15 July 2012
The Beautiful Game? Indeed

England captain John Terry called Anton Ferdinand "a fucking black c***"
because Ferdinand had called him a "fucking black c***" during a game
between Chelsea and Queens Park Ranger October last year. Really? "He
called me that first." Did he?

Firstly AF isn't a c*** - a word used pejoratively as well as 'in jest'. I'm not
laughing. It isn't funny. It's purely misogynist.

Secondly AF isn't black. He's mixed race. His father is black, his mother is
white. Terry could have called him a "fucking white c***" if he had wanted to.
But clearly black is bad, white it good.

In America if a person has 'one drop of black blood' - the person is considered
black. Shouldn't that irrational intentionally racist theory stay there?

AF is supposed to have made comments regarding JT's affair with team-mate
Wayne Bridge’s girlfriend Vanessa Perroncel...apparently not unusual on the
pitch. Naturally JT denied it at the time.

The players shook hands after the match. All was well in the world of football
taunts until an off-duty police officer - watching on TV - complained to the
Metropolitan Police that a racially aggravated offence had taken place on the
pitch. He claimed to be able to lip read. Curiously he was the only one.

Ruling Chief magistrate Howard Riddle said 'even with all the help the court has
received from television footage, expert lip readers, witnesses and counsel, it
was impossible to be sure exactly what were the words spoken by Mr Terry at
the relevant time'.

JT is free. His reputation remains in tact. He lost, regained, lost, regained and
lost the England captaincy in 6 years. He has been acquitted for attacking a
nightclub bouncer with a bottle (as you do as a footballer), accused of abusing
tourists at Heathrow, offered unofficial tours of Chelsea training ground for
cash (because you can), hired out his private box at Wembley against the rules.

It all gets messier with Twitter now entering the fray. The Twitter exchange
began when someone sent Rio Ferdinand a tweet about Chelsea's Ashley
Cole's involvement in the trial (he disputed JT being racist). The person
tweeted: "Looks like Ashley Cole's going to be their choc ice. Then again he's
always been a sell out. Shame on him."

'Choc ice' referring to black on the outside, white on the inside. Cole is mixed-

Anton's brother Man U defender Rio endorsed the tweet, but then removed his
tweet after the term was widely criticised by other tweeters. Rio had responded:
"Its (sic) a type of slang/term used by many for someone who is being fake. So

Clearly this playground behaviour will go to go on and on and on and...

The beautiful game; not so pretty.

JT's weekly wage is £130,000. We will pick up a bill of up to £500,000 for the
prosecution. Thank you very much.


G4S Olympic security firm interviewer:

"Do you know your name?"


"Do you speak English?"


"Are you a terrorist?"


"Are you over 16?"


"Can you spell X-ray?"

"Hmmm. I think so."

"Can you smell which is stronger - vodka or water?"

"Hmmm. I guess."

"Can you kill people?"

"What? Why?"

"Brilliant. You're hired. Here's your security badge."

"I get a badge? Cool."

"That's how we'll be assured you're not a suicide bomber."

"Oh, right."

"We'll ring you perhaps 30 minutes before the games begin and let you know
where to go."

"OK. Thank you."

Less than two weeks - yes,
two before the world descends on London for the
30th Olympiad, the huge international security firm G4S favoured by the
government (and why is that you might ask) is short by 3,500 (is that all?)
security staff. These are the very same who run the prisons and prison
transport, airport security, immigration, (the failed) Welfare to Work, asylum
accommodation and soon the police force. £1.8bn UK turnover, £1bn in UK
government contracts. PM CallMeDave's 'We're all in this together' rings truer
and truer every day; the government knew about the total shambles for over a

In mock scenarios the student security staff have missed weapons and bombs.
The drop-out rate among the 4,000 recruiters is 40% some days.

A whistleblower who worked with G4S on preparing their trainee security
personnel has said there is a "50 per cent chance of a bomb being carried into
an Olympic venue when the Games begin in two weeks' time". Makes you glad
you don't have a ticket.

"During my employment I planted pretend IEDs, decommissioned weapons,
knives and other large metallic objects on students and sent them through the
metal detectors. They're not being seen by X-ray staff and they're not being
picked up during physical searches, so the training is completely insufficient."
Makes you glad you are going to Ibiza for two weeks.

The Guardian reported that one ex-police applicant told them that the process is
“an utter farce. There were people who couldn't spell their own name. Most
people hadn't filled in their application forms correctly. Some didn't know what
references were and others said they didn't have anyone who could act as a
referee. The G4S people were having to prompt them, saying things like ‘what
about your uncle?’” O4GS.

The Daily Telegraph has seen confidential Home Office documents that reveal
G4S has had its fee rise from £7.3m to £60m. 10 times faster than its spending
on recruitment. Operational costs increased from £3 million to £65 million.

You surely couldn't make this up. But you wouldn't have to. The prescient
comedy (or is it a documentary)
Twenty Twelve on BBC has done it for you. It
reveals a totally clueless, inept Olympic Deliverance Commission set up to
organise the Olympics. Even Lord Coe makes an appearance. In the first
series the bus driver got lost driving delegates to the Olympic venues. In reality,
the bus driver got lost driving journalists to the Olympic venues. If the series
wasn't so amusing, it would all be really sad...really sad. Six years to prepare.
Tut tut.

The Olympic Committee didn't even provide Zaha Hadid, the architect of the
fabulous centrepiece, the Aquatic Centre, a ticket. Now we know she can
simply turn up - with a weapon of personal choice if she were so inclined.

The Home Office didn't bother to make queries, monitor, check up on the
situation after handing over £300m. The Tory ideologically driven obsession
with outsourcing everything from policing to dinner ladies clearly is a disaster.
Happy to say the nasty party isn't giving up.

The potential 6 million visitors at G4S monitored Heathrow. Oh dear. Hopefully
Twenty Twelve will be available on BBC i player for those in the interminable
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