24 October 2011
Reality Bites

Plants/trees/animals reducing in size (up to 17%) resulting in a potential
ecological systems nightmare, genetically modified pig-to-human tissue
transplants imminent disregarding substantial risks (and a bit creepy it has to
be said), Australia dried up and dying, London rents increasing at a faster and
faster pace day after day beyond salaries, food prices soaring, MPs awarding
themselves yet another holiday (5 extra days in November), MP Oliver Letwin
(in charge of developing government policies within the Cabinet Office) “...who
does some of his job in the park” caught dumping at least 100 government
documents in a park bin, one and a half hours of MPs meeting with colluding
energy suppliers - having increased profit made from each dual-fuel customer
by a massive 733% - promising fairness and relief from spiralling utility bills
resulted in one solution: peasants should switch providers (PM CallMeDave
suggested double glazing for council flats), unbeaten in 37 home games
Manchester United crashed to a 1-6 defeat by archrivals Manchester City. Sir
Alex Ferguson: “I’m shattered. I can’t believe it...our worst result in my [25
year] history – ever”, the planet population proliferating (having hit 7 billion), the
unsolvable EU crisis continues, in China 18 people totally ignored a dying
toddler lying in the street after being hit and run over by 2 lorries until a
sanitation worker dragged her body to the rubbish area, on the red carpet
Madonna admits for the thirtieth time that she closely identifies with the
Duchess of Winsor – while adoring crowds booed at the opening of her film   
W.E. because she blanked her loyal public – not a good move Madge.

Oh make it stop. I can’t read the paper, hear the news, watch
Newsnight or
Press Preview, Question Time, This Week, Daily Politics. I’m exhausted,
satiated, over-whelmed, suffering from terminal ennui. Just to add insult to
injury, we can’t escape the newly released virus, the US film
Contagion (at least
Gwynnie dies a horrible death early on). And now I’m bereft.
Spooks - killed off
after 10 brilliant years of killing off the MI5 team.  Goodbye Harry, Ruth, Calum,
Dimitri, Erin, Tariq, Lucas, Ros, Adam, Jo, Zaf, Malcolm, Connie, Tessa, Zoe,
Danny, Colin, Sam, Fiona, Juliet, Vicki, Christine, Tom...Tom? Wait. Tom
made a 5 second return in the last episode and Harry returned to his desk.
Should we live in hope?  I do hope so. Certainly we can’t have any hope
regarding reality.
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