1. The Burger Boys
BBC: “There’s something of the rock star about him.” Is there? Really?  Obama
has that kind of charisma? I think not.

But perhaps it was the ridiculous entourage, the British cult following, the 18’
armour-plated limo, the attitude. 1000 of Obama’s ‘people’, 20 cars, 2 of The
Beast, 200 secret service agents, 6 doctors, several hundred aids and Tom
Hanks. Tom Hanks? Is there a message buried here? Surely not his stand-in.

BO does monosyllabic monologues. Each word emphasised with almost the
same modulation. A possible tape for insomnia - although his stress on the ‘a’s
in his speeches could cause an insomniac to reach for the ear plugs, pillow,
drugs or all three.

“If you work hard”...dignity, peace, all nations, those who long to be free,
common interest, security...‘droning’ on and on. Rhetoric, rolled up sleeves,
ping pong, platitudes, sausages, self-regarding, a room with a view at
Buckingham Palace, [embarrassing] high-fives.... His Westminster Hall oration
was BO’s first foray into his 18 month presidential campaign. If nothing else, he
has secured the enormous Irish American vote in the US with his Irish cousins
from Moneygall. Banners, signs, signs, T-shirts, mugs, smiles and hugs – the
first of the perfect photo-ops.

“She is the best of England. We are very proud of her.” He refers to the Queen
as the Queen of ‘England’. Oh dear me. And that ‘we’ is....? How terribly noble.
How very kind. “If immigrants worked very, very hard, they too could sing “God
Save the Queen” like all the other feudal English peasants. Or in BO’s case,
talk through the National Anthem in front of 150 dinner guests of the Queen. Tut
tut. If there had been any pre-trip American researchers, surely Prince Philip
would want to see their heads on a pole outside the gates.

Ah. Bushobama, The King of the World, has a 42% positive rating in the US
and 70% in the UK and 100% at Westminster Hall.  Sycophants all. Poor
poodles. Face up to it; we’re no longer ‘special’.

The US and the UK are in decline. All that macho grandstanding and back-
patting and those silly photo-ops were rather futile, so BO has approved a last
minute extension of the Patriot Act allowing roving wiretaps-taps on an individual
person and surveillance of non-American suspects without ties to terrorist

When Obama signed the Westminster Abbey register 24 May 2008 did he
mean 1984?  
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