23 June 2018
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Cashing In

All right. Just a bit about our PM. The usual. Money, money, money. Not just her
outright lie about money for the NHS. Oh look, she’s increased it by £44m from
the £350m Buffoon Boris promised on his big bus. Clue: there is no Brexit
dividend from leaving the EU. End of. None. Curious Theresa doesn’t know that.
Possibly she is pathological liar. Just saying. Is that Theresa driving the bus and
waving? Lip reading isn’t she saying: “Ha, ha. You are all such idiots. I’m going
to lie until I get what I want. Ah. My legacy. Philip! Stay down!”

Theresa actually admitted she would “look at asking for the country to contribute
more”. Euphemism for taxes naturally. “It is right, I think, that we say to people
that because the NHS is so important to us (us?) that we do look at asking for
the country to contribute more, but in a fair and balanced way.” Funnily she
never seems to realise everything she does is so transparent.

Remember when she took office, (yes, we wish we couldn’t) she promised to
distance herself from Moscow-linked donors. I know, I know. Yes, she has
broken every promise. But in the 23 months since then, her Tories have
pocketed £201,000 from Alexander Temerko, and Temerko is? Why an ex-
chairman of an agency in the Russian Defence Ministry who later ran an arms
company. What else?

Keeping it in the family, Now her husband, Phil, is a senior executive at
investment fund Capital Group. And this $1.4tn fund has billions of investments in
a defence contractor behind Trump’s detention centres. Phil is both a senior
executive at a $1.4tn global investment fund and privy to insider information from
Theresa as her “closest advisor”.

All Kidding Aside

2,300 children held in those cages favoured by The Don have not only been
laughed at and mocked, been beaten, restrained and choked by border guards
but plied with drugs normally used to control severe mental illnesses. Huh?

A report by the US Center for Investigative Reporting has revealed that holding
centres for children have been forcibly injecting them with “high doses of
powerful, dangerous anti-psychotic and psychotropic medications. The
substances used have caused disorientation, fatigue, loss of balance and of
motor function.”

As for The Don’s sudden turn-around, with regards to the children already
separated, there are no immediate changes planned for them. A spokesperson
said, “It is still very early and we are awaiting further guidance on the matter.”
What, from god? Perhaps his Evangelical devotees have a direct line.

With The Donald’s withdrawal from the UN Council on Human Rights he
reminded us of his ‘compassion’, while Theresa said the detention methods were
“disturbing”, but she insisted The Donald’s visit next month to meet the Queen
must go ahead to ensure discussion of “shared interests”. Packing children in
cages? Who knew?

And now we find out that The Don chucked a Starburst sweet at the German
Chancellor at the G7 summit. Remember that photo that looks like a painting with
Angela Merkel leaning forward, surrounded by allies. It’s reported: “He
eventually agreed and said OK, he’ll sign it. And at that point, he stood up, put
his hand in his pocket, his suit jacket pocket, and he took two Starburst candies
out, threw them on the table and said to Merkel, ‘Here, Angela. Don’t say I never
give you anything.'" Ah, a little man in so many ways.

He turned up late, left early and refused to dress for the occasion at the summit
in Canada.

Promises, Promises

It is now ‘old news’ surely, but worth a quick review. Trust me here. Well, all
right. Possibly not – but did you know: Harry is a (possible) Brexiteer? See?
Seriously, if you were anti-Brexit you would be very vocal about it and never
allow anyone to assume otherwise.

So – Brexiteer-Harry then? ”It was just a loose [sic] conversation. I think he is
open to the experiment.” Bad enough, then we have Harry on team-Trump. “Give
Donald Trump a chance.” A chance at what exactly? Well, Harry? We know not
the sharpest knife in the box, but really…. All included here…. “We’ve had
interesting conversation. He’s a smart guy…an interesting guy.” Clearly ‘a guy’
who is keen on and knowledgeable about politics. Right.

Now we know – thanks to Megan the Menace’s (remember, the new-ish title
given to her by the staff) father. The father left stressed and struggling on his
own by MM and Harry – repeatedly – after clearly the man was suffering in
more ways than physical health. Ah. Lovely, caring couple.

