17 November 2019
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Right Royal - Wrong
Oh those troublesome orgies. Royal at that. In the genes? Prince Andrew, Harry
and who knows who else. We’ve all seen the BBC hints of Edward’s ‘confession’
or even bothered to watch – not a good idea. “I was at home after Pizza Express
in Woking.” No – really. Or: “I did not have sex with that woman I can’t

What is the Firm thinking, doing? What happened to: “
Don’t complain. Don’t
.” From – the Queen! Oh Edward. Her favourite no less. Oh, is it H&MM’s
‘modernising the monarchy influence’? Wrong. Wrong in so many ways. Clue:
the US is litigation-obsessed. More to come then via US law suits?

Mark Stephens, who represented James Hewitt after his alleged affair with
Diana, said: “If he’d kept his silence he’d have been able to remain outside of
the case, as he’s a witness and is entitled to diplomatic immunity. He was a
private individual and
now he’s waived that privacy.” Not looking so good then.

In a Word

It is just never going away, Jezza. A diverse group of public figures wrote a
letter saying they refused to vote Labour because of its association with anti-

They included: Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales; actors and actresses
Joanna Lumley OBE, Simon Callow CBE, and Tom Holland; authors David
Cornwell (aka John le Carré), Fay Weldon CBE, Frederick Forsyth CBE,
William Boyd CBE, Tony Parsons, Sathnam Sanghera, and Ed Husain;
historians Sir Antony Beevor and Peter Frankopan; television presenters Dan
Snow MBE, Nick Hewer, Dan Jones, Janina Ramirez, and Suzannah Lipscomb;
radio presenter Maajid Nawaz; producer Terry Jervis; journalist Oz Katerji and
human rights campaigners Trevor Phillips OBE, Fiyaz Mughal OBE, and
Ghanem Nuseibeh. Goodness me.

"The coming election is momentous for every voter, but for British Jews it
contains a particular anguish: the prospect of a prime minister steeped in
association with anti-semitism." Ouch!

A Labour spokesperson said: "It's extraordinary that several of those who have
signed this letter have themselves been accused of antisemitism, Islamophobia
and misogyny. It's less surprising that a number are Conservatives and Lib
Dodgy dogging clearly. Major avoidance? Evading? Never!

And the Tories? The Guardian has discovered and disclosed twenty-five sitting
and former Conservative councillors, 15 current and 10 former, have been
posting Islamophobic and racist material on social media.
Losing the will to live?
Surely they should.

Ready for some horrible posts? “The faith wants to turn the world Muslim…its
followers are barbarians and the enemy within…they are inbred…go back to
where they came from and to get the fuck out and go home…Mosques should
be banned. London’s Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan is a “
vile creature”. He “will
always lobby against anybody or anything which finds itself in direct conflict with
Islam”. Erm. Really? “VILE CREATURE”!!!??? Kettle-black.

In 2017 one councillor, pictured with Boris approved a proposal that all aid to
Africa, aid helping feed starving people/children, should stop so that “mother
nature take her course. It’s
nature’s way of depopulation.” Blimey! Mothers
starving to death….

The cheery news revealed as Al made one of his daily U-turns on a pledge, any
pledge for the Conservative party to hold an independent inquiry into
Islamophobia. Now he has said the party would instead have a “general
investigation into prejudice of all kinds”. Hmm. Now that can include him either
way can’t it? Letterboxes et al. Oh oops, Al.

Frack-off Al

You know you need to follow Al’s U-turns. OK. Not. Nevertheless, in just over a
week the government policy has changed from a ‘ban’ - to a ‘temporary pause’
-  and now an extreme ‘frack-at-will’ policy imported from – where else? – the
US of course.

Support for fracking among Tory voters stood at 37% in recent polling.
exactly impressive
, but no worries. The government does what it wants and still
idiots are going to keep them in office.

Hmm. Interestingly MPs discovered a fracking lobbyist is writing the
Conservative Party’s election manifesto. How much more corrupt can they get?
Oh soooo much more. And Boris loves fracking.

Off the Rails

The Times has seen a leaked review of the HS2 rail scheme that recommends
the project should go ahead despite costs soaring to £88 billion!!! and
diminishing benefit for taxpayers. The leak “
will increase pressure on Boris to
confirm whether a Conservative government would go ahead with the network.
The prime minister has sought to delay a decision until after the general
election.” Oh really? Plus ca change, plus ca change….

Fake Out

Fake news, wreathgate, whatever, it’s the BBC – yet again. How low can they
go? Well, the BBC is getting quite good at this – this pro-government position,
but at the Remembrance Sunday service!!!??? Covering up every gaff/lie of

A quick review:
eyes wandered. His usual loss of attention, but during the 11am
silence!? Really?…he set off at the wrong time to lay his wreath…when he
eventually got there he placed it upside down. Oh Al!
Pay attention!
And as we know, the BBC tried to cover it up by using footage from three years
ago. Clue: he was carrying a green wreath then, not the red one he placed
upside down. Ah.
Those silly details.

BBC insisted it was a 'production error'. Indeed. However, people who have
worked for the BBC have said: “Footage from three years ago needs to be
specially ordered from the Library.” Another: “I worked for the BBC for a dozen
years - it’s near impossible for this to be a mistake (sad to say).” Enough said.

The Royal ‘We’

It’s Christmas already? Not for the Queen. The Queen is – 93! Prince Philip 98!
It’s Archie’s first Christmas!
The Queen was as usual, the last to know. Harry
only called his grandmother to tell her about his Christmas rejection of her on
Wednesday afternoon after! The Sun had published the news on its front page.
Not one of the staff, eh Harry?

Lest we forget, The Queen gave H&MM the choice to move to her Windsor
estate after they fell out with Wills and Ex-Waity.
She’s even given them access
to her private chefs and – annndddd evidently she checks in regularly on them
to see Archie. Nice Harry.

H&MM are continuing to play their brand game. Harry has only missed spending
Christmas with the rest of the family when he was in Afghanistan in 2012. A
source said that the couple “
needed to recharge their batteries” and evidently to
plan their attention-grabbing, anti-royal stratagem. Recharging necessary rather
like for parents who hold two jobs each, have at five children in a two bedroom
flat on an estate? No?

Ah. All together now: Ahhhh. Poor H&MM. So overworked, so exhausted visiting
charities, creating a PR strategy with her American PR gurus and all that staff to
order around.
So much to do, so little time in the day. They are taking a so
needed six-week break beginning the 14th of November. Come on now. Let’s do
the royal wave…

Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

Oh now we have the tree wars. The Tories have promised – I know – hahahah –
to plant 30 million trees in the next 5 years, while the Lib Dems have promised
60 million a year and – oops, Eurostar is to plant a tree for every train service it
operates – a total of around 20,000 a year. The scheme will see up to 62
saplings planted every day from January 1 in woodlands across Britain, France,
Belgium and the Netherlands. Hmmm.
The difference is that you know they will
do it and they aren’t even running for office – just the trains. Eurostar, which
carries 11million passengers a year, claims its high-speed trains create up to 90
per cent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than an equivalent flight.
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