November 7 2012
Kash and Karnal Knowledge

While inundated on a daily basis by the Daily Mail's daily promotion, I have
never really kared or been slightly kurious about the family that 'ks' together:
The KKKKardashians.  Nose-jobs, new breasts, perma-tans; what's not to like.

In America the letter 'K' is supposedly considered funny according to
comedians. Thus, any word beginning with K is worthy of a roll on the floor,
legs in the air, gasping for air, tears. Really? Such as

Kin: Kris, Kristen, Karen, Kendall, Kylie, another Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe,
throw Kanye West into the K-mix. I have no idea who they all are. Thankkk god.
Those in the know cite a sex tape, a $5m pay-off and Kim as the launch of the
komplete Kardashian khronicles.

Apparently the Ks have had all the tacky details of their klearly mind-numbing
lives on display for 7 seasons (with at least 2 more promised) in
Keeping Up
with the Kardashians
- emphasis on - what else - sex. Klever. Kim is the
second highest earning woman on TV. Scary.

$1bn from diet pills, debit kards (yes...the Kardashian Kards), kup kakes - and
klothing (yes...the Kardashian Kollection) for low-end US Sears stores. This
week the klothes are koming to the UK with the blessing of billionaire tax-avoider
Top Shop owner Philip Green for his Dorothy Perkins stores. Utter krap.
Krucial question: will their Kardashianj Kolors nail varnish be available. Kan't

Kim 'n Kourtney are making "stupid diva-ish demands" now that they have
arrived to push their Kardashian Kollection of klothes.
The Metro reports: K 'n K
have "angered journalists, presenters and hotel staff by forcing everyone to use
pseudonyms for the sisters at all times...they have forced everyone who comes
into contact with them to sign a non-disclosure agreement and presenters and
journalists have been given call sheets that don't have the girl's real names on
them. A source said: "Its utter madness. The girls are being treated like royalty."

Not terribly attractive the celebrity reality those Kardashians live in....

Our New President

Day-by-day, hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute for weeks we have had
'wall-to-wall coverage' thanks to BBC and Sky 24 hour news plus ITV, Channels
4 and 5 and every daily newspaper.

12 page pull-outs, pundits, pollsters, tracking polls, statistics, swing states,
maps, grids, editorials, personal interviews with the public, presenters reporting
from every state, breaking news bulletins, at least 3 'Visit the US' newspaper
supplements, pages in
the London (note) Evening Standard including
editorials/policies/polls/blogs/election night clubs/parties/bars and the most
pathetic: 'your guide for the night'. Augh. So 'we' have finally elected Obama
after all. Surprise. Surprise. So not.

YouGov revealed that 70% of Brits voted in their minds for Obama, 7% for Mitt
Romney without using their minds.

Did Sandy save the day? Or was it the predictable baby kissing, back slapping,
clinches, fabricated empathy, god, flags, recipes and wedding photos, plaid
shirts, sinister micro-targeting, eye-watering $3 billion spent, slander, nasty
lies, dirty tricks - the terribly dignified process to install "the leader of the 'free'
world". "Hey come on now. Gimme a big hug."

No scary Mormon sacred underpants in the White House, more drones as
promised personally autographed by Obama, the 'Mom in Chief' is back, the
'fiscal cliff' looming. Brilliant. Or should it be - awesome!

Now we have state-by-state analysis of the election. How many more hours,
days, weeks? Americans don't know who Cameron - or care.

Can we have UK news back.... CallMeDave has more LOL questions to answer.
Can't wait.
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