3 March 2012
Only Fools and Horses

Last week PM CallMeDave got off his high horse when forced to admit he had
ridden ex-police horse, Raisa, loaned by the Metropolitan Police to the
disgraced News International ex-boss Rebekah Brooks. No 10 spent 3 days
denying any horse trading was involved in his frequent visits to her stables. This
after more than a year of No 10 cover-ups.

Straight from the horse's mouth and clearly lacking any horse sense, CMD
continued the charade: ‘It’s a matter of record that I have ridden horses with
Rebekah Brooks’s husband in my constituency. Since becoming PM I may
have got on a horse once, but not that one.’ Now why does that remind us of
Clinton? It must have been a horse of another colour. But former
News of the
journalist Paul McMullan revealed: “Cameron went horse riding regularly
with Rebekah."

Member of Oxfordshire horsey Chipping Norton set CMD admitted he had been
riding with Brooks' racehorse trainer, columnist on
The Sunday Telegraph
husband. The horseshit spin on this was to 'improve his hunting style'. Hunting
style? Maiming animals while galloping?

Disgraced phone-hacker/former
News of the World editor/close associate of
Brooks/employed by CMD as his head of communications, Andy Coulson
refuted all when questioned regarding the horse play rumour. Later a
spokesman confirmed confused CMD did in fact know the horse was an ex-
police horse and that the memory-challenged PM had mounted it "more than

Full steed ahead CMD tried stand-up: "I went out with (London Mayor) Boris
this morning. We went for a ride (pause) on the Underground!"

"I am very sorry to hear that Raisa is no longer with us and I think I should
probably conclude by saying I don't think I will be getting back into the saddle
any time soon." Not laughing, Dave.

As part of his inquiry into press ethics Lord Justice Leveson may question the
PM's close friendship with Brooks. Now that should be a laugh.

Oh dear oh dear. Has Thatcher-admirer American Steve Hilton put on/pulled up
his socks and decided to return to California because of Horsegate? Not really,
but the T-shirt wearing spin master has been unable to carry out cruel and
unnecessary punishment on mothers, consumer rights, the NHS, etc, to the
extent he had planned. What will CMD do without his horse's mouth(piece),
strategy guru, Tory agenda setting, source of his 'we're all in it together' image?
No worries. He'll be back to get our CMD 're-elected'. It being the most
important ride of his life, surely CMD didn't want to look a gift horse in the
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