10 November 2019
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In the National Executive Committee meeting, deputy leader Tom Watson wanted
to know why his West Midlands colleague, Roger Godsiff was being axed as a
Labour candidate. Tom was told it was because Godsiff had rebelled four times
on Brexit earlier this year. So what did Tom have to say about that? He clearly
couldn’t resist and said: “Jeremy rebelled 500 times against this party, but was
always readopted by the NEC as a candidate.” Point made.

Another quote to note: “
They’re coming for me.” And they did. So single-
minded, small-minded Momentum manically-possessed Jon Lansman won
having been determined to get Tom out as did – augh - Diane Abbott and
Rebecca Long-Bailey. Another quote: Tom said at the time the experience was
an attempted “drive-by shooting”. Hmm. Indeed.

Apparently a lover of music, include karaoke in that, a song close to his heart is
Blondie’s Heart of Glass. “It was No1 when I went to my first Labour Party young
socialist disco…” Ahh. The memories.

And his new memories will be the horseradish plant JC gave him
as a parting
. Horseradish root? JC gave Tom a horseradish root and wished them to
thrive? Hmm. Irony alert. Evidently grated horseradish is used during Jewish
Passover. No. really. JC: “This is not the end of our work together.” Best to go
into hiding Tom.

Common Decency

Hmm. “Common Sense”? Hmm. “Common”? Interesting choice of words,
Moggy. The common commoners needed to have common sense. Hmm. We
are all aware of Rees-Moggs’ terribly insensitive comments regarding the
Grenfell horrors. Clearly Moggy knows nothing about the actual situation that
occurred. Then Stormzy stormed in with a demand for Moggy’s resignation.
Huh? Stormzy? What am I missing here? No one seems to have responded.

Oh those Tories just can’t help themselves can they? Tory MP Andrew Bridgen
has apologised after suggesting that Moggy would have survived the Grenfell
Tower tragedy because he is
more "clever" than the victims. How clever,
Andrew. Asked if he was suggesting that Moggy was "cleverer" than the people
who died in the fire, he said: "But we want very clever people running the
country, and that is a bi-product of what Jacob is. And that is why he is in a
position of authority. What
he is actually saying is 'I would have made a better
decision than the authority figures who gave that advice'." Not quite. Moggy has
since been hidden away. Not the clever Mr Bridgen?


Jezza has threatened shadow cabinet dissenters; they must fall into line. Must.
Speaking to the Guardian JC said he had instructed frontbench colleagues to fall
into line after divisions over Brexit sparked a furious row over whether to go for
an election. “I just said, ‘look, this debate is now over. We’ve done it, the party
has now made its decision,
and that’s it; and that’s what we’re going to
campaign on’”. Oh Jezza. You unrestrained Brexiteer. Lenin caps at the ready.

Moving the Goal

Annnnd here they come. The Labour party is moving north. Labour’s Treasury
ministers will meet outside of London and will have a ministerial office in the
North. The centre of gravity of political gravity is shifting away from London. Ah,
that Northern powerhouse of rabid Brexiteers. JC must be very happy.
McDonnell will promise
an “irreversible shift” of political power from London to
the North under a Labour government. New area to splash the cash then.
McDonnell is bribing voters with a substantial £55 billion a year of investment in
public services, infrastructure and green industrial re-engineering from 2020.
Spend, spend, spend….

Drug Lords

Dispatches on ch4 revealed the covert pressure the US is putting on the UK to
increase NHS spending of £18 billion to £46 billion a year - or £500m extra a

“Valuing innovation” is now replacing “drug pricing” to hide what is going on
behind those closed doors. Naturally all the discussions are in total secret. As
they would be when there have been six face to face meetings between UK
senior British trade officials and representatives of US drug firms in their
intractable, determined,
fanatical invasion and take-over of the NHS drug policy.
US lobbyists have spent a shocking, mouth dropping one half a billion dollars!!!
to creative “competitive market pricing” ie; an astronomical increase for full
access of US products.

Donny’s government has successfully manipulated such deals with other
countries, but now wants to make it mandatory for ALL new trade deals. Are we
thinking the inevitable with
the two blonds making undisclosed decisions? We

Запретный плод сладок  (forbidden fruit is sweetest)

The following reminder: it’s the Tories and you couldn’t make it up. We know that
Al/Boris has delayed publication of a dossier on alleged Russian interference in
UK voting, Russian bot attacks, and Russian funding of Conservatives. Told you.
This comes after Al’s link to a “Russian agent” was questioned at a US House
intelligence committee hearing. Seriously. You couldn’t, but you could try – to
make it up. This following an
investigation that claimed the Kremlin had targeted
leading Tories.

One Russian Embassy senior diplomat, Sergey Nalobin, whose father worked
for the KGB and brother for its successor, was subsequently ‘expelled‘ from the
UK. The Guardian claimed that Nalobin targeted Matthew Elliott, who later joined
Paul Staines (aka ‘Guido Fawkes’) and others to develop a UK voter database.
Elliott then went on to head Vote Leave, fronted by Boris and Michael and Brexit
Central. Goodness me.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told US authorities that thousands of accounts were
run from a St Petersburg-based ‘troll farm’. Really. No 10 says that the delay in
publication is due to national security scrutiny. Laughing. Therefore not until the
after election on 12 December. Lying. Evidently it would only take a few days.
Former security and intelligence service officials are dismissive and suspicious.
The Labour peer, Baroness Hayter asked: “What has the prime minister got to
hide?” Simple. Everything. The report cannot be published without Boris’
approval. Love it.

One study found that 150,000 Russian-based accounts tweeted 45,000
messages in a 48-hour period. Claims by a data analyst suggested a Russian
origin to many of these tweets. Hmm.

Nearly finished here. Meanwhile, the Times’ Catherine Philp and Lucy Fisher
report that the reasons for delaying the publication is not because of some
explosive revelation, “but because it
contains ’embarrassing’ disclosures about
the Kremlin links of wealthy Russian donors to the Conservative Party.” Now you

We know about the Russian media – surpasses even US Fox
falsehoods, fabrications
, defamations but how low can Al and the Tories go? No
need to speculate is there?

Money Talks

Outgoing European Commission President, Jean-Claude Junker with almost 40
years of experience in politics, has revealed in an interview with Der Spiegel that
“I have seen time and time again that the British have operated on the premise:
They are only in the EU for economic reasons.…They wanted nothing to do with
the EU…
so many lies were told including by current Prime Minister, Boris
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