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Let it Snow...Let it Snow...Let it Snow.... - 20 December 2010

“Call-me-Dave. Your image is not as shiny as it should be considering the season.”

“What? What do mean exactly, Anna-Maren? I have the taxpayers picking up your substantial
salary to keep it all shiny and deflective.”

“Call-me-Dave. Clearly you should read the papers. Five hundred thousand people have been
stranded at the airports with another hundred thousand arriving each day, thousands are queued
around St Pancras surrounding the British Library, hundreds are sleeping in their cars overnight.
It doesn’t look good.”


“Really. You should make a statement, get in touch with the press while holding the baby
naturally... something to protect the caring, compassionate family man brand we’ve groomed for
the last few years.”

“But we have a plan to dismantle the entire ideological structure of the government. No turning
back now. And seriously, let the passengers clear the runways and railway tracks themselves.
Now that we’ve eliminated all sport, it will be good for them. They’re too fat as well. The
Transport Minister told them to grit their own roads. They’re simply not listening. Do I need more

“But it’s the coldest winter in one hundred years and the weather forecasted at least a week
before the snow arrived...not very good at all.”

“Laissez-faire my dear, laissez-faire. Death to the nanny state. Victory to the private ownership...
especially when it‘s foreign based. Happy Christmas to all and gimme five.”