2. Middleton's Leg Up - On a Horse
Finally the Queen has relented and has met the Middletons. We’re told their
meeting lasted an hour and a half and they talked about horses.

Carole and Michael considered buying the 14th C Bolehyde Manor, Camilla’s
home she had shared with her previous husband listed at £5m, then they took a
crack at blood sports, but again without the desired results, so they entered the
world of horse racing, the sport of kings – and queens –as it is a favourite
passion of the Queen’s. Their purchase (with a syndicate of six) came in 6th at
Newbury recently and there is word that they plan to expand their seemingly
successful newly acquired fixation. Royal Ascot...royal box in June? Get out the

The Middleton’s party business is expanding exponentially. Life’s a party with all
family members revealing their commercial ambitions... or is that common
avariciousness? Brother James has registered at least three new businesses to
capitalise on his new royal connections. Sister Pippa is out and about
promoting her part–time endeavours: the online magazine for her parents’
business and the events management company. So it’s pink confetti petals

Michael took a turn and had a family coat of arms created for the entire family’s
use. I don’t suppose that includes cousin Kailie.

The Middletons had all been involved in the process and were keen to find a
design that ‘visually identified them as a family’. I’m feeling a bit queasy here.
The thin white chevronels symbolise mountains referencing the family’s love of
skiing. Classy.

As reported, a former Garter King of Arms, the late Peter Gwynn-Jones, had
said: 'In practice, eligibility depends upon holding a civil or military commission,
a sound university degree or professional qualification, or having achieved
some measure of distinction in a field beneficial to society as a whole.'

Apparently the College of Arms likes to include a pun wherever possible and
has made the two colours meet squarely in the centre as a play on the words
‘middle tone’, but sadly no ‘doors to manual’....

Carole has William’s image as her screensaver on her mobile. I’m not making
this up. Truly.

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