PM Call-me-Dave took the big guns to his trip to Abu Dhabi. Accompanied by
more than 100 British companies  eagerly ready for action.

They are there to flog their weapons of mass destruction at the huge and all the
rage Middle East arms fair. Or is it a fete? A celebration of the determination of
the uber-rich, drunk on power dictators to control their mutinous masses.
Only a few months ago Britain gave its approval for long-range weapons -  
sniper rifles, assault rifles and semi-automatic handguns – to be shipped to
Libya in time for the continuing massacre of demonstrators. £214.8m  worth.

Reports say the exhibition is like a war zone with hovering helicopters and
armoured desert (naturally) vehicles firing off rounds at imaginary anarchists in
the sky. Where’s Tom Cruise when you need him? The chairman of the
Pakistan Ordnance Factories, Lt Gen Shujaat Zamir Dar, praised the virtues of
the MP5 automatic rifle made in Pakistan as "very suitable for internal security".
Now that’s a comfort.

Call-me-Dave didn’t attend for fear of becoming a bespoke-suited target, but he
did a sort of mea culpa sort of. He told the Kuwaiti Parliament that the West had
been 'wrong' to prop up
some of the leaders now being forced out of office
despite the behind the scenes pressure of the West to keep them in their
resplendent palaces.

Call-Me-Dave’s spin doctors deny he is touring the Middle East to sell arms a la
Prince Andrew. He’s there to boost British business – surely not the arms
business – to strengthen security ties and to promote political reform. Right.

Rolls-Royce, BAe Systems, Cobham Group, Qinetiq, Thales and Ultra
Electronics are all producers of the £35bn a year defence industry. While at
home in Britain, Call-Me-Dave is selling everything from the forests (it’s
apparently not over yet), the utilities (oops – they are already gone), the NHS
(to America), education, etc all to ‘the private sector’ – ie; big business. Clearly
taking a page from Reagan, who never read anything. Our future is looking
bleaker by the day.

Call-Me-Dave’s small brain may be a bit confused: furry/feathered animals
maimed or blown away or demonstrators maimed and blown away. “Is there a

He is getting uncomfortably close to emulating the autocrats. Sustained by his
natural arrogance, self-regarding superiority, surrounded by similar toffs he is
totally out of touch with the poor, the middle class, the upper middle class, the
600 British nationals he’s left stranded in Libya...reality. Time to take up arms –
and fists – and hand gestures. Viva la revolution.
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