17 February 2018
At Death's Door

Death on the doorstep. Oh just another homeless man dead just yards from the
Underground entrance to Parliament. No name. No worries. One of 4,751 and

In 2010 there were 1,768. True figures are considered much higher. From 2016
the number of rough sleepers in Camden alone has risen by 647%, more than
1000% since 2010. Lest we haven’t noticed, this winter has been extraordinarily
cold – freezing – the temperatures and the homeless.

Housing minister Heather Wheeler said the Government is “committed to halving
rough sleeping by 2022 and eliminating it altogether by 2027”.  Oh right. This by
giving the problem to bankrupt local councils to solve. Now there’s a good idea.
A shame the 40 year-old man named Marcus, who had been a singer, a model
didn’t know that homelessness would be eliminated. Instead, he was.

While still at Westminster: blustering buffoon Boris blabbing on – boring. DUP
leader Arlene Foster, called off the power-sharing talks with Sinn Fein, then
urged the government to impose direct rule – fostered?

Save the Children Please

And of course you know all about the horrific Oxfam scandal. The press and
whistle blowers have been reporting on sexual abuse of victims in disaster zones
by humanitarian aid workers and UN peacekeepers for years. Years! The very
fact that those hired to help, save the children are using them for sex clearly
goes beyond ironic.

Save the Children U.K. in 2008 reported children as young as six, particularly
orphans were being forced to have sex with aid workers and peacekeepers in
return for food. Six! Orphans!

Oxfam is desperately trying to conceal that it (allegedly) tried to cover it up that
seven of its staff were involved in "Caligula-style orgies" with under-age
prostitutes, all children, in a disaster zone. In a disaster zone! Celebrities are
naturally distancing themselves. Others remind us that the children are still in
need and cutting off the money that is needed will not help. What to do…what to
do… Oh and by the way, the rate of sexual misconduct allegations concerning
charities is somewhere below 2%, while 27% of the cabinet has been accused
of sexual misconduct. Just saying.

It’s a Deal

Oh dear oh dear. Now it’s London’s free Evening Standard. It has been handing
out (sorry, but) positive coverage of the Swiss giant Syngenta, one of the world’s
largest agribusiness companies after it struck a lucrative deal when it clearly
shouldn’t have. No mention of the billion-dollar lawsuits the company was facing
from farmers in the US. Oh oops.

A series of public debates and articles on the future of food were run by the
Standard. The debates and related content was paid for by – no prise for
guessing here – Syngenta. No mention in the paper’s coverage of that legal
action taking place in the US, or GM seeds in UK farming – inevitable with Brexit
– and then there’s Syngenta’s intensive lobbying by stealth. Syngenta wants to
poison you and the land with permeating, omnipresent GM and they are
determined to do just that. One really scary suggestion is the ‘New Zealand
model’. Translation: total, mass deregulation which clearly involves pesticide use.
The real debate is about current technology and who controls it. They called it:
‘technological progress’. As you don’t.

All this as part of a major commercial deal in 2017 between Syngenta and ESI
Media, which curiously is a major UK media company owned by Russian
oligarch Alexander Lebedev and run by his son Evgeny as Lebedev Holdings
Ltd, which owns the London Evening Standard, The Independent and the TV
channel, London Live if you don’t already know that. Evgeny is seen in all the
papers with celebrities. As you do.

Syngenta, as an ESI client, as one of the world’s largest crop chemical
producers has previously been accused of attacks on scientists who have
challenge the safety of their products. As you do.

According to an investigation by openDemocracy, insiders at ESI described a
culture where senior editors play a subservient role to commercial masters who
effectively run ESI’s operations. As part of a wider investigation into the
commercial pressures now affecting Europe’s media, former executives,
journalists, and others, they discovered leaving readers ignorant with regards as
to who pays for their news, and on what terms. As you do.

ESI is pro-Conservative which is a bit ironic as London isn’t. Now edited by
former Conservative chancellor George Osborne.

Rip Off Alert:

BOOTS is ripping us off. UK shoppers are being charged up to double what the
Americans pay for Boots No7 products. Huh? Oh really it’s the usual: WHAT
THE F***! In some cases we are paying around 60% more for the same beauty
products. Note: the No7 range is made where? In the UK of course.
Logic defies. So the products are manufactured here, shipped across the pond
– OK, ocean – sold for less – including their sales tax. And how does that work
exactly? Well, you would simply have to ask the most recent owners, US chain

Examples just to annoy you:
A No7 Eye Contour Brush costs £3.21 in the US, and £8 here.
A No 7 High Shine Lip Crayon costs £4.37 in the US, and £9 here. Protect &
Perfect Intense Advanced Day Cream is £20 in the US, and £25 here…high
shine lip crayon £4.37 vs £9…Instant Radiance eye concealer £9.04 vs
£14…annoyed yet?

A Boots spokesman said: “We offer UK customers great value in lots of ways we
know they really appreciate.” Not anymore. Off to Superdrug.

Put a Ring on It

Ah daily minute to minute coverage of the Princess of Coy and now we have a
crucial question answered to enlighten us further – as if we really needed it. So,
what does Meghan's jewellery tell us about the royal-in-waiting? Now you just
know you have been experiencing sleepless nights wondering.

Evidently MM recently displayed an unusual arrangement of rings on her right
hand. The press were all over it. Yawn. Rings on her middle, index and fourth
fingers on a visit to Edinburgh. Rings and Edinburgh? No link. Oh those crucial
details: four bands on various fingers - two of which were adorned with

Ignoring the diamonds, it’s the rings that palmistry expert, Johnny Fincham,
says reveal more than you would think. “The middle digit is known as the "wall"
finger. Its ruler is Saturn and it is very much the digit of family, security, values
and all the issues that make for boundaries, restrictions, duty and loyalty.” OK.
Taking notes here?

“During Meghan’s second official engagement in January, the most striking
adornment was undoubtedly her thumb ring - suggesting a 'controlling' wife.” No!
Really? Shocking! All right, we have heard this before. “She also removed her
thumb ring this time, and this 'rearrangement' speaks volumes about Ms.
Markle's state of mind.” Well, it could be put back on couldn’t it?

“This new arrangement of rings is a sign that she is expecting to become more
solid, stable and fixed in terms of work, station and role,” in the royal family
clearly. “The other ring, with a line of large stones in a fixed, level setting is
expecting a lot in terms of reward, material possessions, and high value placed
on opulence.” Really…. not another shock! “Two rings on one finger suggest
'high expectations'”. I do believe we have already established this, no?

Uh oh. Trouble ahead. “Both rings on the same digit is not good. To wear both,
shows her expectations are way too high, she's child-like in putting everything
into a magical, rich and dazzling role in life.” And here we thought that was

He continues. “The palms have it! 'Dull' royal rota may grind Meghan down. The
fact that she has a simian line (one single line across her palm rather than two
lines as 99 per cent of us) means she will always be a child with a relentless
drive to charm and seduce her way to security, but the dull, endless rota of royal
engagements will soon wear her down.” Gosh. Does that mean she won’t
persistently use her ‘charm offensive’? ‘Offensive’. Oops. “She will rebel very
quickly and insist on a much more wayward, colourful and creative role than that
which royals traditionally endure.” Oh dear. You don’t suppose she will start
making demands do you? Surely not.
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