1 December 2019
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"It Wasn't Me"

He just can’t help himself can he? His ‘it wasn’t me’ defence is indefensible.
Shockingly inappropriate and of course, a lie. Even before the public was made
aware that the convicted terrorist had been released from prison with a tag, Al
was announcing for tougher sentencing and an end to early release. ‘
It wasn’t
.’ It was.

At least Sky News made it very clear that Boris was cynically trying to 'get
ahead' of the news that his party's policy had freed a terrorist to kill.

had promised to cease campaigning out of respect those killed and injured
during Friday's attack. Certainly for the exceptional Sakia Jones and Jack
Merritt. Such loss. And he didn’t did he. Busy blaming Labour. Disgraceful.

Oh. And the privatisation of the probation service and offenders management,
tagging…? Hmm. Government cuts. Again. Hmm…. And ghastly Al is going to
be our PM - for ever….

In case you missed it, this is on FB encouraging youth not to vote a few hours
before the voter deadline – oh that unwavering right-wing BBC. Oops. In the final
48 hours, around a million people registered to vote in the 12 December
election. 40% of those people were under 25. So, BBC….

Dad’s Army          

You send your dad? You send an idiot? Or two. Plus a camera crew? OFGS!
Make it stop! Make them stop! No harm done surely re the lying practiced
buffoon. No matter what the facts are
Dad&Mikey were outraged!!! And what did
they do? Blame Channel 4 of course. And yes, they replaced him with a melting
ice sculpture of the planet earth for their climate debate. Nige refused but no
one cared. Daddy said when interviewed the day after he didn’t know where Al
He played the Tory game naturally as nauseum. He said Al had more
important things to do as you do as PM. We did the mountain/molehill didn’t
we…school boy games…He couldn’t stop blathering on, glorifying Mikey.

But when he went on TV to defend Al the next day, he exposed where Al gets his
charming personality. When a viewer tweeted calling Boris 'Pinocchio' – an
obvious reference - Stanley launched into a verbal assault on the brains and
writing ability of UK citizens:

requires a degree of literacy, which I think the great British public doesn't
necessarily have". When pressed, Stan admitted that he didn't think the public
could "spell 'Pinocchio' if they tried". Having seen him interviewed several times
previously, what is most striking is his – erm – lack of intelligence or cleverness.
Just saying… The presenter told him that was ‘a pejorative thing to say’, Stan
found that response to be amusing. Apple – tree/Al – Stan. Explains it all.

Well, Stan. Sir David Attenborough had something to say. Let’s start with
“shameful”. “I think that (Al’s no-show) is shameful. Well, OK, let’s not be all that
pompous about it. I mean I don’t know what else he had to do, but it would have
to be
very, very important to dodge this one.” Oh Stan….

The Tories demand Ofcom to review Channel 4's license. Channel 4 News Editor
Ben de Pear told Tory Chairman James Cleverly to “stop behaving like [Donny]
and stop playing games.” Come on now: OHHHMYYYYGODDDD!!!

Social justice group Global Justice Now (GJN) published its analysis of the
secret (what talks aren’t?) trade talks between the Tories and the US; climate
change was off the table and we know Donny’s position on climate change. Not
looking good is it? One of the reasons behind Al’s hiding from Channel 4‘s
climate debate? Surely not!

Ignorance is Bliss

Time out for some fun. Phew. Now we know our Bullingdon Boris dismissed
workers as “drunk, criminal and feckless” in a rant written for the Spectator
when he was a ‘journalist’, he dismissed working-class men as “likely to be
drunk, criminal, aimless, feckless and hopeless” – rather like him – and, oh
dear, single mums as “irresponsible”.  Single mothers have a “desire to
procreate independently of men” and are “producing a generation of ill-raised,
ignorant, aggressive and illegitimate children”. Getting pregnant is their “natural
desire”, though these “
uppity and irresponsible women” shouldn’t be blamed –
the fault lies with the modern man’s “
inability to take control of his woman”. He
insisted it was "feeble"! for a man to be unable to "take control of his woman".
Gobsmacked? Enraged? WTF! OMG! don’t even express a reaction. Oh there is
always more – and more. A 90s policy to ban drinking in public spaces was a
"planned erosion of male liberty". Here’s more of the more. The increase in
women's support for Tony Blair were due to their "fickleness".

His visionless devotees say ‘oh that was 1995.’ Right. Not working that. Oh lest
we miss that he wrote that the kids of single mothers are “ill-raised, ignorant,
aggressive and illegitimate”. Like his? And how many does he have again? Two,
three? Who knows. Does he? He won’t or can’t say.

Following his no-show in his broadcast interviews he told ITV’s Paul Brand he
had never told a lie in his political career. No!!! Not joking!!! No!!! Well, he was:
“I may have got things wrong, I may have been mistaken, but I’ve never tried to
deceive people about the way I see things.”

Oh really. Al wore a blue collar to be recorded in a butcher’s in North Devon and
Plymouth while he targeted working-class votes. Insane that all that our boy
Boris does, regardless of how blatantly revealing his actions/opinions, t
hey love
him more
. Arghhhhhhhh!!!!

