6 May 2012
OFGS: Not Another One

Unwashed hair, a rather bulbous nose, subservient to husband - a Roman wife?
No. It's publicity-seeker Samantha Brick sounding off again.

The 'I'm so beautiful all men fall at my feet and pay for everything I desire'
clearly deluded, not beautiful or even pretty really, Brick has decided to attack
Cambridge academic, BBC's
Meet the Romans historian, Mary Beard - after
AA Gill called for her death by a thousand botox jabs. Both want Beard barred
from showing her 'ugly' face on TV. Idiots both. The woman is an ACADEMIC -
not a page 3 dim-wit.

Brick, whose husband chooses her clothes - now we really hate her - mouths
off: "Attractive woman on screen equals viewers stay viewing; woman exits
screen, viewers switch channel." Brick says she can empathise with "too ugly
for TV" Mary Beard. "I was recently the subject of worldwide condemnation for
daring to express the view that I regard myself as an attractive woman. The hate
mail and public ridicule I experienced is something I will never forget." Short


In 1895 the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch created The Scream. He was so
poor that his easel was carried away by debt collectors in lieu of a small debt of
25 marks.

It's madness. The most stolen art work, one of 4, the other 3 are part of Oslo's
national collection, pastel on board, viewed by 7,500 at Sotheby's NY, bidding
lasted 12 minutes, sold at $107m (£66.1m) with commission the final price paid
$120m, the most expensive sold at auction, auctioneer German Tobias Meyer's
personal dream come true (to be the first to take a $100m bid - he wore a
tuxedo), reproduced by Warhol, loved by many - really. "Look Mum. it's ET!"

The Qatari royal family, Ron Lauder, Philip Niarchos and Roman Abramovich
are all said to be bidders, but the Qatari royal family is thought to have splashed
the cash. Why? Assuming merely for the acquisition, not for a place of honour
(or horror) over the royal bed - but then again....

Norwegian businessman Petter Olsen was the current owner whose father was
a friend, neighbour and patron of Munch.  Proceeds of the sale will go towards
establishing an art centre and hotel in Hvitsten, Norway. Hotel?

It has been said that Munch and a friend were walking down this stretch of road
near Oslo when he was without warning overcome by horror and anxiety about
the pointlessness of life. It surely has been a source for projection by the
public. Imagine how many postcards have been bought - for less than a pound.


PM CallMeDave might want to tone down his tirades to recoup his credibility - if
he in fact ever had any. His red-faced histrionics repeatedly reveal his
hypocrisy - all right - lies. The redder, the louder, the more livid, the more
insulting, the more spiteful - the guiltier.

After his recent "Calm down dear" debacle during the common's debate, he
topped it the other day with a retirement suggestion: "Well, the honourable
gentleman has the right at any time to take his pension and I advise him to do
so." Ouch. This said to 80 year-old Labour MP since 1970, Dennis Skinner,
when the PM was being questioned regarding his hiding behind clearly guilty
culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

Skinner suggested: "Is it possibly because you know that whilst ever the culture
secretary is in the firing line, that it prevents the bullets from hitting you, the
prime minister?"

Deputy speaker Lindsay Hoyle (standing in for speaker John Bercow)
admonished CallMeDave: "There is no place in this Chamber for racism,
ageism, gender discrimination, we can go on. Dennis Skinner has been a long-
serving member of this House and like all other members he should be treated
with respect."

In January the PM over-reacted when Skinner dared to question him with: "I
often say to my children no need to go to the Natural History Museum to see a
dinosaur, come to the House of Commons at about twelve PM". Lovely. Just
lovely. The son of a miner is Skinner too working class to be the recipient of
CMD's respect? Posh boy demonstrates distain for the peasants, revealing a
nasty, immature, ill-mannered, arrogant, rude, toff. Oh Dave. Not good for re-
election ambitions.

Next week should be interesting when Hunt is hauled in to be questioned at the
Leveson Inquiry regarding the improper, inappropriate emails that haven't been
deleted between his special adviser and Murdoch’s lobbyist - CallmeDave will
be dragged in at the end of the month after being coached by lawyers.

' "I texted Rebekah Brooks more than a dozen times a day" to check on the
food she was serving. I requested freshly killed venison.' Murdock mud
muddying CMD yet?       
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