2 May 2013
Money Talks

"It could have just as easily been me. It could have been me."

Kisses and cartwheels at the murder scene? Really? Amanda Knox wants to
"share her last memories of Meredith with her family." Knox wants to visit the
grave and "show her respect." She was deadly serious.

Interviewed on ABC television to push her $4 million book deal and set herself
up as an innocent abroad for her re-trial in Italy announced last month, the
obviously coached and practiced Knox used purposeful pauses, anger, tenacity
and tears with eyes darting in all NLP positions.

Did she, didn't she. Will the Kercher family ever know? Whenever she is in the
press, it is so difficult not to flip back and forth between head and heart. One
minute she seems innocent, the next a pathological liar. Clearly this woman is a
self-obsessed narcissist with a personality disorder and may have precarious
mental problems. Think back to her inexplicably bizarre behaviour at the original

Sharing last memories of her 'friend' with her 'friend's' family, her 'dream' of
having Meredith's parents take her to the grave is "on hold", as well as "I would
hope, like, I really hope that the Kerchers read my book, and they don't have to
believe me..." (they would read it for fun then?) make her look like a classic

The Week has reported five major convenient detailed inconsistencies - oh
okay, lies -  in her book. Oops.

ABC's Diane Sawyer said: "But you confessed." "What happened to me could
happen to anyone". A $4 million book advance....

The Bank of England plans to remove the social reformer Elizabeth Fry to
replace it with Churchill as the face of the £5 banknote. We've only been able
to hold her image in our hands since 2002. What could they be telling us? The
only image of women we (we?) want to view is on page 3? Evidently.

51% of the population is not included in society, government, life - forget the
lowly £5 note.
The Guardian reported that "British women are being squeezed
out of power at an accelerating rate...female participation in politics and public
life is plummeting and compares poorly with levels in many other European
countries." Just when you thought things were improving. Oh you didn't really
did you?

Rosalind Franklin surely is a better choice. Without the biophysicist, physicist,
chemist, biologist, X-ray crystallographer's crucial work on the molecular
structures of viruses, coal, graphite, RNA and DNA - Crick and Watson
wouldn't have been able to take full credit for their 1953 hypothesis regarding
the structure of DNA would they? Lest we forget, Crick ferreted through
Franklin's lab drawers for her research data - without her knowledge. A proud
moment in history.

At the age of 37 Franklin died from ovarian cancer 4 years before Crick,
Watson and Wilkins were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1962 for their work on

Then of course there's Mary Wollstonecraft....

Bob Diamond in-the-rough gave an interview in
The New York Times. A mea
culpa? Not in this privileged life.

American ex-Barclays boss proclaimed: "I never did anything for money. I
never set money as a goal. It was a result." His motivation was to acquire
garden gnomes? "I think we lived well, but it hasn't been about accumulation or
anything like that." How does the diamond geezer live so well then? And about
that indoor swimming pool in his enormous London town house. To keep the
servants happy? He has three houses in the US - including that $37m 40th floor
'pied-a-terre' penthouse. His rational is that he doesn't even own a boat. A
group hug here.

Bob earned £120m in bonuses at Barclays. But it's not about the money.

In the 'I'm back' interview Bob also touches on a Twitter taunt sent by his
daughter, Nell, following his resignation after having been "pushed out" by the
UK government. The student called her father after writing that Ed Miliband and
George Osborne could HMD or for those not in the know - 'hold my dick' -
saying: "Dad, I think I did something really bad. I think I'm in trouble." Diamond
Dad told his daughter: "Sweetie, I love you. That's so nice. I think we're
probably all in trouble." Not enough. Goodness me. Does that mean money
can't buy class, Bob?
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