1 September 2019
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A Law Unto Himself

Sigh. Yawn. Bored yet? Delirious from constant talking-heads? Ready to leave
the country if you hear the word ‘prorogation’ ever again? Or the BBC’s pro-
Boris propaganda? Well, here are a few things that have been said that
keep you awake for more than 20 seconds
. OK. Only possibly.

In his tweet, Labour MP Clive Lewis vowed that “The police will have to remove
us from the chamber”. He also called for people to ‘take to the streets’. We will
call an extraordinary session of Parliament.” We do so want to see the police
removing them.
A little relief via drama.

And from the EU? “Sinister”. A sinister scheme as Guy Verhofstadt, former
Belgian PM, the European Parliament’s Brexit negotiator, saw it. “’Taking back
control’ has never looked so sinister.  As a fellow parliamentarian, my solidarity
is with those fighting for their forces to be heard.”

And the Queen? Now she and her advisors are “resentful” about the way that
Al/Boris handled the manipulative move. “
Resentful”? Really? No! WE are
resentful that she/they acquiested - try “unforgiven”. Waiting for “down with the
monarchy” protest marches….

And Hugh Grant. Huh? Well, he called blatantly Donny-idolising Boris
an “over-
promoted rubber bath toy
” in an, oh dear, expletive-laden tweet. “Fuck off you
over-promoted rubber bath toy. Britain is revolted by you and your little gang of
masturbatory prefects.” Gosh! And we thought only Donny was an “over-
promoted rubber bath toy”.

And let’s not ignore the crucial Moggy who dragged the Queen into the coup.
Commons leader Rees-Mogg doubted the rebels “had the courage and
gumption” to topple the government. Erm. “Gumption”? But did Moggy know that
it was originally Scottish 1719, the sense of "initiative" is first recorded 1812.

Not quoting all those hysterical/zealous/fanatical pro-Brexit papers. They should
be ashamed admonishing anyone as not true patriotic lovers of democracy.
bloody nerve!
They showed him in dramatic gestures: finger-pointing, fist-
making in a challenging boxing stance to emphasis his ruthless attempt at
unprecedented power. Pathetic all round – as usual. Ah, when an unelected
Etonian prime minister, with that working majority of one, can simply shut down
parliament out of unchecked ambition to prevent democracy using the “
will of the
” as a weapon to defeat dissent from elected representatives. Hmmm.

And as we all know, those rebel MPs are planning to force parliament to sit
through next weekend in an emergency bid to carve out more time to block Boris
from ramming through his no-deal Brexit.

With this reaction to Al’s dictatorial decision to suspend the Commons and
Lords, backbenchers are looking at the option to allow the successful passage of
an ‘EU extension bill’.
The extension bill intends to force Al to seek an extension
to the UK’s membership of the EU beyond October 31, making any exit
conditional on a deal with Brussels.

Reality check: The Commons has convened on a Saturday on just four times
since 1939. MPs met at the weekend at the outbreak of World War II and during
the Suez crisis of 1956 and Argentina’s Falklands invasion of 1982. It has sat on
a Sunday just once since 1900.

Oh, and naturally only a select few cabinet ministers were aware of Al’s secret –
always secret -  Al’s Queen’s Speech-prorogation plan.

Do You Know Who That Is?

Ignoring mr "oomph" - idiot/liar/blaming - soooo embarrassing - Al looked like an
eager, excited panting poodle at the G7, bounding round the summit with a
twelve year-old’s exuberance and tail wagging.

But what was noticeable was all 23 narcissistic, power mad men - except for
Merkle who
represented the unseen 51% of women on the planet. But while bad
enough when the WIVES were all released, let out, out all giddy and smiley -
OMG!!! Then the few that came out 'to stand by their man' wrapped their arms
around his. Ew. ALL so pathetic for 2019.

So who said: “Do you know who this is? Does everybody know? He’s going to
be a fantastic prime minister I can tell you. We’re having very, very good
meetings…the right man for the job.”
Do you know who that is? Oh dear. At his
closing G7 press conference, Donny said the US is “very close” to striking a
deal with the EU. Oh dear. Pro Morning Trade newsletter has said it is “an
astonishing comment” as official talks haven’t even started yet. Well, Donny
does live in his own un-parallel universe. The one where he wants to fire nuclear
weapons into hurricanes!!! The UK Met Office said they had –
erm, no
. But we can. OK. Now we know he’s truly insane. Next day? He called
it fake news.

Gangsta’s Paradise

Yes, they’re baaaaaack. Those Brummie partial-shaved headed, razor-
blade/cap-wearing gangsters for series 5 after two years. Yes. Yes. It’s Peakey
Blinders. I know, I know, everyone prefers series 1.

Let’s starts with the music. No, no, no. Come on now, Black Rebel Motorcycle
Club’s Beat the Devil was just soooo perfect. Atmospheric, moody, slightly
ominous –
just so cool. Series 5? Not so much. Ear-damaging, shrieking. The
first episode was a bit in love with itself and over-stylisation. Still watching and
relieved to say after the second episode, all was back to normal…as it were.
Writer Steven Knight says it’s the best so far.

The Legitimate Peaky Blinders Festival is co-curated by show creator. Really.
Who knew? Evidently, loads of devotees. It will be held on the 14 and 15
September featuring immersive theatre, live music and fashion inspired by the
series - obviously. The Birmingham neighbourhood where the original gang
operated from will be transformed through set pieces and immersive
performances. Knight will host a live Q&A on the history, politics and social
themes of series five, alongside some of the show's stars. Did I saw ‘who knew’?

There's more. Bare-knuckle boxing and live music from Primal Scream, Slaves,
Mike Skinner (DJ set), Anna Calvi, Nadine Shah with more to be confirmed.
More: David Beckham’s fashion line, Kent & Curwen, with the company’s
creative director hosting a conversation on how to achieve ‘The Peaky Look’.
Not joking. Really.

There’s more: live recreation of Peaky Blinders scenes featuring over 200
actors and audience participation is encouraged. A contemporary dance
company will be performing a specially-commissioned performance. No worries.
Food trucks pop-up bars. Tickets admission: £67.20 for a one-day. Pass the
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