The ‘f’ word: involved in a £20,000 out of court settlement regarding his harsh
bullying sexist behaviour, Tory MP Dominic Raab’s view of women is terribly
mature. He said men were victims of 'flagrant discrimination' and insisted that
“from the cradle to the grave men are getting a ‘raw deal’. Men work longer
hours, die earlier, but retire later than women.” (I’m tearing up here.) This
appalling injustice seemingly due to the ‘obnoxious bigotry’ by feminists “who
make ridiculous assertions like men causing the banking crisis.”

This his position in regards to implementing the government’s Equality Act while
women make 20% less as they frequently fall unconscious from banging their
heads on the glass ceiling.

“Men earn more because they are more aggressive in pay negotiations.” DR
thinks it’s time for men to fight back. “It’s time men burned their briefs, to put to
an end once and for all.”

Once and for all to the million women who are ‘missing’, ie; murdered? Or
closer to his North London home: the consequence of domestic violence in
London costs £2.5 million a day. Each domestic murder costs £1million. One in
four women experience domestic violence. The number of women killed by their
partner has increased 40% in 2 years. Those damn feminist bigots. Clearly
asking for it.

The ‘it’ girl: long time, obscenely paid Sky Sports football presenters Andy Gray
and Richard Keys sacked/quit after caught ‘bantering’ that a totally competent
female lineswoman couldn’t possibly comprehend the complicated offside rule.
As it turns out, she could have called any play accurately in her sleep after
drinking with the boys for two days.

Asking for assistance, pulling his trousers out at the waist, pointing at his
crotch, Gray has been videotaped asking the much repeated question to his
female co-producer: ‘is this a microphone in my pocket or am I glad to see
you?’ (Actually he said: “Just tuck that in for me would you?”).

While Keys is shown asking former Liverpool and Spurs player Jamie
Redknapp if he "smashed it", referring to his ex, Louise Glass, as ‘it’. "Mind
you, that's a stupid question, if you were anywhere near it, you definitely
smashed it. You could have gone round there any night and found Redknapp
hanging out the back of it," laughing.

Keys’ wife told the press his chauvinism was down to “banter from the boys”. I
see. That old excuse: boys will be boys rubbish. What about men will be men?
Power-mad Sky/Times/Sunday Times/News of the World/Sun owner Rupert
Murdoch declared regarding the issue in an editorial meeting at the Times:
“This country has lost its sense of humour”. The media-greedy tycoon, in
alliance with Call-me-Dave PM for a hostile takeover of British media,
apparently said Gray's comments about the lineswoman were similar to “what
women say about other women”.  Was he referring to porn-page-three
‘glamour’ (I love a euphemism) models? “What’s it doing now?” “Oh it plans to
blag a footballer.” “It will surely be successful with her new breasts.” “Newest
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