14 June 2014
Enemies of the Earth

Most of Europe, Wales, Scotland have read the evaluations, reports, facts
regarding GM crops and what is England planning to do? Plant them.

Did you seriously think this riches-for-the-rich ideologically driven Conservative
capitalist conspiratorial government would do anything other than? No guessing
needed here.

Perhaps Secretary of State, Owen Patterson, who wants to make England “a
GM country” should be round up, set loose in an open field and sprayed with
the poisonous weed-killer RoundUp.

Sit back, relax and imagine the famous
North by Northwest scene...you know,
Cary Grant running in the tall grass, small plane chasing him.... Ah. A satisfying

And here I thought government was meant to function as representative of the
people. The very same who vigorously oppose Frankenstein foods. Fool me.

Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Marks and Spencer  - not M&S! are using GM
animal feed – but don’t tell anyone – they haven’t told us.

Am I Glowing Yet?

No worries regarding thinner than thin, skinny as an anorexic Ex-Waity. She
wants to work on creating a ‘radiant’ complexion and maintaining her svelte
figure by taking up a diet (repeat: diet) of raw food – surely organic. No GM for

So much to do, so little time. Five hours a day devoted to her hair, a few hours
planning her ‘mature’ outfits, a few practicing the smile and now chewing raw
veggies. Oh dear. She must be shattered at the end of the day. How will she

Flag It

PM CallMeDave has a (not so) coded message to British fundamentalists: get
British. Take up those revered British values - be loud and proud, wear the flag;
“We should not be squeamish about our achievements, or bashful about our

Brits bashful? Really? The irony is obvious. Not to blatantly display ‘British
values’ – cue fairness, civility, tolerance – is a British value.

“Our values and respect for the history that helped deliver them and the
institutions that uphold them form the bedrock of Britishness” by which CMD
surely means rewarding the bankers, cutting welfare for the disabled, total
surveillance of the citizenry – oh yes, he did mention fish and chips and
football, but not queuing.

Or as columnist, Mathew Norman wrote in the i: “...’British values’ over the past
35 years...have coalesced, politically and culturally, with American values. The
primacy of individualism over collectivism, the supremacy of the barely
tempered free market over responsible capitalism, the erosion of workers’ rights
and exponential increase in the wealth of the wealthiest, greed and corrupt
politicians and the torture or collusion in torture of those presumed to be
innocent. Britain has gazed longingly across the Atlantic and been bedazzled
by the very worst of the US.”

Or as playwright, Alan Bennett wrote in the Independent regarding the
privatisation of British public institutions: “And why roll back the state only to be
rolled over by corporate entities that have been allowed, even encouraged to
take its place? I am uneasy when prisons are run for profit or health services
either.” The pursuit of privatisation is driven by ideologues who are “as
convinced of their own righteousness...”

Dave couldn’t have said it better himself.
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