He appeared via video link on Good Morning Britain for £7,500. Doesn’t really
sound like much does it? “Harry asked for her hand on the phone and I said,
‘you are a gentleman, promise me you will never raise a hand against my
daughter and of course I will grant (interesting choice of words) you my
permission,” as is ‘raise a hand’. Come on now. You know you just gasped and
then had that thought: ‘where there’s smoke there’s fire’. Not that there would be
any truth to it, but my god. What a very – very strange thing to say and then
demand a promise about. Still shaking your head is utter amazement? I am.

From his B&B sofa (huh?), Thomas did notice what we all did; MM’s precious ‘I
love her so much. She’s my best friend’ mother was left totally alone during the
wedding ceremony. Thomas: “…I kind of wish she was sitting next to someone.”
Surely she did as well.“They were disappointed, but they both said, and Meghan
cried I’m sure (sure? sure? wouldn’t he notice the difference between crying
and not?)…she did cry…they both said “take care of yourself, we are worried
about you”. So much so they took a quick flight to see him – or – at least send
someone. How much are we not liking this lovely couple? Come on now, a lot.

He said he was unfazed by her becoming a royal: "My daughter has been a
princess since the day she was born.” Oops. She’s only a Duchess. Sorry,
Thomas and actually don’t you feel sorry for him?

The Royal Treatment

And speaking of princesses, Pippa’s off the list. Gosh. Not really. Having spent
so much time with the family, you would have thought wouldn’t you?

The Royal Box at Wimbledon, giving the royal wave from Buckingham Palace
balcony, attending church at Sandringham, the royals attending her wedding
and now she will only be a Mrs. God forbid she’d keep her own name when that
much money is involved. Oh oops. Did I just say that?

Her title would have been Lady Glen Affric. Huh you say? From her father-in-
law, David Matthews, and another oh oops. The very one who has been caught
out doing naughty financial dealings, but that’s not why.

David bought the title, Laird of Glen Affric in 2008, and the 10,000 acre Glen
Affric estate in the Scottish Highlands. Assuming Pippa didn’t realise it was not
hereditary. Royal expert Marlene Koenig explains: "The lairdship of Glen Affric is
a Scottish feudal barony, not a peerage." Thus, a peerage is a title which is
inherited or given by a monarch and Laird doesn't fall into this category, as it is
land ownership based in Scotland. So it’s merely mega-rich Mrs James
Matthews for Pippa.

Down and Dirty

We know there’s a shortage of loo paper in schools, but did we know hundreds
of schools were using Amazon wish lists to appeal for help buying basics like
pens and pencils? And now a new study commissioned by In Kind Direct, posed
questions to 100 primary school teachers and 2,000 parents across the UK
found 80% of teachers surveyed said they had noticed a recent rise in children
attending school unwashed or not presentable. Some 50% said they provided
pupils with essential items like washing powder, soap and shampoo on a weekly

Wouldn’t you think by now there would be mass street protests – and even riots
with parents waving toilet rolls and chanting “Give us yours! Give us yours!”
outside the Commons. But no, it’s OK, ‘hygiene poverty’ is just – erm – so
traditional, so Dickensian. No problem then.

And what do the Tories say? “Just stop. This is ridiculous. Children like being
smelly and dirty. They can be unkempt until after they leave school and become
fruit pickers. Now there they would get dirty wouldn’t they?”

Oh, what did they really say? The usual rhetoric. A Government spokesman
said: “We want all children to have the very best chances in life. We know that
the best route out of poverty is through employment, and since 2010 an extra
three million people are now in work and 300,000 fewer children are living in
absolute poverty. Meanwhile, we spend around £90b a year on working-age
benefits, including for those on low incomes.” Really? And the evidence is?
Clue: ‘absolute’ poverty. Oh, that must mean living on the streets.

Do we really need to be reminded by child psychologist Dr Richard Woolfson
that hygiene poverty has a “devastatingly negative effect on a child’s
psychological development, not just on their health but also on their confidence,
self-esteem, social relationships and class work”? I think not. Let’s keep those
peasants under-educated and under-achieving.
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