23 May 2014
Is It Something I Said

Oh dear, oh dear. An international furore has been created. Prince Charles
likened Putin's actions to those of Hitler’s in 1938-39. No surprise here, but
pundits have gathered at the royal gates to battle it out if the Royals should or
shouldn’t have an opinion on anything...publically or privately. Clearly no one
has ever forewarned Prince Philip publically or privately.

Charles’ observation was made during a (note) private conversation with a 78-
year-old Polish war refugee, Marienne Ferguson, whose relatives died in Nazi
concentration camps, the prince met yesterday at a reception for war veterans
on his four-day tour of Canada.

Ferguson told the
Daily Mail: "I had finished showing him the exhibit and talked
with him about my own family background and how I came to Canada. The
Prince then said: “And now Putin is doing just about the same as Hitler'."
Ferguson agreed with Charles as has Hillary Clinton when she had said: “...it's
what Hitler did back in the 1930s," but Putin has dreams of sending Charles to

Charles is to meet dictator Putin vis-à-vis in France next month for D-Day
commemorations. Sacré bleu! Do you reckon Charles might mention L'État

"I'm already famous; I don't need to pull people in. I don't need to make a shock
or a song or a dance about everything" Lily Allen has announced if we had
missed any of her ubiquitous appearances - doing shocking things, trying to
sing and dancing at clubs – because she is already famous. Please. Spare me.
Don’t pull me in.

Famous for being, oh perhaps an obsessive exhibitionist, total narcissist,
deeply deluded, reluctant mother and really – rather pointlessly famous.

Ukip’s ludicrous leader Nigel Farage has tried to explain away his anti-
Romanian statements due to him being ‘tired’. Seriously now. When has
anyone seen Nige ‘tired’.

Animated Nigel is always plugged into an electrical socket, always ‘on’. It’s
exhausting listening to him, it’s draining watching him.

Romanians who actually live here as neighbours to others have said that being
‘neighbourly’ is normal in Romania. “I remember my parents teaching me to get
along with our neighbours...it was very important...my parents became like
family with their neighbours, that’s the tradition.” Clearly Nigel prefers German

Being interviewed on LBC radio, normally Teflon Nigel felt ''uncomfortable''
hearing so many foreign languages spoken on trains in London. He really did
actually say that. Surely none are the millions of tourists then.

Asked whether he was uncomfortable when his wife Kirsten and their daughters
spoke German, Nigel responded: ''No, because they can speak English.''

Pressed he said: ''I don't suppose she speaks it on the train.'' Pressed on his
suggestion that he would feel uncomfortable if Romanians moved in next door.
''If you lived in London, I think you would be.'' The most international city in the
world – really?

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Ukip is massively gaining politically regardless of how
paradoxically Nigel is both dim and deflective.

The interviewer then asked: ''What about if a group of German children did?
What's the difference? Nigel responded: ''You know what the difference is.”

In a statement, Nigel said: ''The unfortunate reality is that we are in a political
union with a post-Communist country that has become highly susceptible to
organised crime.”

Nige was so tired, he forgot he was racist? Really.

The grass made me do it. The ‘I’m so attractive and you’re not’ 56 year old
BBC sports presenter, John Inverdale, has decided his crude, rude comment
last year at Wimbledon was down to grass.

When the presenter with a child’s hair style (short fringe) announced on air that
French tennis star Marion Bartoli was “never going to be looker” which
explained why her father most likely suggested tennis rather than modelling.

Inverdale had said: "I wonder if her dad did say to her when she was 12, 13,
14, 'Listen, you're never going to be a looker. You're never going to be
somebody like a Sharapova, you're never going to be somebody with long legs,
so you have to compensate for that'." Then Bartoli won the final. A smile is
appropriate here.

A year later he explains his sexist, stupid scrutiny on pollen. It searched him out
and attacked him – as it does. “I was feeling so ill that day, I had terrible hay
fever and all I could think of was that I wanted to go home to bed." He adds
“Your mind is going all over the place, we’re on air from noon till 7pm...” Never
heard of anti-histamines then, John...or working 7 hours, John...what mind,

Bartoli graciously said: "I'd known John a long time, and I knew what he was
trying to say... But the beauty of tennis is that anyone can win — tall or short".
A class act.

Here’s the fun bit: Bartoli will join little John to comment on the French Open for
ITV. He could possibly have an ambulance waiting if he should suddenly be
‘feeling ill’.

But Inverdale has now been replaced by the likeable Clare Balding as presenter
of Radio 5 Live's Wimbledon coverage. I wonder if he will make derogatory
comments on lesbian presenters. Only if the pollen count is high.
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