3 July 2013
Royal Entitlement Rights

Time to shove our collective hands down the back of the sofa. Ex-Waity and
Wills need £1 million to ‘upgrade’ their digs. Hmmm. We were told they were
going to be ‘normal’, one of us, just like us and planned to live in a hovel in
Wales. Oh. A cottage. My mistake.

You wouldn’t have thought The Firm would have spun this rather amazing
amount on a day when our esteemed Chancellor George had dug the knife into
the already bleeding poor with his Spending Review: all new claimants must wait
a week before claiming Job Seeker’s allowance. He celebrated with a ‘look how
normal I am eating my £10 hamburger’ photo op.

The Queen won’t have to wait a week for her allowance; she claims a 5% pay
rise due to record profits from the Crown Estate. That’s £2m to you and me. So
why doesn’t she splash out on new bespoke curtains for the deserving couple?

Last year she added another £1m to her annual £10m grant. Consider the poor
corgis’ needs please. Curiously we are all sliding down the slippery slope
towards poverty, food banks, helplessness, homelessness while the royals are
adding more than spare change to their bank accounts.

Goodness gracious me; then there is Charles. His private income has
increased by 4% or £700,000. He is being pressured to reveal what goes on
behind closed doors regarding his private landed estate, the Duchy of Cornwall,
which is exempt from corporation and capital gains tax. His earned income
from the Duchy is £19m – almost £1m up from last year.

While our lives are totally transparent and being monitored, the buying, renting
and selling of the Duchy spoils takes place in total secret. Two farms were sold
for a £6m profit...£1.3m is collected from land rented to Dartmoor Prison...even
10% is taken from a bar in Exeter – The Hole in the Wall...rent from the Oval
cricket ground...£2.2m from a massive distribution centre used by Waitrose, ad

Could this explain Waitrose’s choice to stock products produced by the Duchy
and lest we forget...royal-want-to-be Pippa was given a column in their
magazine to instruct us on ice cube making. Shameful. A shame their produce
is over-priced and poor-quality now.

But back to the entitled titled. Their 4 storeys, 21 room apartment for the 2 plus
1 needs refurbishing. 21. Really? One room for Ex-W’s loved-locks to receive
their daily-three-hour-coiffed-perfection perhaps.

They’ve told us it is for a new boiler and roof repair and naturally scatter
cushions here and there.

Profits from the Duchy support Camilla, Wills, Ex-Waity and Harry. Perhaps
Wills and Ex-W could live in one of the 50 flats and houses owned by the
Duchy. Well, perhaps not; those are in Kennington, not Kensington...houses
not palaces.

Let’s travel: flights for the couple’s tours to Singapore - £370,590...Charles
managed on a meagre £235,325 for his eight- day Middle-East tour. A bargain
surely. But his love of trains has cost us £33,547 for two-days and £34,547 for
another UK adventure...Anne charged us £43,176 for a trip to Johannesburg...
Andrew mourned the death of Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdul-Aziz of Saudi
Arabia while we mourned the loss of £86,092.

Surely the peasants with coins in hand will say ‘but they are good value for
money’ -  but are they?
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