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Losing My Religion - 28 March 2010

‘Do unto other as you would have them do unto you.’ Unfortunately that is precisely what they
did. “You put your hand in my pants while I put mine in yours. That’s good – oh so good.”

We know: Catholics view homosexuality as a vile sin. The church has always been a haven for
gay men who are free to become gay priests. Gay priests are free to become paedophiles.
Ordained paedophiles are free to destroy the lives of thousands of trusting children. The pope’s
brother had sex with a choir of young boys. The pope’s lover is part of the priesthood at the
Vatican. The pope knew and condoned priestly misbehaviour. In charge of monitoring this
ubiquitous untoward behaviour of priests from 1981 - 2005, Pope Benedict XVI’s decreed:
“Cases of this kind are subject to the pontifical secret.” What did Ratzinger, aka the Holy Father,
know and when did he know it. The entire time while representing god on earth to 2 billion
Catholics. Tut tut. Such nasty, busy boys.

Child rape in Austria, Ireland, Brazil, the US, Mexico, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy; locate a
Catholic church, find raped children – a sort of Sat Nav for paedophile priests.

“I prefer them under five.”

“Goodness gracious me. It’s the deaf ones that allows me to feel ever so closer to Christ our

“My last count was 168 - 147 of them were lovely and blonde.”

“My little deaf innocents – perhaps 200 – 5 of them ginger. Lovely.”

“Going to Lourdes this year, dear boy?”


“Taking anyone special with you?”

“Twins. Want one?”

Oh where are those Scientologists when they are needed? John.   Where are you? Still in Haiti
converting the desperate?”

So similar to bankers, MPs…all living in a self-serving, self-referential reality…but so much
worse. Destroying young children for their own self-gratification while hiding under the vestments
of the pope is truly beyond imagination. One of the pope’s top aides announced the allegations
were a ‘conspiracy against the church’: “There is a well-organised plan with a very clear aim.” He
was not referencing the endemic systematic sex acts against children then? The pope
announced to the blindly faithful that all this fuss and furore was mere “petty gossip”.

Losing my religion? Not a chance. I lost it when I was a child… thinking it was all just too
ridiculous. Now it is all just too sad.