10 January 2013
Gender Bending

Some statistics reveal the reality:

Britain: 1 rape occurs every 7 minutes. 2 women are murdered by their
partners every week. 1% are convicted. What a woman wore, if she was
flirtatious, how many drinks she had all meant: she was asking, begging,
gagging for it.

Sweden: twice as many as in Britain.

Norway: 1 in 10. 48% of men see rape as a natural result of a woman's flirting.

South Africa: gang rape is considered fun.

US: 1 in 5. Endemic at universities where rape, 1 every 24 hours, is not
considered rape.

India: a 873% increase since independence. Rapes have double in 10 years.
Predictably Indian political and religious leaders have placed blame on the

A US judge had previously announced rape is impossible if the woman doesn't
want to be raped. "The body shuts down". Now there is an interesting
physiological phenomenon.

Several 'spiritual' leaders in India stated the 23 year old student was guilty. If
she had begged, calmed and prayed with, called the vicious rapists 'brothers',
she wouldn't have been raped with a metal pipe resulting in having nearly all of
her intestines remove, been genitally mutilated, beaten unconscious, suffered
brain damage, thrown naked from the bus while the driver then tried to run her
over, died.

A FATWA has been issued by a prominent Saudi cleric that calls for the gang
rape of Syrian women and girls specifying " 'the intercourse marriages' should
last only a few hours in order to give each fighter a turn."

The UN: more than 200 million girls are 'missing' worldwide. Gendercide: female
babies are aborted, abandoned, smothered, strangled.  

Endemic cultural misogyny in North Africa, the Middle East, South Asia is too
deep-rooted to even imagine a shift in attitude.

In a world of misogyny - the world - girls are fed less, undereducated if at all,
sold into slavery.

Full gender equality is a fantasy. Can you imagine men in the West marching
to ban 'Booth Babes' at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, page 3,
Kat's breasts on EastEnders? Never.  

Torture, blood, gore and guts, mutilation, nudity - all gratuitous - all revealing a
deeply felt misogyny clearly not just of the period. Oh. It's the BBC's latest
Sunday night family viewing offered at the altar of misogyny.
Ripper Street.
What were the writers trying to achieve? What were they thinking? Or not. It
should have been a dark, atmospheric, slightly scary period piece; East
London 1889. Instead it's homage to women getting what they deserve: death
by the most horrible means. It's an opportunity to show them naked and cut up.
5 more in the series to look forward to, if you relish really nasty and creepy.

The situation in a Birmingham prison is so dire, the justice minister has been
requested to intervene, due to the sharp increase in the number of sex
offenders - not enough room to contain them all.

The Church of England has just rejected women bishops, but will now allow gay
clergy to occupy the position - provided they don't have sex with their partners.

At the end of the day the question is always: why? Why do men - and women
demonstrate such rage towards women? From condescending trivializing to
pure hatred. Why? A testosterone- fuelled desire for power? Really?

Then there is the question: why do women accept it? Why do they allow
themselves to be reduced to buying stilettos and sexy underwear for men,
handbags for women? Why do they insist on having their entire identity based
on the approval of men? Why do they read the unreadable
50 Shades trilogy?
Sad. No. Pathetic.

Plastic surgery now begins at 16 offered as a birthday present. Waxing to
reduce women (and teenage girls) to pre-pubescent children. Think about it.
Creepy and undeniably paedophilic.  So. Women. Do something. Design
something. Create something. Invent something. Save the world. Save yourself  

Clearly men and women need to demand full and total equality - and it's never
going to happen.

Men's Fashion week has shown vivid colours, gold earring and gold brocade,
massive knitted mittens, enormous face-covering snoods. frilled knee-length
boots, leather dresses, feathery shorts, ruffled shorts and matching bandeau,
kilts, knitted jumpers with 'Please Kill Me' spelled out in flowers, orange.

A bit of gender-bending was obvious. Male designers have simultaneously
created androgynous looks for women. Hmmmm. Curious.  Very curious.
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