Not joking. Not joking about the very fact that Boris can’t be
trusted with any vital, valuable information re MI6
because he has a habit of
opening his mouth
and revealing crucial information. Boris naturally denies it.
But then he would as he knew nothing about it. Just saying….

Slave Masters

EU the oppressor? Ann, you oppress us by your very existence. Brexit Party
MEP, former Conservative minister Ann Widdecome has been condemned after
comparing Brexit to slaves rising up “against their owners” in her first fierce
irrational address/rant to the European Parliament. What a vile hideous offensive
‘woman’. Oh Ann. Careful. Hope she doesn’t have any – erm heart problems. No
worries. She doesn’t have one. Go home to mummy, Ann.

Assuming Ann was one of the
29 mindless Brexit Party members who turned
their backs
or was it a bit of …’up your bum’ sort of thing? Or just “Does my
bum look big in this?”... as Ode of Joy (the EU’s anthem) played opening the
first session of the new European Parliament. Perhaps they should forego their
salaries, expenses and pensions. Or perhaps, they shouldn’t even be there.
Save us from even more public toe-curling humiliation.

Do or Die

Kill me now. Please. “Do or die” Brexit Boris has promised – I hear loud
laughing – anything he can think of. Although, ‘thinking’ and Boris – not quite the
perfect fit. Meanwhile The Telegraph has reported that Al aka Boris is now
a massive cull of Whitehall ministries after he bullies his way into
power. The front page headline: “Johnson plans to cut Cabinet by half.” It’s
being referred to as ‘Revenge Reshuffle’. Here is the best bit. Most of the
departments targeted - Work and Pensions, Justice, Culture, Business and
International Trade - all just happen to be run by ministers who have refused to
back Boris. Oh he is nasty revengeful man. But
we already knew that.

Adding to
all the ‘truths revealed’ about his lack of ethics, honesty, character,
really – no, really scary violent temper. Here’s a rather amusing example.
Oxymoron I know. According to former Tory MP Ben Howlett: “Just received a
phone call from @BorisJohnson call centre. Last time I spoke to Boris he asked
me who [sic] I worked for in a @HouseofCommons lift — I replied I worked on
two of his campaigns and had just become an MP. Two weeks later he asked me
same question….” Hmm. Now what does that tell us then? Over to you.

Travel Broadens the Mind

Back to the Brexit Party. New Brexit Party MEP has only been in the job a
month, and
he is complaining already. Not about the usual, but about
commuting! He has already taken to Twitter to complain about the commute
involved to get to the European parliament.

The supercilious, pompous, patronising, condescending, “Doctor” David Bull,
who lived at least a decade in – LA – unnecessary to comment on that – where  
he was there stuffing his fitted suit jacket pockets with cash and acting as the
ultimate Brit with his affected unauthentic received pronunciation. Don’t you
know. Off the point, sorry. Best to let the man speak for himself.

Oh. And the obsessive Brexiteer
once presented TV's Most Haunted. Oh dear
me. He was criticised for posting a video on social media where he complained
about the eight hour journey to his job, which involved four trains. Oh dear.
Goodness gracious me. Collective empathetic sighs here.

"This is the beginning of my trip to Strasbourg. So it's eight hours, and as you
can see here, is the first of many trains. So this is Ipswich to London Liverpool
Street, so after that I have to go from London Liverpool Street to King's Cross.
From King's Cross I then have to go to Paris, and then after Paris I then have to
change stations. I then have to go from Paris to Strasbourg, and I arrive at
something like twenty to seven tonight. And I'm going to have to do this
repeatedly because for some reason
parliament seems to be in a very
inaccessible place
." Ah. They didn’t even consider him. Surely not added to his
expenses…. Right.

Naturally his poor-me post has provoked hundreds of responses - with viewers
of his video quick to respond: "Nobody made you take the job. But if you do take
it, it's democracy. Get over it." Others suggested he move. I’m thinking out of the
country – or possibly back to LA. He could then maintain his tan.

