31 December 2012
Reasons Not To Be Cheerful

The PM's New Year message: "We're heading in the right direction and I have
the evidence to prove it." No Dave. You don't. U-turn-CallMeDave has a
continuing problem: he's a consummate liar. We have been promised ruthless,
relentless austerity until 2020. But where to start: Dickensian cuts for the
disabled and mentally ill, executives with a 12% salary increase......oh why
bother. Yes Dave, "Let's look to the future...." The PM lives in that
self-possessed out of touch world of posh toffs. Civil unrest? Oh please. Storm
10 Downing Street at least.

2012 was one of the wettest since records have been kept. A brilliant year for
orchids (lovely) and slugs (ew).

The last of
The Killing (oh no!); all those 'homage to Sarah Lund' chunky
jumpers bought at Christmas (what to do, what to do...eBay?). Derek dead on
EastEnders; the only two-dimensional character (bring him back).

Christmas TV. Dire. Simply dire. Inspired by
Twenty-Twelve, Getting On,
Sherlock, Parade's End...no. We were treated to unimaginative and depressing
Him & Her, The Royale Family, Outnumbered, Mrs Brown's Boys - LOL not.
At times there was literally nothing to watch. I can't sit through
Downton Abbey
Homeland - then or now. I had thumb strain from over use of the remote.
Days merged into each other. At one point in time, I had no idea what day it
was. BBC and Sky on a continual loop with repeated stories every 30 seconds
hour upon hour, day upon day. We did get a bit of Olympic glory repeated -
once. Thank god no Diamond Jubilee to suffer through - again.
Miranda was
almost amusing despite how hysterical Amanda Hart became - too.
World's Most Dangerous Roads
called for celebration - no one died. The
repeats were simply unwatchable except for
In Bruges - the best.

Stella McCartney gets an OBE - why? Nothing to do with the surname surely.
All my Christmas presents from COS were reduced 50% on Boxing day -

Reasons to be cheerful: hmmmmm. Thinking...still thinking.
Happy New Year?
We won't know until 31/12/13....
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