29 December 2013
Reasons To Be Cheerful

BBC’s Mrs Brown’s Boys won the Christmas Day ratings war. Really? Now
how is that possible? If you wanted to end 2013 as a damp squib this was was
the regressive, tedious, devoid of wit, rubbish ‘comedy’ to do it.
Bluestone 42,
Not Going Out sans Tim Vine (unfortunately): clever. Let 2014 begin with
the best of the best:
Sherlock. Surely this will be the highest rated on New Year’
s Day – surely

Sportsperson of the Year winner, Andy “anyone but England” Murray, who
didn't bother to show up to take possession of his trophy, we won’t be calling
Sir Andy “anyone but England” this year when the New Year Honours are
handed out. So there is a god after all and clearly she/he isn’t Scottish.

Psychopathic bankers got a 44% bonus after they reverted back to their modus
operandi. And why aren’t they in prison exactly?

Under European ownership, our utilities quadrupled and the it’s-not-our-fault
(we want to be über rich) have promised hand on heart that this will all seem
like a merry Christmas memory when the colluding cabal increase our bills
beyond measure. ‘Heat or eat’ won’t even be a choice.

Tens of thousands of merry makers had the merry taken out of their Christmas
when it was cancelled due to weather: power cuts, pubs closed, cars discarded
and kitchens filled with more than 6 feet of revolting water. When trying to fly
out of Gatwick, merry makers were abandoned by the US owners for more than
12 hours without water, food, information. A Christmas to remember.

Boris’ long game scheme now looks elusive. Even ignoring his 91% of you are
morons proclamation, Boris is willing to sell the names of the underground
stations, preferably to the US: Pepsi to replace Pimlico? Coke to replace
Clapham? McDonald’s to replace Marylebone? Walmart to replace
Westminster? Oh why not.... The Tories have already sold their grannies – and
their homes.

World-wide tribal, territorial, fundamentalist wars resulting in mass rapes,
beheadings, slaughter, starvation, suicide bombings; the usual. All in contrast to
scientific advancements in: nanotechnology, graphene, stem cells, 3D printing,
3D mapping of the Milky Way, etc. Perhaps Boris had a point that most people
on earth are incredibly stupid. 2014 will surely offer more – of the former.
Happy New Year....
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