23 December 2012
Bonkers Bunkers

Bottles of wine, tonnes of salt, tins of chilli con carne, aliens in a mountain in
the South of France, theme parties in Russia, arrests in China, sex in New
York, another alien-watch in Guatemala, pop up dining in London.  Oh yes. It
was the end of the world as we know it. Or not with the intentional
misinterpretation of the Mayan calendar.

Homo sapiens are transients anyway as we have only been here massacring,
torturing each other for 60,000 years. No great loss then. Dinosaurs roamed
around for about 165 million or more years putting the end of the world in

However: is it the end of the world as we know it? Biblical floods with homes
and businesses devastated, Joanna Lumley searching for the Ark for one and
half hours on ITV, 80 mile an hour winds, 1.9bn last minute spending spree,
brussels sprouts sold out (no loss there), rail networks closed, Ex-Waity's father
donning his annual inflatable sumo costume (just be glad you weren't invited),
the Queen does 3D (why exactly?), CallMeDave does god. OK. Jesus in his
speech (oh Dave. Not the Alpha cult), the NRA wants all children to be armed,
masses go mad for online sales on Christmas day....

The 14th baktune begins 26/12/12 and lasts for the next 400 years. The entire
solar system will eventually implode or is it explode...but at the moment the
earth's eco system is being annihilated as we stuff ourselves with the evil
Monsanto's GM potatoes, turkeys, anything made from soy, corn, etc. Wait. All
is not lost. We still have The Rapture to look forward to.

Happy Christmas. Indulge while you can.
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