6 December 2014
Housing Hypocrite Moi?

Channel 4's Gogglebox 'posh couple', Steph 'n Dom, have Nige for drinks on an
upcoming show: Steph and Dom Meet Nigel Farage. How exciting is that? So not
at all. Nige gets drunk. How new is that? So not at all.

Poor Mr Ukip pleads poverty. Poor Nige tells Steph 'n Dom that "I don't know
anybody in politics as poor as we are." So Nige has inside information on all
Westminster employees? Really? Nige doesn't stop there. Needy, disadvantaged
Nige only has one “small semi-detached house in the country”, does not drive a
“flash car” and he and his wife Kirsten “don’t have expensive holidays, we
haven't done for 10 years”. Oh boo hoo. Time to take up a collection...for their
deserved expensive holiday naturally.

On a current official salary of £79,000, office allowances of £42,600 a year plus
his wife’s salary (your remember, she works for him), the Farage couple are
raking in £109,000. So close to the poverty line it's scary. Will we see them at
one of the many food banks? Oh dear. Nige doesn't do tinned fruit. What to do...
what to do....

Nige is clearly in touch with 'his people'... you know, his working class people...
you know, his devotees. The UK’s median gross pay for full-time employees is
£517 a week, with 'poverty' set at 60 per cent of that level. Shouldn't someone
inform Nige when he returns from his budget holiday?

Legless-Nige manages to stumble on a step in Steph 'n Dom's garden and
smashes a glass of champagne. He is then sent off to change his trousers to
return wearing a ripped pair of Dom's jeans having rejected a leather pair. What
an image that would have been. Nige-in-leather. Oh dear, oh dear. What would
Kirsten say? Best not to even imagine....

In an interview with the
Radio Times – which estimated his house to be worth
£540,000 – Nige says he had drunk two-and-a-half pints in the pub with the
couple and continued a “steady consumption of five or six glasses of wine and
champagne". Hmmm. How old is he? Twelve?

Nige blamed his stumble on “physical incapacity” due to the injuries he suffered
during the plane crash he was involved in on the day of the 2010 general
election. Not due to his alcoholic state then. Oh Nige.

Give this a little think: if Nige is so out of touch to the point of unconscious denial
regarding his wealth, holiday status, his drunkenness, the working class - what
else is his small brain missing. I'll answer for you: everything else.

Housing Hypocrite Moi Aussi?

Murdoch clearly doesn't like Russell Brand. Splashed across the front page of
The Sun tabloid is their label for him: hypocrite, followed by an article that
alleged RB paid a substantial sum of rent for a luxury loft in Hoxton to a company
which it claimed avoided tax by being based in the British Virgin Islands.

If you have forgotten or simply didn't give a monkey's, RB recently won
substantial damages from
The Sun for a false report that alleged he had been
unfaithful to his then girlfriend, Jemma Khan. A moment of tabloid revenge then?

To prove it's allegation,
The Sun cites an extract from RB's new book Revolution:
“If they don’t pay tax, we’ll reclaim their assets and give them to the people that
(sic) work there." RB says when he wins his latest legal settlement against the
tabloid, he will give all the money to the New Era residents and the Justice for
the 96 Hillsborough campaign.

The Sun couldn't do it, then there was Channel 4 out to get Brand. RB was
supporting the 400-strong Hackney New Era protestors outside Downing Street
last week. The group plus the very vocal Brand were demonstrating against the
tripling of rent on a Hoxton estate due to a planned development. Currently 93
families are threatened with eviction. RB's intention was to present a petition
signed by 294,000 to stop new construction work.

Channel 4's journalist, Paraic O’Brien, suggested rather provocatively you could
say that RB was part of the reason why London housing prices were rising
beyond the affordable level was because the uber-rich were buying up all the
property for extortionate sums. O'Brian asked Brand: “How much did you pay
for your place?” Excuse moi.

Brand retorted irately. “It’s rented and I’m not here to talk about my rent, mate.”
The conversation between RB and his 'mate' soon escalated: “Snides like you
undermine it,” Brand pointing at the reporter. “You’re a snide.” Erm. Can he be
'a' snide? Snide as a noun not snide as an adjective? Oh Russell. You and your
language manipulation.

The Sun has reported Brand's rent to be a £76,200 a year. Really.

Regardless of Brand's unpopularity with the press, at least he is out and about
stirring things up before he retreats to his luxury lifestyle. Who else is?
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