7 May 2011
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1. Obama...Osama...Obama...I'm Confused  
Obama has been taking credit for the execution of Osama. Is Obama the new
Jen, Elle, Gwynnie? Ubiquitous sightings. Could the opening of a new Gap
store in Idaho be his next press conference?  Well, perhaps not as The Gap
higher echelons have sacked their chief designer of  the last four years – a
‘clear out your desk within two minutes or we’ll shoot you’ sort of sacking.
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2. Down The Aisle Again?
Ex-Waity Katie has traded Westminster Abbey for Waitrose Angelsey. She’s
added a couple of Royal Protection Squad officers to read her shopping list to
her and place the items in her trolley - plus an escort car and the inevitable
press. “I’m over here. Here. Look at me. I’m so normal, being the Duchess of
Cambridge pushing my own trolley and I’m not even an air hostess.”
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3. The Honeymoon Is Over
People voted with their feet ; they kicked poor Nick Clegg down the stairs, out
the door, stomped on him and left him for dead, following Cameron’s lead like
sheep. Cameron’s NO to AV libellous lies were successful; the Lib Dems are
now history and the 12 month old coalition government is a hot bed of angry
back-biting and revenge. Trip wires in the halls, tacks on seats, loos ‘out of
order’ signage, voodoo dolls.
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