18 February 2012
Don't Cry For Me Argentina

At least he didn't say: 'I'm the kind of person'. Whenever I hear that I want to
turn and run and keep running. Instead the abrasively annoying often
assaulting/attacking activist Sean Penn did his own 'kind of person' version. "I'm
a person who feels pretty alienated from the rest of the world and never felt
understood." And we should be concerned because?

For someone so alienated, he wades into any and every situation that could
possibly require ranting and raving. This month it's Britain. "The world today is
not going to tolerate any kind of ludicrous and archaic commitment to colonialist
ideology". This while sporting his ludicrous homage-to-Hitler moustache in the
land of the ex-Nazi haven, Argentina. Irony is so satisfying.

Ex-wife beating Madonna's ex, method actor, SP always comes across as
totally unlikeable. Personally, I'd go out of my way not to see his angry
squashed pumpkin face on a 20' cinema screen.

The British have responded quite vigorously to SP's uninformed pro-Argentina
anti-Britain position. Falkland veterans, former army officers, MPs, presenters,
journalists collectively deemed him an idiot. He's 'the kind of person' who
"speaks for himself". To those who dare criticise him he hopes they "die
screaming of rectal cancer." The idiot is seriously scary.

FYI SP: the Falklands are a self-governing British Territory since 1833. Britain
is responsible for its defence. (Does that mean we can shoot him on
sight/site?) France, Spain and Argentina have all invaded - specifically
Argentina in 1982 - who lost to Britain in the Falklands War. Most of the
inhabitants are of British decent and British citizens who speak English - and
most importantly - want to remain British. Best not to wave the British flag
anywhere near him. Best not to think of where he might put it. Ouch.

Praise the Lord

The gospel according to individual screeching gospel singers eulogising at the
available-to-the-public funeral of Whitney Houston. Perhaps not the most lyrical
musical tribute, but every time I switched back to the BBC coverage, there was
another one praising the lord. A bit strange all that frenzied adoration. Clearly
the woman had talent and a pop voice that effortlessly connected to people who
I Belong to You.  

Actor/producer/screenwriter Tyler Perry: "Thankful to god for all that he has
done for her in her life...Whitney Houston loved the lord...she loved the
lord...Whitney Houston loved the lord...nothing separated her from the love of
god...nor principalities or power (huh?)...." Openly no one acknowledged or
recognised the minor fact that the woman was an out of control, aggressive
junky for at least 20 years.

At the Baptist ceremony who she was for all those years had been totally
erased from memory;
The Daily Mail clearly didn't stand on ceremony:
threesomes in the back of limos, Bobby and Whitney doing crack while their
eight year old daughter Bobbi Kristina sat next to them.

Kim Burrell: "She was not selfish." Being a drug addict with a child isn't? Burrell
A Change is Gonna Come - truly a pity it didn't in time. And where were
all these unrestrained religious sycophants when she could have used a
change in direction? Clive?

Kevin Costner sent her off to heaven where "our sister came from...escorted by
an army of angels," where Whitney could perform private concerts for the lord
- and the angels. KC revealed his Baptist roots. Thanks KC. Fascinating
reiteration of all those childhood Baptist moments he and Whitney shared, but
not together. Fascinating. Yawn.

Alicia Keys: "She'd call you for no reason at all...I think that is rare." Really?
Friends don't do that? "An angel to us. Just a beautiful human being." Then she
'sang'...okay, screeched.

Clive Davis: "Bobbi Kristina. Always be proud of your mother. She loved you so
very much...she'll always be looking after you and holding your hand," in rehab
evidently as the family is ready to put Bobbi Kristina in rehab again -
immediately. Oh dear.

Godmother, Aretha Franklin was a no show due to 'leg spasms'.

Bobby Brown failed to feel the love of the lord and instead chose to create a
spectacle. He stormed out not being able to squeeze his entourage into the best
seats in the church and then complained to the press that he only wanted to
say goodbye to his ex-wife and hello to his daughter and then some tosh about
the episode affecting his children. "My children are completely distraught over
the events." No comment necessary here.

To appreciate the service, being a Baptist and living in a world of fantasy was
essential. No hell, temptations from Satan - no demons. Too much love 'n the
lord for me. I think the service went on for 2 days....
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