12 August 2013
The Silly Season Is Not So Silly

Summer heaven – not so silly - is Channel 4’s
Southcliffe which exposes how
vacuous, vapid, unwatchable Jane Campion’s
Top of the Lake is. OK. Her
homage to David Lynch is a comedy – but it isn’t funny.

Written by Tony Grisoni, directed by Sean Durkin,
Southcliffe features moody
English landscape, clever camera work, depth of the human experience,
brilliant actors, complex characters. Depressing – not simply the crime drama –
but the very fact that it is only four episodes. Enthralling.

Silly Season Dave

Has PM CallMeDave had too much sun whilst out and about with SamCam in
their silly summer holiday outfits? Poor Dave just can’t get it right. Where’s wife
SC’s “I’m in fashion” influence then? He’s traded in his suit-in-the-sand, but
appropriate attire eludes him and his spin doctors. LOL.

Don’t expect him to turn up – precious pricey suitcases filled with T shirts and
flip flops – in (Ukip MEP Godfrey Bloom’s) ‘Bongo Bong Land’ this summer.

With Britain leading by example in foreign aid, CallMeDave admitted the
government’s overseas aid budget is important not because it offers help and
hope to the abject poor in war-torn areas as you might assume, but to keep
“them” – those Africans – out of Britain. Lovely. Just lovely, Dave. Do you want
to repeat that to Mo (Farah) in Moscow?

Overseas aid is but a tiny amount of public spending; 1.2%. Whilst much of it
clearly does aid the despots, but not all. Revealing your ‘compassionate
conservative’ intention was so gauche, Dave. Surely those ‘Go Back Home’ or
we’ll-send-you-back vans have made your point.

Oh dear me. Now CallMeDave is fracking on. He wants fracking in the south of
the country. Kensington Gardens? Green Park perhaps? Determined to insure
that it won’t rip up his Oxfordshire neighbourhood then. CMD: fracking only
creates “...minor change to the landscape.” Oh Dave....

In the US, which is obviously enormous and has open country sans charming
medieval towns and pagan sites, there are major irreversible problems with
fracking. Quelle surprise. Not the usual earth tremors or shooting flames from
the taps, but now - no water; wells are dry. What water there is available is
contaminated with arsenic. Nearly 15 million people live with water rationing. In
Texas 30 communities will run out of water at the end of the year. Fracking
sucks water from the ground. Water has to be brought in. Oops.

CMD promised his ‘green revolution’ in 2006. Ha. Anything to win, huh, Dave?
Just like the promise to save us all on our utility bills via the innocuous exploding
the earth method – LOL. Again: anything to win, huh, Dave?

More Not So Silly

Pocket money savings website PktMny, has analysed nearly 4,000 household
chores done by children 8 to 18 years old. Guess what they discovered. Clue:
8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 58 – the system never changes. Boys get paid more than

The usual chores: dishwasher, bedrooms, pets. Girls collect £1.25, the
preferred gender collects £1.45 for the same tasks; in preparation for the girls’
future lifetime income of at least 20% less.

No worries. When little 8 year old girls eventually move into the work force, they
will know not to get pregnant because when they return from maternity leave, or
leave the hospital, they will experience a dismissive attitude towards them. 50%
of mothers report they were over-looked for promotion and 30% report junior
employees were advanced ahead of them. The women were ‘left out’, not
respected, blocked and denied. Just like at home.
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