5 August 2013
The Silly Season Gets Serious

This is the longest election campaign and oh dear, it’s really just beginning.
Help. The most recent spin to win:

Break out the champagne – in 2015. Parents with a combined income of
£300,000 per annum will receive a gift of £1,200 in the guise of childcare
vouchers. That’s £25,000 a month plus that eye-watering £1,200 a year.
Childcare per week in London is £14,000 per child. £1,200? Really.

MP Sharon Hodgson, Labour’s Shadow Children’s Minister: “Working parents
with two children have already lost £1,500 a year from the cut in childcare tax
credits. Added to that, many mums have lost hundreds of pounds because of
cuts to maternity pay, child benefit and pregnancy grants. By the next election,
George Osborne will have taken a total of £15 billion out of parents’ pockets.
Childcare costs are rising faster than wages.” You do the maths – because
clearly the Tory boys can’t.

When parents in the UK have to hand over 43% of their income to childcare,
while in France it’s 15% and in Germany it’s 10% - what does that say? It
screams create crèches! – obviously. Require those non-tax paying multi-
national corporations to set them up in situ – obviously.

This newest ploy in the Tories’ ideological social engineering, with a price tag
of £1 billon, is intentionally creating a further gaping gap between those
penniless peasants and the posh. Shameful.

Multi-millionaire patronising, penalising Chancellor Georgie Boy has told
mothers staying home it’s a ‘life style choice’. Not that they can afford to go to

Clearly the Tory toffs are rolling in the aisles of the House of Commons in
merrymaking and mirth – when they bother to show up.

21 Months and Dying For It All To Be Over

Tory chief election strategist, Australian Lynton Crosby has been establishing a
US style ‘dirty campaign’. On his own and with the aid of Bush-heir-Obama’s
2012 campaign manager, Jim Messina. Known as a ruthless social media
master who favours ‘digging up dirt’ on the opposition and utilising Twitter and
Facebook to expose all. Just when you think it can’t get more irritating and now

Low-life-Lynton plans to delve into the possible personal lives of elected Ukip
members or “fuckers” as LLL refers to them. Lovely. Terribly professional. He’s
looking for paedophiles and/or racists - or any who have declared bankruptcy –
huh? PM CallMeDave referred to Ukip as being full of “fruitcakes, loonies and
closet racists” in 2009. LLL has added paedophiles.

Where’s Ed? Where
is Ed? Labour has allowed the nasty-nazi party to take
total control of the electorate’s small brains by hammering simple simplistic
issues with a polo mallet as well as that everything that has gone wrong is ‘the
mess that Labour left us’. Every time I hear that I feel a primordial rage welling
up in my primitive brain. If all that the nasty boys do is so bloody obvious – and
it is – what the hell is Labour doing? Nothing. If heard from at all, they merely
repeat Tory ideology. Time for Ed to go. It has been suggested that clever
lizard-like Peter Mandelson should be invited back to advise. OK. But get
someone FGS!

Stop, Search, Dispose Of

Unless you are white, blonde and blue-eyed, don’t take the tube or you’ll be
sent to Papua New Guinea or Zimbabwe or Congo or....

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) detained and intimidated dozens of non-white
non-blondes at London tube stations and demanded to see their papers.

Illegally some of these officials removed their badges, refused to give their
names and threatened concerned witnesses with arrest when their tactics were

Even anti-immigration Ukip leader, Nigel Farage, thought the stop and terrorize
was “un-British”. Well, Nigel, it isn’t un-British any more.

The only Brits responding to this racial profiling were 30 women in Southwall
who came together spontaneously.

No worries. As long as we keep those highly-educated, super-skilled
immigrants out, Britain will prosper. All we need now is a charismatic anti-Christ
to lead us into the void.

At least Harry will be prepared. He can rescue his Nazi ‘fancy dress’ uniform.
Remember that? Unless of course he has lent it to CallMeDave....
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