27 October 2013
Face It

‘He’s soooooooooooo gorgeous... He looks exactly like William...He’s
gorgeous...Compare William at his christening and they are identical...’ Really?
And here I thought baby George looked more like Henry VIII or Ex-Waity’s
‘bonga-bonga-uncle’ Gary Goldsmith. Baby and father share hairstyles, while
William has a bit more - for the moment.

‘William likes to do things his way’ which translates into blanking the ‘minor
royals’: aunt, two uncles, sister-in-law, cousins while including his ‘minor middle
class’ Middleton substitute family he clearly considers ‘normal’. A small knowing
smile is appropriate here.

His cousin, Zara plus his posh friends made up the seven godparents.  No
'normal' person need apply.

Sadly or is it – will George really ever be king? Will William for that matter. All
this we-are-so-young-and-modern-just-like-all-of-you won’t really be as
effective when they are in their 60’s will it. And to be honest, it isn’t really
working well now is it.

Pippa had to upstage one way or another so she splashed out on truly creepy
£7,000 silver casts of baby George’s hands and feet. So what could the
problem be you might ask. The tops of the moulds are sliced off. Block out
those horrific images of machetes and Rwanda. Although apparently a large
silver hallmark is stamped on the tops. Oh dear. Images of hot branding irons
on flesh. Aughhhh. Creepy – and well, rather tacky. £7,000 worth.

Curiously it has been mentioned that Ex-Waity looks surprisingly ‘detached’
while holding the baby for the celebrity photos. Just saying. Surely we are to
assume a silver polishing servant was included in the pretentious present.

New face for the leading role of Fifty Shades film is Jamie Doran; ex-Calvin
Klein underwear model, ex-boyfriend of Keira Knightley, ex-band member.

He ever so ironically comes from Holywood (not a typo) in Northern Ireland. His
father is an obstetrician.

He was brilliant in BBC’s crime drama
The Fall with Gillian Anderson. Truly
deeply disturbing character; in line with his new role.

“The actor is expected to be signed up for three or ‘possibly four'
Fifty Shades
of Grey
films.” Zut alors!  Please say it isn’t true. Four or five? Four or five?
How much toe-curling, utter sexist rubbish can we endure? Unless the audience
is willing to be blindfolded and handcuffed to their seats.

Not going to see it...the first, second, third, fourth or fifth. The book was so
excruciatingly written (I could only read 2 paragraphs in the book shop before I
had to suppress a gag reflex as a result of possibly the worst ‘writing’ I have
even read) - even with Sam Taylor-Wood as director rather than some porn-
producing-basement-based smarmy amateur.

Face-less surveillance-obsessed US has now been caught out listening to the
personal phone calls of Angela Merkel for at least the last 10 years. Merkel.
Who lived under the Stasi....

“We’re not having spaetzle again tonight are we?” “Oh those Obamas always
send the most inappropriate presents. A plastic Christmas tree again same as
last year.” Clearly Obama should have paid more attention to her Christmas
wish list. He has had time to memorise it as he knew her phones had been
monitored for the last three years. He ‘assured’ his good friend Angela that he
was totally unaware information on her was collated in the US Embassy and
sent directly to the White House. You know. That White House where Obama

PM CallMeDave has escaped. He’s thrilled to be part of the biggest surveillance
system on the planet. Must be our prized reputation as Pavlovian poodles – as
well as being the 51st state.

NSA uses the North Yorkshire facility to listen to 35 other world leaders, private
people (not so private), corporations and governments.

Latest US whistleblower, J. Kirk Wiebe, who worked for the NSA for 30 years
has revealed Britain’s complicity. Wiebe left the NSA in 2001 over fears it was
gathering ‘huge swathes’ of electronic data illegally  from US citizens as well as
globally. He said: “If the information didn’t come from there, it is almost a
certainty that it would have been processed there.”

It was reported that US intelligence operates a global network of 80 electronic
listening posts including 19 in European cities; Paris, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, etc.

Former CIA deputy director, Michael Morrell said that Edward Snowden was a
traitor to his country. “I think this is the most serious leak - the most serious
compromise of classified information in the history of the US intelligence
community.” I hear uproarious laughter.

Yes, yes. Everybody’s at it. Everybody’s been at it since WWII, but this is a bit
much n’est pas? Their entitlement/arrogance doesn’t help matters. “If you’ve
nothing to hide...” - you should. Oh that old brain-washing modus operendi
delivered by totalitarian states. Hmmmmm.  Clearly it is the end of any illusion
of democracy – as if there ever was one.
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