5 May 2014
On The Road Again

“...if they’re so close, um, I’m only three and half hours away, um, if they’re so
close, why not it’s an opportunity...I think Harry’s great...he’s sort of crazy so I
don’t think I’d be
super interested...it’d be great to meet him or it’d be great
even to catch a glimpse...”

“I drove four hours...I’m moderately obsessed with Prince Harry. Okay maybe
a little more than moderately...I’d love to meet Prince Harry...my life would be
officially complete...”

“...my friend and I drove up from Arkansas three and half hours...”

Those invited arrived at the Memphis Hunt and Polo Club on Saturday afternoon
to see the wedding uniting Lizzy Wilson and Guy Pelly. Wilson is the
granddaughter of the Holiday Inn chain founder. Pelly is the son of wealthy
Kent landowners – and is the controversial owner of London’s night club of
royal choice. So not the Anglo-American tradition of 'I've got the class, you've
got the cash' pairing then.

"It's a little chance to see the rich and the famous and how they live, live
vicariously through them," said a Memphis resident who waited for hours on a
street corner to watch the security motorcade escort the rich and famous
guests to the wedding.

Another Tennessee resident travelled 200 miles from Nashville to try to see the
royal brothers. "I find their life intriguing. I feel like they, especially with William
and Kate and Harry, they have gotten so much from their mother. They really
are on their way to changing the way the monarchy is viewed. They really are
just like everybody else, and so I thought it was very interesting to see the
places that they chose and the landmarks they visit." Oh dear. “They really are
just like everybody else.”

Thus the tourist Elvis-loving Harry had earlier been to Graceland for a private
tour with Wills, Beatrice, Eugenie and 20 others. ‘Just like everybody else’.  An
usher said: “We only do it for really major celebrities but you don’t get any
bigger than princes and princesses.” Then not ‘just like everybody else’....

One ‘Harriette’ said: “Prince Harry is in Memphis and if this isn’t god telling me
I’m the next princess I don’t know what it is.” Evidently god isn’t listening. Other
‘Harriettes’ desperately tried to locate their prince via social networks now that
he is possibly available with Cressida (momentarily?) out of the future wedding

Harry-the-obtainable gave a princely uncovered wide-mouthed yawn (lovely),
Harry looked bored, Harry ignored over-the-top partying - until Harry twerked at
Guy’s wedding.

Jimmy Church, the singer with the Nashville’s Jimmy Church Band (huh?)
which played for five hours at the reception at Memphis Hunt and Polo Club,
told the
Telegraph: "The whole thing was unreal man. William came up on stage
in his coat, and me and him were going back ‘n forth doin' 'Shout' and then he
did it on his own. I was gettin’ down, he was gettin’ down, it was wild man. He
was great, he just got the music.

They were holdin’ people up in the air and passin’ ‘em around like they were
flyin’. I've been doin’ this 50 years and I ain't ever seen anything like this.
These guys know how to party”. Pelly could have told him that.

Want to be part of the scene? Live vicariously? You can choose from a
wedding list that includes an1860 dinner service first created for the Rothschild
family - plus crystal wine glasses and goblets. What a privilege. I’m feeling rich,
famous and royal just writing about it.
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