13 July 2019
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Je ne Regrette Rien, toujours et encoure

Hmm. With all that interminable frenzied Brexit demands regarding “taking back
control” curiously (not really) The Don
has been given carte blanche to have the
right to take over British politics/life.

Rebuking London Mayor, reprimanding Theresa, manipulating the end of a 40
year career of the only grown-up in the room – as well as in that country clearly.
This is now referred to as having “a chilling effect”… the last bit. And that isn’t a
reference to conservative’s and Donny’s climate denial.

So one immediate and obvious question is why would anyone take those
diplomatic disclosures of this proportion to a writer who prides herself ad  
nauseum as a ‘death to all liberals’ right-wing obsessive, former
Sunday Times
political editor, Isabel Oakeshott? Huh? Really, why? Is this a clue?
A pro-Brexit
web of deceit, disclosure, duplicity
? Oh surely never that!!! Wait. Now it has
been revealed she is having ‘a relationship’ with her lover Brexit-loving (I know)
Nige’s Brexit Party chairman. MEP Richard Tice since last year. And Mr Tice?
He was founder of Leave Means Leave. He wants Sir Kim replaced by a “pro-
Brexit businessman”. Everyone is just saying: “just saying”!

Well, they are also saying should we expect Nige to be Donny’s fave for foreign
ambassador then?
Stranger things have happened. For example: Liam Fox
“would absolutely love to do it”. Oh dear. Not pro-chlorinated-chicken-Liam! Did
we expect a dumb than dumber US president to act as ours? Oh yes we did!

We know that Al aka Boris refused six…six times!!! in the
ITV Tory leadership
to defend Dir Kim. Oh not the bus again!!! People are saying he has
thrown Sir Kim under the bus. Well, he would have if he could, wouldn’t he?

The cover story in
The Spectator has US Editor Freddy Gray saying: “It’s an
open secret that even before Darroch’s emails and his subsequent resignation,
Boris had wanted him gone. He once told a Cabinet minister that
he saw Trump
as a ‘lifeboat
’ that could rescue Brexit. Evidently, Boris’s ideal set-up would be to
persuade the EU that unless it offers Britain a reasonable deal, Britain stands
ready to form an alliance with America. Clever, Al.

If you haven’t had enough of boring Boris, here’s a bit more bla…blah…blah.
Read if you can’t sleep. Speaking to
The Sun, Boris insisted he is innocent. I
think that he’s done a superb job.” The mind cannot comprehend “
I can’t believe
they’re trying to blame me for this. It seems bizarre to me.
I’m a great supporter
of Kim’s. I worked very well with him for years. I spoke to him just now to offer
my good wishes.” Exactly what Sir Kim wanted to hear. So reassuring, eh Al?
and you know he said the same in his – erm – interview(?) with Andrew Neil. If
you dared to watch…suffer through… he didn’t shut up. Well, does he ever? It’s
getting boring, Boris. Sooooo bloody obvious!

It could have been any of us,” said an unnamed ambassador. “Yes, yes,
everyone [sees Donny’s administration as inept and dysfunctional]”, added the
French ambassador who retired last year. Sir Kim had been blanked in
December when Donny tweeted the US pulling out of Syria, nearly blanked
regarding last year’s withdrawal from Iran’s nuclear deal. Ambassadors report
that they are ignored.

More boring Boris: While Boris argues that it is in the "national interest" to allow
the American president to select our ambassador, let’s remember what Al has
said about the Trump terror. Let’s start with Donny’s “stupefying ignorance” that
proved that he was “clearly out of his mind” and was “
frankly unfit to hold the
office of president of the United States
.” Come on now. Let’s all have a laugh
together. Hahahahaha. “I would invite him to come and see the whole of London
and take him round the city - except
I wouldn’t want to expose any Londoners to
any unnecessary risk of meeting Donald Trump
.” Over to you, Donny….

NO! A survey of almost 900 Tory members found 42 percent believe the variety
of racial and cultural backgrounds in Britain has “damaged” our society, while
58 percent support the return of the death penalty. And almost half — 46
percent — said concerns about climate change had been exaggerated. Wait.
The best is that the majority! Of the Conservative Party members think (think?
can they really? oh pleeeease!)
The Don would be a good PM!!! OMG! Possibly
they are simply confused re: which blond is which.

Not Yet Another Gift That Keeps on Giving

The gift that keeps on giving isn’t a christening gift. Oh no. You didn’t send one.
Really. Seated in the same row, media consultant Sally Jones wrote in
, that she was asked by a royal protection officer to abstain from
taking any pictures of the MM.

Jones was tapped on the shoulder by royal protection officer: “Would you not
take photographs of the Duchess. She's here in a private capacity.”

“I told him it was bonkers and that even if I had been trying to snap the Duchess,
I'd have got a blurry picture of her right ear.”

“Apart from anything else, there were hundreds of people clicking away. I said
to him, 'Have you thought about having a word with any of those television
cameras?' He looked a little uncomfortable. He appeared a bit mystified as to
why he was being asked to make such a request.” As are we.

There were 12,000 people in the crowd and more than a million people watching
her on TV. Terribly private then.

‘Ladies’ are asked not to wear hats, as they tend to obscure the vision of those
seated behind them. Hmm. Not a problem for “Look at me! Look at me! Are they
looking at me!?” then. Eh? The three were not in the Royal Box because new
best famous friend Serena was playing on court one, not centre court if you
need to know that fascinating fact. Hmm.

The Worst for Last

Warning: this could make you gag or possibly throw up.

Ready? Ew…ew…ew…etc… Donny is introducing prostitutes, not just having
sex with them himself, well at the minute. His golf resort in Doral, Florida will host
a golf tournament put on (ha) by a Miami strip club.
As you do when you are
sleazy, creepy, ad inf
. Now what is on offer? Golfers to pay…Donny’s not
paying then?... for the ‘dancers’ to act as ‘caddy girls’ while they play golf.
Block out all sordid images here. Evidently Donny’s name and – erm – family
crest – who knew he had bought one? – are clearly, prominently displayed in the
strip club’s advertising. The man is suffering from acute excruciating charm.
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