A Coup de Grâce

Reality check. A new YouGov poll puts Labour in fourth place — fourth place! —
with its lowest-ever score of 18 percent. “The only previous occasion when
Labour have scored 18 percent since polling began in the 1940s was in May
2009 as Gordon Brown’s government grappled with the financial crisis.” Making
a case for: panic!!!

The Labour Party is disappearing before our very eyes. Ipsos MORI has only 23
per cent thinking Jezza is a capable leader. Blimey! Down from 32 per cent
April last year. Blimey! Nige gets 32, Boris gets 33, even Hunt 37.
Good in a crisis? Not Jezza. Only 19 per cent.
Sound judgement? 21 per cent (from 30). Perspective needed? Hunt at 36. Oh
More honest? Down from 47 to 32. Blimey! is needed here. Even Nige is at 34.
No really!
Personality? Only 22 per cent, down from 39. Ready? Nige wins with 61!
Naturally the illusion continues with Boris. He received 79!
Even with out of touch with ordinary people, 47 per cent up from 39, ties with
Nige. No!
Good prime minister?
Only 22 per cent! Hero of Glastonbury 2017? A distance
memory. Effective opposition party? Not a chance.

Jezza is still acting out his ‘displeasure’ with anyone who doesn’t fit in the
personality cult. John McDonnell? Not him!? Yes. Him.
Who would have
? He’s out. End of. There are rumours of a deal circulating among
Labour MPs that McDonnell would offer his and Momentum’s support to Emily
Thornberry, Keir Starmer or Angela Rayner. Finally a moment of intelligence.
The tactical attempt referred to as JC’s ‘constructive ambiguity’ has reverted to
cult martyrdom via JC’s tweets. Gosh. A coup of the cult then…?

Beaten at One’s Own Game

“Greatest team in the history of the sport.” “Greatest team in the history of the
world.” “Ruthless, fit, determined.” “
They called the shots. They set the agenda,
England had to follow.” Right. And that is why England could have won with 3:2 -
except for a missed penalty and a questionable offside goal (plus an England
substitute goal keeper).

And the team the British sports presenters were hysterically embarrassingly
gushing over didn’t exactly win with 17:nil then did they? It was 2:1. The US won
by one goal celebrated with Alex Morgan miming how she thinks the British drink
their cups of tea with her display of utter class – lessness. And then there is the
spitting. Yuck. Brits are
falling all over themselves, rather like the English players
’tripped’ by the ‘so brilliant’ US team. What game were they watching exactly?
Lost on me.

Keepin’ the Faith, Baby

Royal journalist: “They are punishing us”, particularly the loyal, devoted,
sycophantic peasants. It is basically a “FUCK YOU!!!!” and we want more
money. Secret christening, secret godparents. They will NEVER reveal the
godparents. NEVER! Did you get that? Oh MM. Are we doing ‘
psychology’ here
? You know, MM. Like by making the baby like the focus while
giving like nothing makes all those like really sad “We love Meghan” devotees
wanting more and giving up their lives to follow all your little hints. Oh MM. This
could all reverse when people stop saying “It’s her baby” and add, “We’re
paying for those multi-millionaires and deserve more. It’s the royal family! It’s
our baby, too!”

“Yo Harry.
Look at like all the attention I am like getting. Oh right. We are
getting. I am just like so brilliantly manipulative. There I was, a B actress, OK not
even, with no job possibilities and now! That tiny foot photo – that one of his
eyes, in like sepia, slightly out of focus. Secret christening. Secret godparents.
It’s all like going so like well. Is that Oprah’s helicopter…” Stop! They have
released a photo! Another staged, ‘arty’ black and white photo. Come on. It’s
weird.  So specifically scheming and slightly creepy. No. No “ahhhs”! Surely the
Queen– erm – stepped in to remind them that they actually aren’t celebrities.
Nooo! Really? Bon chance. Although she did possibly force them to pose with
the rest of the royals for the official christening photo. Hmm.
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