Boris, being the pathological liar and proud of it, has said/promised our
negotiations with the EU would be done and dusted by 1st February 2020 – yes,
2020. Trade deals done. Not according to Michel Barnier. Annndddd if there is
no further extension to the Brexit deadline definitively rejected by Boris, MPs
have until 31 January 2020 to pass a withdrawal agreement. If that’s not done in
time, then it’s the ruinous ‘no deal’ by default. Sigh. Prof Michael Dougan of the
University of Liverpool explains the problem with Boris’ “oven-ready” Brexit deal,
describing it as a “con trick”.

Reality check: the Tories are waaaaay ahead in the YouGov polls. Seriously. A
country of idiots? Clearly. Manipulated by the sycophantic pro-Tory press, using
their headlines. Well. Idiots can’t think for themselves? Clearly not. It’s all going
to be grand innit? We’ll all unite against the evil EU and welcome with the evil
US. Can’t wait…to be in a terminal state of total despair – for ever.


Now how can we not mention during an LBC interview on 29 November, Boris
was captured on camera drawing his hand across his throat. And it wasn’t
pretty. Displaying the authentic Boris? Oh course it did. Now dubbed
‘throatgate’, people suspected (?) Boris was gesturing to host Nick Ferrari to
move the questioning on from the difficult subject of: social care. Well, he would
wouldn’t he. Charming, Al. just charming.

White Paper

FINALLY!!! FINALLY!!! The Labour party has awakened from its Marxist fantasy
– for the minute. 451 pages of unredacted documents with the details of the
secret meetings – remember, there were at least six we had been told – the US
with the government re the NHS. Thank you! However, the media doubts the
authenticity, as they would and - refusing to let the Jewish issue go. And clearly,
JC should have apologised as the – leader! – of the party! not just his opinion.
He does have that problem.
Marxist moi, moi, moi as well as it seems that he is
unable to answer a direct question – ever. And gets terribly annoyed when
asked. Flashes of temper, eh, Jez? What does he not understand? Reporters,
why he should ever be questioned? Must be a brain disorder. Small and not fully

Friends in High Places

Curious – OK, not at all – Ephraim Mirvis, the Chief Rabbi made his anti-Jezza
statement at a rather crucial time. Crucial? Totally manipulative. Machiavellian?
Totally. Conservative, friend of Boris, Mirvis described his friend as a
“longstanding friend”. Not obvious at all. Right. Predictably the press hasn’t
mentioned the Islamophobia rampant in the Tory party. Interesting that Mirvis,
admirer/good friend to Netanyahu/Boris/Israel, should give his personal opinion.
Israel’s president has congratulated Mirvis. Hmm. Religious leader interferes with
political outcome. Disgrace.

Having a Laugh

Oh not the BBC’s continuing sycophantic coverage of the Tories! OK. They ran
the ‘wrong clip’ of Boris on Remembrance Day. Right. And now they have
the audience laughing at Boris when the question of trust was brought up
on the BBC Question Time special - when it was repeated. Excuse? Oh you just
know: “for timing reasons.” Right (wing).

The BBC said there was “absolutely no
intention to mislead”. Hahahahah….
Thousands of people criticised both the edit and the broadcaster’s excuse.
Journalist Peter Oborne said the BBC‘s behaviour would be “normal on state TV
in Soviet Russia”. No comment necessary.

BBC is obviously taking its inspiration from Al/Boris: manipulate and then lie
about it. Fact: Ofcom rules require broadcasters to be
absolutely impartial in
their political reporting during general election periods. Someone tell the BBC.  

Annnddd now we know the BBC failed to mention (ie; lied) to Labour that Boris’
appearance on Andrew Neil was confirmed in order to secure Jezza’s
cooperation – and
then revealed after the Jezza interview was broadcast that Al
had reneged on his committed interview. The disastrous Neill interview with
Jezza was seen by more than three million. Hmmm.  Call Ofcom!

Cummings - so cunning. Now that YouGov has handed Boris his dream job,
Cummings on his blog had to deflate the predicted majority win – you know –
just in case there are any idiots you think they don’t have to bother to vote the
big idiot in. YouGov's seat-by-seat projection of the general election result has
predicted a 68-seat Conservative majority if voters went to the polls now - their
biggest win since 1987. Al will have enough MPs to ensure Britain will leave the
EU on January 31. En masse: head in hands here.

And that insignificant smoke and mirror manifesto? Not exactly. Smoke hiding
the lies and bribes? No. The mirror to reflect Boris’ ruthless PM ambition. Yes.
No need to do the ‘details’ – same old same old. And the stratagem? No
distractions. No truths. Simply
keep it simple for the peasants. £2.9bn on their
potholes. Phew. That should ensure a Tory win.

Hair Today, Gone…

The Don arrives next week to give lessons in how they do elections in the US.
We are doing well, but not quite dishonest, deceitful, duplicitous, corrupt
misleading, manipulative, insulting, nasty, fraudulent enough. And let’s not forget
they will be doing hair swapping tricks. Boris will be enthralled.
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