27 May 2011
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1. The Burger Boys
BBC: “There’s something of the rock star about him.” Is there? Really?  Obama
has that kind of charisma? I think not.

But perhaps it was the ridiculous entourage, the British cult following, the 18’
armour-plated limo, the attitude. 1000 of Obama’s ‘people’, 20 cars, 2 of The
Beast, 200 secret service agents, 6 doctors, several hundred aids and Tom
Hanks. Tom Hanks? Is there a message buried here? Surely not his stand-in.

2. I Don't Do Blame
“I don’t do blame.” Oh yes you do. After Peter Connelly aka Baby P was
tortured to death in 2007, Director of Children’s Services at Haringey Council,
Sharon Shoesmith specifically blamed the baby’s mother, her psychotic boy
friend and his brother. The 17 month old had suffered 50 horrific injuries
including a broken back and broken ribs not to mention unspeakable Pavlovian
torture despite receiving 60 visits from social workers, doctors and police over
his final 8 months. Baby P was placed on the child protection register at 9
months old. A story so appalling and distressing, it will stay with those who
followed it forever.

3. The Drawn Duchess
Comments regarding the obvious loss of weight of the malnourished Middleton
duchess are endless. Is she getting thinner and thinner by the minute to:
Regain her position from her camera- addicted sister, Pippa?

Make her hair look bigger than Cheryl’s?

Complete with Victoria Beckham?

Prepare for her LA visit?

Emulating Diana?

Known for her calculating modus operandi, surely ex-Waity-Katie carried that
pointless purse to meet and greet Michelle Obama as a way of showing off her
skinny arms – or possibly to copy the Queen? The US only knew that Obama
was in Britain when the DoC was photographed staring at Michelle. And to
think, we are going to have year upon year upon year upon year of this sort of
coverage and commentary.

I'm feeling queasy.
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