23 November 2012

Shock Horror

'Bishops, politicians and media commentators are shocked at laity's backward
step.' Shocked? Really? Why? Women are unequal, second-class,
second-rate citizens, unrepresented properly in government, culture, sport,
work, business, life - generally dissed and dismissed - oh okay - except as
sexual objects. Shock, horror. Who knew? 132 in favour to 74 against falling
short of the two-thirds majority required for women bishops to be approved by
the Church of England.

The same Church of England headed by a woman - remember her - the Queen
- has rejected women as Anglican bishops. Oh dear. Does it ever end. Clearly
not. Religion is political...realpolitik. Religions define themselves by keeping
women defined as inferior, inadequate, separate, insignificant.

One problem here, other than the obvious, is that there is no separation
between church and state. The 26 Church of England male bishops legislate by
constitutional right as they sit in the House of Lords and are exempt from The
Sex Discrimination Act 1975. Time for a separation.

The rationale used against women is that the church should not be influenced
'by fashion'. Have I been suffering from African trypanosomiasis after visiting
Swaziland where Ellinah Wamukoya was consecrated the first woman bishop
and missed when it was announced that women-as-equals is the new black?
Equality is fashion? Indeed. Who doesn't love an ignorant fundamentalist.

Another rationale is 'tradition' - or literal interpretation. After all, Jesus
surrounded himself with only Jewish male disciples. Oops. Then there is the
'God said' in the bible.... What?
God said.... "What's that?" Who's that?" "If that
voice isn't mine and it isn't yours...." "It must be GOD's!" "Quickly. Get a
papyrus scroll." Men created a political position of power. It's termed religion.
End of biblical story.

Women become priests in 1992. Only another 12 years before the vote is taken
again. Piece of good fortune; no worries as to who will do the flowers and the

MPs for Hire

Plus ca change, plus c'est la même chose. They're still at it. MPs renting out
their second (or more) tax-payer funded homes to each other. More than 300
of the toff tossers are still claiming rental allowances surreptitiously. Not to be
left out of the 'we're all in it together' mantra, Chancellor George Osborne made
a rather substantial profit of £450,000 by selling his second home in Cheshire
which was part paid for by the us. After all, 'a man's home is his castle'...and
his income via covertness.

When not continuing to pad their expenses, our MPs are off on hidden
holidays. 2 to 4 months in Qatar, Jordan, Sao Paulo, Switzerland, Sri Lanka,
South Sudan, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Cong, Chengdu, Jakarta, Japan,
Taiwan, Tbilisi, Turks & Caicos Islands, Cayman Islands, Cape Town, Korea,
Israel, India, Paris, Luxembourg, Berlin, Beirut, Korea, Krakow, Rome, Rio,
Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mexico City, Venice, Washington,
Warsaw, New York.

£1.5m spent on "send my luggage ahead" free trips in 2 years. Lobbyists,
corporations and companies, governments pay an average of £6,500 per
Parliament abandon. Now what do these MPs do exactly? Surely we can't trust
the judgement of government officials to represent our best interests after their
'fact-finding' adventures can we. Constituents - what constituents. Their excuse:
they need to educate themselves on international issues. Really. On the beach,
in Speedos, cocktail in hand on the tax-exempt Cayman Islands?

These very same 'going on a holiday' makers have crucified Tory MP Nadine
Dorries who was deprived of all first class accommodation, ate ostrich anus (or
whatever) in the Australian jungle on
I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! for
a total of 12 days. She was suspended as punishment for planning to take a
month off. She was voted off first and missed three parliamentary sessions and
no legislation. She's now recuperating in a luxury hotel on Queensland's Gold
Coast like any proper MP.

King for a Day

Newspapers have printed a-day-in-the-life series of pictures of Prince William
to convince us of his ordinariness. You can laugh here. William boiling water,
pouring the boiling water in a mug, a mug with a tea bag in it, a carton of milk,
milk poured into the mug, stand and watch tea brew, lift out tea bag, discard tea
bag, stir with a spoon, sip. Ouch. William has obviously benefited from reading
Princess-in-waiting Pippa's fab new how-to book. Apparently she really does
explain in proper detail how to make a cup of tea - by oneself. No servant

Is this a pathetic effort of The Firm in its adamant attempt to sell us on William
as next in line to the throne or was it a PR firm? We haven't had five free
minutes from the 'ordinary couple'. Here, there, everywhere. We got the
unrelenting message. Cease and desist, please. Less is more...much less.

According to recent poles, this is how the royals rate: William 62%, Harry 36,
Andrew 2, Edward 1, Anne 14, Charles 21, ex-Waity 23 - all that hair tossing,
frozen grinning and only 23%, Philip 11, the Queen 48 - surprisingly beaten by
Wills and bringing up the rear, Camilla at 2%.

Surely the crown won't be usurped if Queen-in-waiting Camilla can do anything
about it. I foresee handbags at dawn.
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